How much is too much when it comes to adding nuts to cookie batter?


If you’ve been looking for new ways to spice up and otherwise bring a lot of life to the fresh baked cookies that you are preparing with your cookie sheets and baking pans, you might want to seriously consider adding nuts. This might seem pretty straightforward.

I mean, a lot of people do add nuts to their cookie batter. Some people prefer pecans. Others are partial to walnuts. Whatever the case may be, adding a sprinkling of nuts on top or large chunks in the actual body of the cookie can go a long way in adding some much needed texture and personality to your cookie recipes.

It may seem pretty straightforward and simple, but there’s actually a percentage that you have to follow. Adding too little and it would seem that you did not add nuts at all. If you add too much on the other hand, it may get in the way of the overall texture of the cookie.

No magic solution

What makes this all a bit frustrating is that there’s really no magic ratio or formula. I wish there was, but the problem is when you’re baking cookies, you’re basically dependent on where you are geographically.

For example, if you’re baking cookies in the Philippines, where it’s fairly hot and humid, your recipe is going to be a little bit different. Your recipe and proportions are going to be a little bit different than if you are baking a batch of cookies in Fairbanks, Alaska. Do you see the difference here? Locality and local conditions are important factors for great baking and getting amazing results.

You need to basically figure out the proper nuts to cookie batter ratio on your own. This is something you have to figure out on a case to case, batch by batch basis. The good news is that you don’t have to worry all that much about what to do with your experimental batches because I highly suspect that there is no shortage of people around you that would love to get those cookies off your hands. So don’t worry about having to throw out cookies. This is not a case of throwing good money after bad. Instead, this is a case where you’re basically just investing in figuring out how to bake the perfect nut enhanced cookie.

Learn from Famous Amos

One of the most favorite cookie brands in the United States is Famous Amos. This is a cookie brand that is chock-full of nuts. It’s amazing. It seems like with every bite, there’s always at least one or a couple of nuts. You’re treated to a flavor explosion in your mouth.

If you’re looking for great ideas on what to put on your cookies sheets the next time you bake cookies, consider the Famous Amos style of nuts. We’re talking pecans, walnuts, and Brazil nuts. There’s actually quite a range of nuts that are very oven friendly. Steer clear of peanuts because for the most part, unless you’re using ground peanuts or chopped up peanuts, peanuts don’t really translate well in cookie recipes.

Try to stick with walnuts and pecans. Those are battle tested and proven. I’m not saying that they would work under all circumstances, but if you have average to normal taste, then they should do just fine. The key here is to keep experimenting with proportions so you can find the right mix or right ratio that works in your particular set of circumstances.

You shouldn’t experiment randomly

You might be thinking that baking should be fun and spontaneous. I wholeheartedly agree. However, you shouldn’t waste your time, effort, and money either. Sadly, if you were experimenting with nuts, its too easy to end up chasing your tail and go around in circles. Why? You keep using the same nuts and add-ons and you end up simply doing the same things over and over again. Talk about a waste of time. Talk about frustrating. Thankfully, the solution to this issue is quite simple: track your efforts and experiments.

By simply using a small journal and taking basic notes, you can quickly identify nuts and proportions that got the most praise. Keep tweaking these until you arrive at your perfect formula. This is not rocket science but it does take quite a bit of attention to detail. As you will soon find out, by simply tracking your experiments. you position yourself to finding the right combination sooner rather than later. At the very least, using a documented well laid out method for recipe experimentation, you increase the chances you won’t be wasting time, effort, and energy.

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