Organizing a Bake Sale Fundraisers


There are many reasons that organizations and groups have bake sale fundraisers. Sometimes it is to support a person or family who needs financial help. Other times a bake sale fundraiser is to raise money for a trip that a group of people are going on. Whatever the reason may be, here are some tips to get your fundraiser off to a successful start.

GROUP MEETING: Have a meeting with you club, group, or organization that is having the bake sale fundraiser. Discuss all of the details from what and who the bake sale fundraiser is for, to when it will be held, to who will make food to sell. Make sure that you will have plenty of food to sell so that you do not run short. Appoint and assign people to make a certain amount of foods and tasty desserts for the bake sale. Appoint a member to make flyers also. Flyers should be made stating what and who the bake sale proceeds will go to. The flyers should tell when and where the bake sale fundraiser will be held as well.

RULES AND SCHEDULE: Go over all of the details including any rules that need to be enforced. Make sure that the members of the group know how to conduct the bake sale and how to treat the customers, especially if kids are going to be running the bake sale. Make sure to always have an adult helping kids when they are running the bake sale. Set up a schedule for the members of the group to run the bake sale. If needed, set up a schedule for the members to be baking and bringing more baked goods in throughout the day of the sale, to be sure you have enough goods to sell all day long.

ADVERTISE: People need to know about your bake sale fundraiser. Place an ad in the local newspaper about your bake sale. Hand your flyers out around your town at grocery stores, the library, banks, and other public places of business. Tell everyone that you see to come to your bake sale. Have everyone in your group tell their family, friends, and co-workers about your bake sale fundraiser. Make large signs that can be hung and placed by the road and in front of your bake sale stand to draw customers in.

Have fun with your bake sale fundraiser and make sure that if kids are running the bake sale there is always an adult present. Be courteous and friendly to your bake sale customer and you will have a successful bake sale fundraiser.

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