Grilling Pizza and Baking Frozen Pies on the Big Green Egg Ceramic Grill

Improvised Baking and Grilling Method for a 13 Inch Grill

I have owned the Big Green Egg ceramic grill for 2 years, and it is great for any kind of Outdoors cooking. Grilling, smoking, roasting, baking, you can do it all on the Big Green Egg. It stays hotter on the inside of the grill because it is made of all space age ceramics, and the heat keeps circulating around inside your Big Green Egg, and doesn’t dissipate out through any metal frame or structure like a regular grill or smoker. Your food is moist, tender and tastes better when cooked on the Big Green Egg, because the heat and temperature stay consistent throughout cooking, and you use less wood charcoal.

Making Pizza, and Frozen Pies on the Big Green Egg:

I have the small model of the Big Green Egg that only has a 13-inch grill. The large and extra large version of the Big Green Eggs have more accessories for indirect heating and cooking, so for me to grill pizza, or bake a frozen apple or cherry pie I had to improvise a solution so the crust would not burn before the pizza or frozen pie was done. The frozen apple or cherry pies

take about 1 1/4 hours to cook, and keeping the temperature at 400 degrees wasn’t a problem, I cooked 5 frozen apple pies with maple wood chip flavor smoke without adding any more wood charcoal, that’s over 6 hours at 400 deg, and in the residual cool down time, I was able to make some baked potatoes before the heat was all gone.

Note: if you’re going to be making pizza often, you may want to invest in one of the best pizza ovens.

Improvised Baking and Grilling method:

What I had to improvise in order to make the best grilled pizza I have ever eaten, and frozen apple and cherry pies with maple flavored smoke chips, or no chips but baked over and open fire taste, was to cover a round 9 inch deep dish pie pan with aluminum foil on both top and bottom sides. Then set the deep-dish foil covered pie pan in the middle of the grill, and put the frozen pie on top and cook until done. For the grilled pizza, I use hickory smoke flavor wood chips, and place the pizza on a disposable pizza pie pan, and then place that on top of the deep dish pie pan, and cook for about 14-15 minutes. The grilled pizza crust taste in itself is so aromatic people will be begging you for a taste, but combine that with the hickory smoke from the wood chips that the cheese absorbs, and I have seen people’s eyelids close, and their eyes roll back when they are eating this pizza from your pizza oven.

It tastes even better when you take it out with a pizza peel and cut with a legit pizza cutter!

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Pork loaf and meat loaf too:

I bake my pork loaf, and meat loaf in the Big Green Egg like this too. The finished product comes out with a 1/4 inch light pink smoke ring around the inside, starting from the outside in. I don’t bake at the low temperature as you normally would for a longer time period as in smoking your meat, but just the normal recommended cooking time, and temperature is good enough for me, to give me the desired results I am after.

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