Dried Fruit Muffins can be Heavenly

I remember the first time somebody gave me a fruit dryer. I, for the life of me, did not know what to do with it. I probably kept it in my closet for a good two years before it dawned on me that I needed dried fruit; however, let me tell you, the moment I started using it, I never turned back. That is right. It is one of the most frequently used kitchen appliances in my home. It is easy to see why people get excited about fruit dryers. If you love fresh fruits and would like a safe, clean and hygienic way to preserve them, just use a fruit dryer.

Fruit dryers are awesome because they are very health conscious. There is no oil involved. There is no frying. You just dry fruit so you can enjoy them later on. Well, the great thing about fruit dried with an electric food dryer is that they can make for amazing baking recipe ingredients. It does not really matter whether you are baking cookies, brownies, cakes, breads, muffins or cupcakes. All of these recipes can use at least some dried fruit. Now, you should not go overboard. You should not put too much dried fruit, but a little amount of dried fruit can go a long way.

To prove my point, just think back to the last time you ate a cookie with raisins. Raisins, as you know, are dried grapes. If you like raisins in your muffins, cookies, cupcakes and whatnot, then you are definitely in for a surprise with your fruit dryer. You can dry pineapples. You can dry a papaya, apple slices. You name it!

The great thing about your fruit dryer is that you can cut up the fruits that you want, dry them and then use them immediately. The best part to freshly dried fruits is that there is a slightly springy consistency that signals its freshness. While some people might object to this, for the most part, people like that somewhat springy texture. It definitely makes for a great way to spice up or mix up the typical muffin recipe.

If you have been whipping out the best muffin pan for quite a long time and are looking for something besides the typical muffin recipe, try experimenting with dried fruit. You might think that a fruit dryer is a bit of an investment, but believe me, the more you use it, the further value you get out of it, and the great thing about your fruit dryer is that you will never run out of ingredients for your baked goods.

This is especially true if you have a bread machine, and you bake bread pretty much every day. If you have reached the point where it seems that the only breads that you could produce on default setting are all too forgettable, wait until you fire up your fruit dryer. You would be surprised as to how tasty the bread machine-produced breads can be thanks to the addition of dried fruit.

A little tropical surprise to your muffins

If you really want to mix things up, you shouldn’t just go with any dried fruit mix. Nope. You should go all the way-to the tropics. That’s right-nothing highlights a truly out of the ordinary and exotic flavor range than by going fully tropical. Experiment with bananas, papayas, pineapples, and even mangoes. The more tropical the fruit and the firmer it is, the more taste surprises it can deliver. All this can go a long way in making your muffins recipe a true delight to bite into. You just don’t know what you’ll get with each new mouthful. By going tropical, you keep your muffin’s fans guessing and this drives them even crazier for your baked goodies!

There’s just something to the sunny and warm flavors of the tropics. Tropical fruits are also very sweet and flavorful without necessarily pumping you up with sugar. Add quite a bit of sunny cheer to your muffins in terms of appearance and taste by adding a bit of fruit to your muffin mix.

A little dried fruit can go a long way as far as taste and texture go. If anything, they can make your baked goodies something to talk about. People like to produce conventional baked goods. They taste great, but they are all forgettable. Would it not be nice if people start talking about your tasty baked treats for many years to come? Well, you can definitely make that happen by simply putting dried fruits into your muffins.

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