What Common Kitchen Household Ingredients Turn Water Pink?


If you guessed salt & baking powder you would be correct. Put a half a teaspoon of each into a third cup of water and the water will automatically turn pink without stirring. Sea salt & baking powder have a stronger chemical reaction changing the water to a darker, brighter pink. If you combine salt, baking powder and water together in a recipe they won’t hurt you other than the restrictions that some people have in their diet, which may exclude salt or baking powder. Because the salt and baking powder in water react to make a pink color it can be used in a variety of ways.

The pink water makes an attractive look to put in a dish for floating candles. The light of the candles will reflect the soft pinkish glow off the water. The look is an enchantress of mood a charming appeal for a romantic evening.

The mystifying pink water of the salt and baking powder would look sea worthy when put in a water barometer where the rising and falling of the pink tides would change with pressure and humidity as a predictor of the weather. If you don’t have a water barometer fill a clear glass halfway full of pink water and the heat and humidity index will evaporate water showing pressure and the humidity in the air.

Gargling with salt and baking powder might be more soothing than just salt on an irritated throat and the color will bring smiles and quiet cheers. The baking powder may well absorb bad breath odors in the way that baking soda absorbs odors, which is a plus for someone who is sick which can provoke bad breath or for someone who hates the taste of medicine that might be tasted well after its been taken.

For tired achy feet, relief is a foot tub away. Saturate the feet with the pink water and let the stress soak away. Use the sea salt instead of plain salt on the feet to relax with the benefit of feeling as if the water is splashing against your feet while walking along the shoreline.

Drinking a small amount of salt and baking powder could soothe an upset stomach while the pick color is pretty to look at but be careful it’s not wise to drink a bunch of saltwater. Saltwater can make you sick and with the addition of the baking powder you can feel bloated.

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