Father’s Day: Gift Ideas for Dads Who Like to Cook


Father’s Day is almost here. Are you looking for the ultimate gift? Well here are 10 of the coolest ones we’ve seen this month for dads who love to cook.

This list includes top-rated knives, chopping boards, mixers, blenders, pans, cookers and grillers with lots of positive reviews from cooks and foodies all around the world. There’s even a recipe book that many consider as among the best ones this year. So read on and browse through 10 of our carefully hand-picked Father’s Day gift ideas for your dad:

Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dads Who Love to Cook

1. DALSTRONG Chef’s Knife Shogun Series X Gyuto Damascus Japanese AUS-10V Vacuum-Treated Hammered Finish 8″ w/ Guard

A chef knife is a great gift for everybody who loves to cook. This one has 66 layers of Japanese super steel, making its base material almost impossible to break. Its resin is made out of high-quality fiberglass with a unique design. Its intricate engraved mosaic design makes this chef knife stand out.

This product looks beautiful, sophisticated, and elegant. It can tolerate extreme cold, moisture, and heat. It’s cooled with nitrogen to further boost its durability and effectiveness. The knife’s edges are also sharpened by hand, ensuring quality and durability.

It’s quite comfortable to use and is integrated with a non-slip design. It’s also dishwasher-safe. Stains can easily wash off, thanks to its high-quality steel that makes sure nothing clings on its surface. It’s intended for professional use because of its features and versatility. This is a knife that combines outstanding craftsmanship with premium technology.

Product Highlights

  • This is a military-grade knife that can last a long time;
  • It’s intended for professional use;
  • This knife’s made out of high-quality materials to ensure its blade can withstand moisture, cold and heat;
  • The edges of the blade are at a perfect 8 to 12-degree angle to ensure versatility and perfect slices;
  • This product has a beautiful and intricate mosaic design;
  • Its blade has been cooled with liquid nitrogen to maximize its durability;
  • This knife has a non-slip handle, ideal for comfortably handling it as your dad prepares food; and
  • It’s hand-crafted, manually sharpened and dishwasher-safe.

2. FirstBuild Opal01 Opal Countertop Nugget Maker, 24lbs of Soft, Chewable Per Day-aka “The Good Ice,” 1-(Pack), Stainless Steel Wrap with Black Accents

This ice maker’s perfectly designed to fit on every counter. It’s a wonderful product with many features. An ice maker machine makes for a great Father’s Day gift. It’s convenient and straightforward to use.

It’s designed to know when to stop and also when to start making ice. A sensor that’s integrated into this product can alert your dad when there’s no ice left. But it’ll eventually melt since its bucket isn’t equipped with a refrigerating mechanism. Though don’t worry. This machine can automatically refill itself when it senses that there’s no longer any ice in its container.

This unit can fill its bucket with crunchy ice, ready to use in only about 20 minutes or so. Its elegant design makes for a unique gift. This ice maker is ideal for parties and the like.

Product Highlights

  • This ice maker is equipped with Bluetooth technology so your dad can conveniently use your phone to set a schedule for the machine to start and stop making ice;
  • It’s quite affordable, especially for the value it can bring on your dad’s kitchen countertop;
  • The Opal Ice Making machine holds up to 3 lbs. of ice;
  • It’s designed to churn out ice in less than 20 minutes; and
  • The small openings of its bucket can allow the water to freely return to its container when the ice starts to melt.

3. Ninja BL480D Nutri Ninja with 1000 Watt Auto-IQ Base for Juices, Shakes & Smoothies Personal Blender 18 and 24 oz. Black / Silver

This Nutri Ninja blender is the right gift for dads who regularly make smoothies, shakes, and juices. It’s equipped with high-speed rotating blades, designed to completely liquefy veggies, nuts, and fruits. It can make a puree out of any of these ingredients.

It can help your dad conveniently make a tasty yet healthy beverage. This unit’s blades can ensure that all vitamins and other necessary nutrients are appropriately extracted from the food. It’s also equipped with a 1000Watt motor that crushes all veggies, fruits, and ice in a matter of seconds.

This blender is incredibly easy to use. Thanks to its simple touch panel and a digital timer that lets your dad know how much time is left until everything’s ready. So now your dad can get consistent and tasty drinks rich with nutritional benefits.

Product Highlights

  • This blender’s equipped with ultra-sharp blades that rotate at very high speed, ensuring that all food in the blender is properly liquefied;
  • It’s integrated with a 1000-watt motor that crushes ice and food in a matter of seconds;
  • It ensures the proper extraction of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from fruits and vegetables;
  • This product has a digital timer for conveniently preparing smoothies, drinks, shakes and the like;
  • Its also equipped with a control panel that can be powered on by a push of a button; and
  • It’s effortless to use and comes with a simple to understand user’s manual.

4. Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Bluetooth 800W Anova App Included

Your dad is sure to love this device, especially if he’s a perfectionist. This cooker ensures a high-quality meal every time. It allows anybody to prepare food with precision and absolute control. All flavors and juices will remain in the ingredients of your recipe. It’s designed to prevent uncooked and under-cooked food.

This kind of precision can’t be achieved with any other cooking method, especially at this level of convenience and simplicity. That’s why you’re more likely to get restaurant-quality meals every time you cook something with Anova. It’s also quite reliable for cooking meat, veggies, fruit, and cheese. That’s mainly because of how well it’s designed to keep temperature levels under control.

One of the most salient features of this device is its Bluetooth functions. Your dad can connect his phone. It’ll send notifications when the meal is ready, so your dad can leave the kitchen while the meal cooks. It also comes with a user-friendly manual, allowing anybody to quickly learn how to use this unit in no time.

Product Highlights

  • This unit can cook every meal with the utmost precision;
  • No need to worry about rare meat centers and dry edges;
  • It’s designed to keep all flavors and juices intact;
  • The Anova App connects this device via Bluetooth to your dad’s phone and sends notifications whenever the food is ready;
  • It offers up to 30 feet of wireless control;
  • It’s straightforward to use;
  • This product attaches to any pot;
  • It supports more than 1000 recipes, from pasta to meat and veggies; and
  • It provides convenient maintenance features through its detachable design and dishwasher-safe structure.

5. Vitamix 5200 Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Container, Black

This is another blender that’s a perfect gift for your dad this Father’s Day. It provides a quick and simple to use control panel for adjusting the speed of its blades. Your dad can also blend multiple ingredients in bigger batches, thanks to its big container. This unit’s blades are made of hardened stainless steel, ensuring optimum quality and maximum durability. These can chop up even the hardest ingredients.

It also has a built-in thermal protection system and a cooling fan. Your dad can also enjoy a warm cup of soup with this unit. It’s designed to be capable of warming up the ingredients in 6 minutes or so.

This blender is also integrated with convenient maintenance features. Your dad just needs to pour some warm water and dishwashing soap into its container. Turning it on will initiate its self-cleaning mechanism.

Product Highlights

  • This unit has a control panel that allows your dad to control the speed of the blades any time;
  • It can blend large batches because of its big container;
  • Your dad can enjoy a warm soup with this blender;
  • This blender’s blades are made of durable world-class materials, allowing this unit to handle even the hardest ingredients;
  • It’s equipped with a self-cleaning mechanism;
  • It comes with a 7-year warranty; and
  • It has a sophisticated design, enabling it to fit on any counter.

6. KitchenAid KSM3311XBM Artisan Mini-Series Tilt-Head Stand Mixer, 3.5 quarts, Matte Black

This is a wonderful gift this Father’s Day for dads who love to bake. This mixer is designed to quickly and conveniently make a dozen cookies in one batch. It comes in 3 different colors and is very small. It’s a perfect fit for any counter.

It’s incredibly easy to use and is excellent for making the ideal dough. It comes with a bowl and multiple beaters of different sizes, including hook, whip, and flat beaters. It can allow your dad to quickly get just the right consistency, whether he needs it for mixing the dough, mashed potatoes or whipped cream.

This mini mixer’s bowl might look small, but it can help your dad bake large batches of different cookies. He can even use this unit for baking a loaf of bread. It’s excellent for daily use and is also a nice addition to every kitchen.

Product Highlights

  • This mini mixer comes with multiple beaters, including a hook beater that’s good for kneading the dough with yeast, a flat beater that’s ideal for mashed potatoes and cookie dough or cake, and a whip beater for whipped cream;
  • It comes with ten different optimization settings for kneading the dough the way your dad wants it done;
  • It’s tiny, which is why it can fit in any kitchen;
  • This product’s Power hub can be used for cutting fresh zucchini or making any type of pasta;
  • It comes in plenty of colors to choose from; and
  • Its bowl is big enough to fit plenty of ingredients.

7. Char-Griller E06614 AKORN Jr, Red Charcoal kamado Grill

A grill is among the first things that come to mind when talking about a cool gift for dads this Father’s Day. That’s mainly because most dads who love to cook are sure to appreciate a good grill. Now, this unit is designed to evenly distribute heat across the entire surface. This enhances all the flavorful goodness of the meat.

It’s a very affordable grill that’s ideal for camping. Also, check out these grilling tools and accessories that’ll go along nicely with this grill. Your dad can take it anywhere, thanks to its small form factor. One of its other main features is its mechanism for holding heat the same way as how other more expensive grills do. It also has built-in insulation for the ultimate grilling experience.

