How to Maximize Flavor if You are Using a Turkey Fryer with No Oil

The funny thing about cooking is that it is very easy for both experienced and newbie chefs to rely on their equipment to produce a solid meal every single time. I really cannot blame people for assuming that their equipment choice and operation will carry them through. After all, if you have ever watched an infomercial, all sorts of claims are being made. Claims are not just being made-they are made with a high degree of convincing power and persuasion. It does not really take a rocket scientist to understand why a lot of people end up feeling disappointed or let down when they rely too much on these claims. Regardless of your cooking skill level, if you let yourself be convinced that all you need is the right device for your food to come out perfect each and every time, you really need to reclaim your role in the process.

While the cooking demonstrations that they show you on the typical infomercial on late-night TV may look really awesome, you have to understand that those TV sequences are edited heavily. They do not show the waiting time. They do not show the preparation time. They do not show crucial details that you need to make a truly informed decision as far as your cooking appliance choices are concerned, and unfortunately, people get so disappointed by such experiences that they end up transferring a lot of that letdown to other kitchen appliances.

Make no mistake about it. When the best oil less turkey fryer made its debut, a lot of people rolled their eyes thinking to themselves “how can this device that uses absolutely no oil produce the amazing combination that we have always been looking for?” You have to understand that whether you are cooking a turkey, a duck or a chicken, the magic combination that you are looking for involves a nice, crispy exterior with chewy middle layer and a well-cooked yet not dry interior.

This is a tall order for most cooking appliances. Let us just get that out of the way. That is like trying to find a unicorn. However, the good news is by simply buying the right brand and model of turkey fryer with no oil, you can get an amazing turkey every single time. The best part to all of this is you can also maximize its flavor.

Now, understand that the way most people prepare their bird would be for they use a turkey fryer leaves much to be desired. They do not add any spice. They do not marinate it. In fact, they just take it out of the freezer, let it thaw in the sink, and then they pop into the turkey fryer.

Now, do not get me wrong. In most cases, the fowl will come out just right. The problem is its taste profile. You are preparing a Thanksgiving turkey feast so everybody can get together and have a good time, but they are also expecting some minimal level of flavor. They are expecting some enjoyment from your food. Your guests have, in all likelihood, have come from all over the USA or, just as likely, from the other side of the planet. They are more than justified in expecting a little bit more taste or enjoyment from the turkey you are preparing. Now, keep in mind that these expectations are not sky high to begin with. After all, most people’s experience with turkey involves oven-baked turkey. As you know, oven-baked Thanksgiving birds are notorious for being touch and go. For every well-cooked, tasty bird, there are many other occasions you’re dealing with a hideously rubbery or obviously under cooked bird. Also, the taste, is not all that impressive. This is what you’re up against. As you can tell, it is a fairly low bar.

So, to maximize the flavor that you get from your turkey, you only need to do one thing: marinate. Unleash the power of marination. The secret to marination is actually quite simple. To marinate a turkey that is very heavy, you just need to let it soak for a longer amount of time. Furthermore, the heavier your bird is, the more marinade you need. Just stick to these two basic rules, and you are sure to maximize the flavor that you get from your turkey when you use a turkey fryer with no oil.  Just make sure you give the turbo broiler or air fryer enough time to work its magic on your bird. A little bit of waiting can go a long way when it comes to your turkey’s taste.