Easy Summer Desserts: Easy No Bake Lemon Pie and Mexican Sundays

Summer is fast approaching and with warmer weather comes time for families to get together. Many have family gatherings for picnics at the lake or they invite family and friends over for a cookout. Many people will spend a good deal of time in the kitchen preparing different types of food, one of those being desserts. Desserts don’t have to be slaved over. Some of my favorite desserts, that I create, only take about five to fifteen minutes and now I will share a couple of them with you.

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This first dessert doesn’t even require baking. It takes a total of about five minutes to prepare and it’s so yummy! I call it Easy No Bake Lemon Pie. You will need a graham cracker piecrust, a small bottle of lemon juice (I usually get the small bottle that is in the shape of a lemon), and a tub of cool whip.

Once you have your ingredients, add the lemon juice to the tub of cool whip. You may like just a little lemon juice or a lot. I always taste test the cool whip until I have my desired taste of lemon. Make sure the cool whip and lemon juice are mixed well throughout. Pour the mixture into your piecrust and smooth it out.

Add the top back to the pie and let it chill in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Take it out, slice, and enjoy! I find this a cool, refreshing dessert for summer gatherings. It’s easy and again requires no baking.

Another dessert that is yummy I call Mexican Sundays. This requires a little bit of frying but that’s it. This dessert takes about 15 minutes to make. What you need is tortilla bread; cinnamon and sugar mixed together, cooking oil, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate syrup. In a frying pan add your cooking oil, enough to fill the bottom of the frying pan. Warm the oil up. I usually warm it up on a medium heat. Once your oil is warmed, add one slice of your tortilla bread.

Fry the bread until both sides are evenly brown. They will also be a little crispy. This usually takes about one minute on each side. Sometimes the tortilla bread will make a fluffy bubble when frying. Just poke the bubble with a fork so that it deflates. Take the bread out and let it drain on paper towel. Once it cools a little add your cinnamon and sugar mixture on top of the tortilla bread. Then you can add a scoop of your vanilla ice cream. Lastly, add your chocolate syrup.

Children also enjoy this dessert because there are many ways to dress it up. Use candy sprinkles or other decorations to your liking. This dessert is great for grill outs at home and its guaranteed to be a mouth pleaser.

These desserts are simple, yummy, and easy to make. No hot ovens and sweaty brows. They also allow more time to gather with your family and friends.

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