Oster 2-Pound Expressbake Bread Machine Review

Oster 2-Pound Expressbake Product Image

There are thousands of bread machines on the market today, but none sell like the Oster 2-pound Expressbake. The aforementioned is largely due to the reliability and product output of the Oster. With a sleek and simple design, along with a variety of functions, there are many attractive features that would cause the average bread lover to make an impulse purchase. Features of the Oster Expressbake include the following:

  • loaf capacity
  • 12 bread settings, 3 crust settings
  • Express mode bakes bread in under an hour
  • 13-hour delay timer
  • Large LCD display

Breakdown of the Features

If you have a medium to a large family, the 2lb loaf capacity will exceed your expectations. The ability to create in under an hour will also benefit this, as you’ll be able to create faster for larger family functions. Those who have picky family members will love being able to create a customized loaf of bread to their tastes with 12 bread settings and a variety of crust settings for the ultra-picky. With this machine, you’ll be able to create breads, jam, and doughs along with your average uses.

Oster 2-Pound Expressbake Bread Machine CKSTBRTW20 Product Image

Beyond this, the 13-hour delay timer allows you to create fresh bread every single morning by programming the day before. Having this feature allows you to begin creating and planning the next day without leaving everything to a rush in the morning. The simple design and large LCD display allow you to use this machine seamlessly, even if you’re new to the world of bread making.

There’s also a fruit and nut dispenser for those who want to incorporate other ingredients within their bread or pastries. Simply add the ingredients you want and the Oster Expressbake will automatically dispense it into your creation when the timing is perfect. The reason they do it for you is that there’s a certain time when the consistency is just right for mixing. In doing so, you don’t have to worry about screwing up and putting them in too early, causing them to possibly warm up too much.

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With the famous “set it and forget it” method of this machine, you can leave this unattended as you create other food items for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Whether you want it now or later, you can have it with the Oster Expressbake. You don’t have to stick to loaves of bread strictly, either, as you can create pizza dough creations, jam and jelly, and much more.

With this machine, you’ll be able to create breads, jam, and doughs along with your average uses

With the various settings of this machine, you’re able to create gluten-free creations by turning on the “wheat” setting that this machine has to offer. For those wondering, this machine also comes with a dispenser so that you can put nuts and fruits of your choice (or something else) within your loaves and have it baked to perfection.

Awesome Advantages

We understand that buying loaf after loaf can be expensive, especially since they typically aren’t eating down to the very last slice. With a sliced loaf’s ability to go bad easily, you can prevent that with a bread machine like the Oster. In having a machine like the Expressbake, you can create the perfect amount of fresh bread for you and your family and save money while you’re doing it! Never waste a loaf of bread again.

Another advantage to this product is that you can clean it very easily due to the non-stick surface. In having a non-stick surface, you don’t have to worry about your loaf baking to the sides, and you won’t have to worry about scrubbing too hard when hand-washing. It’s also fantastic for dishwasher use, and you don’t have to worry about anything with this machine!

Beyond those mentioned above, this machine is able to create a plethora of products – and not just bread. You can create pizza dough, jam, and jelly, along with various other products highlighted in their manual.

There are a ton of advantages to this product, and the last one we’ll highlight is the ability to pre-program 13-hours in advance. Having this feature allows those with smaller children or busy lifestyles to make sure they’re going to have bread for the next day. We understand things can get hectic in a somewhat large (or even small) household with a child. Being able to prepare ahead of time and not have to worry at all is a blessing.

Some Minor Cons

Unfortunately, with any great product, there are some disadvantages due to personal needs and restrictions. The aforementioned Oster Expressbake is capable of handling gluten-free creations; however, there is a way to go about it. While many have various settings that you just click and go, this machine doesn’t have gluten-specific buttons. However, you can load up the ingredients you need and click the “wheat” button in order to begin. While it’s not gluten-specific, this will allow you to create the perfect gluten-free loaf, catering to your intolerances. If you want an Oster bread maker that’s specifically meant for gluten-free, check out the Oster CKSTBR9050.

There is only one more slight disadvantage to this product; however, we’ll preface this by stating that it doesn’t affect the performance whatsoever, and merely has to do with personal preference. Those who will think about using warmer water should be prepared for a foggy viewing window. You can’t exactly lift it up and unfog it during the creation of bread, either, so it’s important to know this if you’re looking to watch and view it as the bread bakes.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Oster Expressbake can create delicious bread within 60 minutes for the entire family to enjoy. You don’t have to worry about sticky products and being unable to create gluten-free bread. You can do it all, as you can create jam, dough, bread, and other creations with this machine, on top of being able to do it quickly. Those who are looking for an incredible bread machine on a budget will find solace in knowing this product exists, and thousands of people agree with the awesome performance of this machine.

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