The Char-Broil Big Easy Oil-less Turkey Fryer Review

Char-Broil Big Easy Oil-less Turkey Fryer Product Image

Char-Broil is an interesting company, to say the least.

I vaguely remember reviewing their last model, which focused on quite a few cooking options.

Now they are trying to settle the dust with an oil-less turkey fryer, with nothing else added into the equation?

They would have to really work hard to make such a standalone model a good business move, so I’m very eager to see what kind of surprise they will offer us this time!


  • Distinctive ‘Oil Tank’ Design

Quite ironic when you think about it, that an oil-less turkey fryer would embody such a figure.

I can see why they chose such proportions for the model, as this shape allows for more food to be cooked at once.

Also, from an outsider perspective, it seems that it might help with heat retention.

  • Skinny In Comparison To His Brother

With only thirty pounds to its name, it is vastly less dense than its counterpart, the Big Easy Smoker Roaster & Grill.

  • Removable Drip Tray And Thermometer

Drip trays are becoming more and more popular with manufacturers as they have realized that users don’t really like to spend their after-meal time cleaning up.

Char-Broil Big Easy Oil-less Turkey Fryer Side Image

What did genuinely surprise, however, was the inbuilt thermometer that was quite innovative if I’m to be frank.

You see, what often happens when I stuff my turkey into the oil-less turkey fryer is that I forget about it- Must be as a result of it not really being in plain sight.

Anyways, with a thermometer seizing up each and every move inside of the fryer, it is easy to distinguish whether or not my food is done!

  • Cooking Basket And Quick Guide Included!

The cooking basket came in handy but what really settled the deal for me was the quick guide.

You see, setting up an oil-less turkey fryer can be quite the hassle as I can readily attest but the handbook made it clear and simple.

  • Infrared Cooking Technology

Finally! We’re on the feature that really makes Char-Broil models something out of this world. No other adversary of theirs has really come close to topping it!

What makes it so unique is the guaranteed even distribution of heat as ALL sides are covered evenly.

  • Only Two Control Knobs

One is there to oversee the amount of heat released and the other to set the burner ablaze!

  • Dimensions Of 24.5 x 16 x 16 Inches

A bit smaller when taking-in circumference in the question but still, considering the welterweight of only thirty pounds, it looks quite spacey from both the inside and outside

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The Advantages

1)    Versatile? How Can That Be?

My first instinct was; Put a turkey in, take it out. Don’t put anything else in there.

How wrong I was dawned upon me when I realized that I could simply put other types of meat inside of the fryer!

I was a bit apprehensive at first but after contacting customer care, they reassured me that all types of chicken, pork, and beef were a definite yes!

I also learned that day that you could purchase nifty add-ons, such as rib hooks, which would let you really turn your fryer into a full-fledged oven.

2)    Cooking Was A Bit Too Fast!

Char-Broil Big Easy Oil-less Turkey Fryer In UseI already mentioned how the thermometer was a great addition that helped me have a better overview of all the little things that were happening inside of the fryer.

When, after around nine minutes of me meandering around the kitchen, trying to find the table napkins, I saw the indicator surge to maximum, I was assured that it broke down!

I lifted the cooking lid, took the turkey out, and to my surprise- It was brown, crisp, and ready to serve.

It was at this moment that I had felt the much-needed confidence in the purchase I made.

My wife wasn’t really feeling another fryer but after she had seen how much time, energy, and money it had saved us, suffice to say, she was pleased!

Happy wife, happy life.

3)    Evenly Cooked Turkeys Were Becoming Routine

When you think about the size of a turkey and when you consider that such a huge chunk of meat has to be heated up to a point where it changes its texture, size, and color, you would realize just how hard it is to accomplish that.

This is where the infrared technology I’ve spoken about before comes in.

No longer do you have to worry about you or your child biting in on a fleshy bit as this oil-less turkey fryer eradicates all the cold spots during the cooking process.

Overcooking is also not an issue, as a thermometer was specifically inserted just to alleviate that problem.

4)    A Lot Of Accessories

Although they had to be purchased separately, their usefulness far outweighed their meagre price. It was merely a peck on the wrist.

I would recommend getting the rib hook and the leg racks.

The rib hook, to be able to cook smaller pieces of meat at once. Also, it is more visually pleasing than having it just lay there as If it were waste.

The leg racks came in handy when I wanted to play chef and pretend that I was operating a grill.

Not going to lie, there is little difference between those two!

The Disadvantages

1)    Couldn’t Prepare A Large Enough Meal For My Extended Family

Let’s be honest for a moment here, this oil-less fryer was looking a bit too good to be true for a minute.

You will not be able to cook a turkey that has more than sixteen pounds to her name as you would probably break the fryer.


Just an awesome fryer all around, I think I’ve said enough about the infrared technology already, not to mention the fast food I was getting.

I also liked how it didn’t constrain the user to just one type of cooking, handing him the ability to fry almost anything in mere minutes!

I feel inclined to mention that this oil-less turkey fryer isn’t suitable for larger portions of meat and that you should check out our other Oil-Less Turkey Fryer Reviews and pick a bulkier model.

All in all, a purchase that I haven’t regretted and one that I would recommend to anyone looking for a nice, clean and easy cooking experience.

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