Mouth-Watering Tofu Lasagna

Mouth-Watering Tofu Lasagna

If you’ve made the switch to a more sustainable vegan lifestyle (or are just trying to eat more plant-based meals with less meat and dairy), then you might have thought lasagna was off-limits! Usually packed full of rich meats and luxurious, creamy cheese sauce, lasagna might be delicious… But it’s a nightmare for vegans with …

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4 Easy and Healthy Vegan Dishes

Vegan Baking: How to Make Vegan Fruit Crumble

People turn to vegan cooking for a variety of reasons. Some feel that vegan dishes are healthier while others see that vegan cooking can keep food costs down. Veganism is seen by many as being a more ethical way to live and a way that is more ecologically-friendly. Looking for vegan recipes doesn’t mean that you’ve made …

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