The Healthiest Way to Boost the Dietary Fiber Content of Your Bread

Dietary fiber is a very important nutritional supplement. You probably don’t need me to remind you of that truth. If you’re looking for regular digestive movements, if you’re looking to regulate your cholesterol levels, if you’re looking for a wide variety of health benefits, which can include cancer prevention, boosting your daily food intake’s level of dietary fiber is not only recommended, but absolutely necessary.

The most frustrating part to all of this is that there are many different sources of fiber and it’s too easy for American consumers to think that adding fiber to their diet necessarily has to be inconvenient. That it somehow, some way, has to necessarily cut into their busy schedules. They feel that they are forced to go out of their way just to add a little bit more fiber to what they’re eating.

This is not true. Seriously. By simply having a pouch of flaxseed in your hands, you can turn almost anything you eat into a fiber rich meal. Don’t believe me? Well, the next time you’re enjoying some soup, sprinkle some flaxseed on it.

The great thing about flaxseed is that it doesn’t really taste much of anything. It only really adds texture. And this is a good thing because most soups are actually quite processed. They are very watery or very  creamy. They don’t really have that much texture. When you add flaxseed, you get a nice little gritty texture and that’s pretty much it.

You get a nice boost of dietary fiber content along with the introduction of Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown in clinical research to produce all sorts of positive health effects involving cardiovascular health. Do yourself a big favor and always carry around flaxseed.

Now when it comes to baking, baking with flaxseed is the easiest way to boost the dietary fiber content of your bread. Seriously. This blows away all other options. The reason why this is the case is because other options like oatmeal don’t really have the health qualities of baking with flaxseed.

Also, other fiber rich ingredients have their own distinctive flavor. There is always the risk that there would be some sort of flavor collision or flavor override when you use a fiber rich ingredient in your bread.

You don’t have this problem with flaxseed. You can put some nice oats on the top of your loaf to add a little visual appeal, but the actual heavy lifting, as far as the high level of dietary fiber content is concerned, can be done pretty much incognito by adding flaxseed.

Ground up flaxseed doesn’t taste much of anything. It’s completely off the radar and you can go a long way in boosting your daily fiber intake without having to worry that flaxseed would somehow negatively affect the flavor profile of the bread that you’re producing.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of specific bread machine recipes you are baking with the best bread machine. Whether we’re talking about thick crust bread or soft crust bread, adding flaxseed can go a long way in giving you a lot more fiber without making your loaf taste like you’re chewing through sticks and twigs. Make no mistake about it, a little bit of flaxseed can go a long way as far as your health and texture needs are concerned.

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