Make Your Baked Goods Healthier

Many people find baked goods to be a comfort. Whether it’s fresh baked bread from a bread machine or delicious cookies, there is something about baked goods that make you feel warm and fuzzy. Unfortunately, many of these treats are far from healthy. Is it possible to get comfort from baked goods that are healthier? Yes! Cakes, cookies, and fresh baked bread don’t have to be loaded with fat and calories. In this article, I’ll teach you how to make baked goods that are healthier, but still act as a comfort food.

The first step you need to follow in order to make baked goods healthier is to use whole wheat flour. In some baked goods you can use whole wheat pastry flour, which provides a light texture. This type of flour is perfect for cakes, muffins, and other light pastries. When it comes to heartier baked goods, you can use regular whole wheat flour. You can even use half all purpose flour and half whole wheat flour. Either way, your baked goods will be healthier because they’ll contain more fiber and protein.

The second step is to use a sugar substitute. While regular sugar may be fat-free, it still contains calories. In the past, it was impossible to bake with sugar substitutes. Thanks to Splenda, you can now make your baked goods healthier, while still keeping the same flavor that sugar adds. You can even find Splenda in a brown sugar blend, which allows you to make even more types of healthier baked goods.

The third step is to choose an egg substitute. Egg substitutes are an easy way to make baked goods healthier. Egg substitutes are fat and cholesterol free, but have the same flavor. Best of all, they give your baked goods the same amount of lift. You can also choose to make your baked goods with egg whites.

The last step is to choose a healthier fat. I don’t mean that you should use margarine. Margarine is not healthy. Margarine contains trans-fat, which is one of the worst fats you can put in your body. What I mean is to choose apple sauce or even yogurt. Both options keep your healthier baked goods moist.

The steps above allow you to make healthier baked goods without sacrificing flavor. When it comes to different types of baked goods, think about how you can make the recipe healthier. For example, use dark chocolate. Another great tip is to make your own fruit fillings using fresh or frozen fruit and Splenda. Each recipe is different, but with a little bit of work, they can all be made healthier.

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