Christmas Cookie Making with Wilton Products


I’m not all that terrific in the kitchen, I tend to get distracted very easily but every Christmas I pull out the stops and try my hand at Christmas cookie making. Being an artist this holds my attention. I love creating interesting shapes and decorating and baking Christmas cookies. What makes it easy to turn out wonderful looking cookies is the Wilton line of product.

Wilton makes such wonderful products to decorate cookies with I’m actually inspired. Now, that my children know how much I adore doing this they have outfitted me with all the Wilton tools I need to turn out some pretty impressive cookies. Wilton offers a line of sprinkles seasonally oriented, not just for Christmas but for Easter and Halloween if you get the bug. I like the divided containers that offer shapes and sugars as well as jimmies. I have the choice that way of which to use without storing a dozen little containers. Each of the sections has a shaker spout so it’s easy to control the amount of material you are adding to your cookie. The Christmas selection has tiny Christmas trees along with the jimmies and red and green colored sugars.

They also make a super selection of cookie cutters. The ones I prefer all have padded edging to prevent your hand from getting tired when you are pressing out dozens of cookies.They run between 4″ and 5″. I have the Christmas Tree (green edge, of course), the Christmas stocking (red edge) and the Snowman. The star I have is red edged as well. These are so attractive you could use the cookie cutters to hang on gifts if you’re giving a gift to someone who loves to bake. You could also hang them on the tree and then as your guests arrive you can offer them one with a simple cookie recipe attached. These are all easily purchased at places like Target for 90% off after Christmas or at Jo Ann’s, Michael’s or A.C.Moore’s Wilton departments. You can also shop for everything Wilton online at the Wilton Online Store.

You can get these cookie cutters and then purchase the little version of these and cut the matching shape out of the center of your cookie. You then take a package of colored life savers, divide them by color and smash them up. You then put a color in the center of your cookie where you cut out a portion of dough. When you bake these the life saver will melt and you will have a stained glass cookie.

Any of these cookies can be hung on the Christmas tree you just have to remember to poke a hole in the dough before baking. Hang a pretty ribbon through the hole and loop it onto the tree.

Another cute idea is to use the Wilton lamb cookie cutter. Ice the cookie with a white icing outline first and then “flood” the center (fill with icing). The edge keeps the icing from running off. Then place mini marshmallows all over the body of the lamb. Run a tiny line of red around the lamb’s neck to give it a Christmas touch. This looks cute on a Gingerbread lamb as well. If you use Gingerbread it gives the lamb a brown face and legs. You can also use the marshmallows on a Snowman cookie.

Wilton offers meringue powder for making Royal Icing if you don’t want to use Wilton’s canned icing or store bought icing. You just need 1/4 C. meringue to 1/2 cup water and 4 cup confectioner’s sugar.

The cookies you make can also be made into cookie lollipops using the Wilton lollipop sticks. If you’re feeling really creative you can make a cookie bouquet for Christmas or any Holiday. These make wonderful centerpieces that your guests can take home.

Wilton offers stencils for cakes, icing in a can and icing in tubes for writing on cakes or cookies. You could write each person’s name on cookie and use it as a gift tag. The canned icing gives you great control when you’re building a Gingerbread house Wilton offers cutters for making the Gingerbread houses as well.

You can purchase 9″ and 11″ clear Wilton bags for putting your cookies or home made candies in. If you’re handier at cupcakes try the Wilton silicone cupcake cups Some of them have little elf feet. Any Wilton product can be purchased at half price at the local craft stores like Michael’s or A.C. Moore. They always offer discount coupons.

Nothing is nicer for neighbors or the Postman than a platter or tin of home made cookies. You can always impress your friends at a cookie exchange as well. Wilton has aisles and aisles of items to choose from to help you look like a pro.

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