Your dad won’t need to worry about burning the meat. This grill is very easy to use and can keep heat under control. Your dad also won’t need to use a lot of charcoal because it’s designed for optimum fuel efficiency.

Product Highlights

  • This grill is convenient and easy to use;
  • Its small form factor allows convenient portability;
  • Heat is distributed evenly across the entire grill surface;
  • This unit is straightforward to control, and heat can quickly be regulated;
  • It has enough space to cook plenty of batches despite its small size;
  • A top damper found at the top of the grill seamlessly regulates airflow; and
  • It has a built-in ashtray that’s incredibly useful for collecting leftover ashes.

8. John Boos Block RA02 Maple Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board, 20 Inches x 15 Inches x 2.25 Inches

This cutting board is a culinary classic. It’s an ideal gift for your dad this Father’s Day. It’s made out of hand-picked hardwood materials, ensuring maximum durability for handling even the sharpest knives.

Your dad can use both sides of the board. Just flip it over to cut something on the other side. There are also handgrips on each side of its edges. These are integrated to make cleaning, moving and carrying it quick and easy for everybody.

This unit is quite thick. It might seem difficult to clean at first glance. But its handgrips provide quick and easy maintenance. Plus, you can always pick a different size. There are plenty of sizes to choose from.

Product Highlights

  • The John Boos Block RA02 cutting board is a thick and durable product that’s perfectly designed for cutting, cleaving, slicing and chopping all sorts of food ingredients;
  • It’s made of carefully selected hardwood materials, allowing it to last for a long time and to also handle the sharpest knives;
  • It’s a hand-crafted product made with care and precision;
  • This product’s side handles make it easier for your dad to move, clean and holds it;
  • Plenty of sizes to choose from; and
  • It’s quick and easy to clean because all stains are designed to just slide off its surface.

9. Momofuku

This best-selling recipe book can inspire your dad to create new dishes, meals, snacks and so on. It’s rich in cultural culinary history and mainly focuses on the technical aspects of every cooking method. It pays a great deal of attention to detail.

Some of the world’s best dishes are available in this recipe book. It also provides plenty of mouth-watering pictures. This, in turn, allows your dad to practice some world-class plating techniques.

This book’s author, David Chang, is a veteran chef who shares his exciting journey with food. He specializes on every little detail that continues to help him get where he is today. The author’s cooking expertise and culinary knowledge helped him open up a line of restaurants. Recipes included in this book can be quite advanced for some. But these are still doable, according to lots of readers worldwide. Your dad is also sure to love the exquisite sauces in this book.

Product Highlights

  • This book includes high-quality pictures, and each photo is completely unique;
  • The author provides helpful detail;
  • It’s rich with cultural culinary history and exotic recipes from all around the world;
  • The book’s main goal is to focus on the technical aspects of cooking and mastering various sauces;
  • Recipes are challenging, but nevertheless delicious, so expect to spend a bit more time and effort for preparing these sauces and cooking these dishes;
  • This book is printed on high-quality paper; and
  • Its content is based on real-world culinary experience that focuses more on the challenging aspects of cooking.

10. All-Clad 41126 Stainless Steel Fry Pan with Lid, Dishwasher Safe , Tri-Ply Bonded, 12 Inch Pan, Silver

This frying pan is a wonderful gift for dads who cook with passion. It has a non-stick flat surface that’s ideal for cooking any meal. It’s made of durable stainless steel and aluminum core components. These make sure that heat is evenly distributed across the entire surface of the pan.

It’s quite quick and easy to clean, thanks to its design for ensuring that all stains can easily wash off with running water. Its handle is also incredibly durable and perfectly secured in place. It’s also safe to use in the oven, thanks to its high heat-resistant engineering.

This unit is also simple to use on all cooktops and safe to put inside the broiler or the dishwasher. It cooks food very fast — All your dad needs to do is just let the oil heat the pan well before placing the food. It looks gorgeous no matter how many times it’s used, according to many buyers.

Product Highlights

  • Many types of food don’t stick to its surface;
  • It’s quick and simple to clean because of its non-stick surface and easy-wash design;
  • It’s incredibly durable and is made of high-quality stainless steel;
  • This frying pan is designed to evenly heat up its entire surface;
  • It’s also safe to put inside the broiler, dishwasher and oven;
  • Your dad can use it on all cooktops;
  • It’s made out of 3 layers of stainless steel and aluminum;
  • Its handle is perfectly secured in place;
  • This pan can last for a long time, according to lots of buyers; and
  • It’s easy to use for frying anything.

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Happy Father’s Day!

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