Moist and Tender Turkey Recipe


Many times I have heard people say they don’t like to eat turkey because it’s too dry. If you would like to bake a turkey for Thanksgiving, but fear it will turn out too dry, you might like to try this method. But if your turkey must be a beautiful golden brown one that the master carver can ceremoniously turn into neat slices at the table, you won’t like my recipe. Here’s how it works:

If your turkey is frozen, thaw it completely as directed on the package. Then wash it thoroughly inside and out. Be sure to remove the little package of turkey parts, such as the neck and liver that are inside the body cavities. Bear in mind that there may be something in the top end of the turkey in the neck cavity. Baking the turkey with the liver still inside can give the finished product an off taste.

Shake a handful of flour around in a large turkey-sized Reynold’s Oven Bag, per instructions with the bag. Place the bag in a large roasting pan. Next put a couple of cups of coarsely chopped onion and celery in the bottom of the bag. It may be necessary to put the opening of the bag at one end and use the side of the bag for the bottom, depending on the size of the turkey. Pour about a half cup of water or chicken broth on the onion and celery if you like, but no more than that.

(Here are some great onion choppers for you!)

Rub salt inside the turkey and if you desire, fill it with stuffing. I choose to put onions and celery inside the turkey for flavor, and make my dressing, or stuffing if you prefer, separately.

There is actually little point in stuffing this turkey, though, as it will be carved up before it goes to the table.

Put the turkey, BREAST DOWN on top of the onion and celery. Now if you have an active imagination as I do, you might think the turkey in that position looks like he’s on his knees praying. But in order to have turkey for Thanksgiving, you have to be strong, harden your heart, and get on with the job. Twist the top of the bag closed and then punch a few holes in the top part of the bag, as directed on the box it came in.

Bake the turkey in the oven at the recommended temperature and for the recommended length of time shown on the turkey bag box. Carefully remove the pan/bag/turkey from the oven. You will know the turkey is done if the legs want to come off when you try to remove it from the bag.

Let someone who is good with an electric carving knife cut the turkey up into convenient sized slices of moist, tender turkey. Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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