How to Prepare Pie with Apples


As with any recipe it depends on your taste and your way of cooking your ingredients. But in my opinion when I occasional bake a pie the ingredients I use are as follow.

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I love good yellow apple others like red, but here my form of cooking a pie made with apples

  • slice up 8 peeled yellow apples in a small cup
  • 2.2 cups of good brown sugar
  • 3.3 spoon of margarine depends on your taste or butter
  • 4.3 spoons of all type flour mixed real good
  • 5 1.5 teaspoons of your favorite nutmeg
  • one cup of Cheddar or Regular cheese
  • 2 spoons of regular sugar
  • pie crust

You’ll need good apple pie crust because some don’t hold up as well as other but two good crust and pour into a bowl and mix completely in your eyes. Just remember the pie crust will be your problem if you don’t roll it correct around the ingredient.

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After all that preheat your oven to about 415 degrees higher if you chose but not over 440, but it’s a opinion and relax back and let it cook for about 35 minutes. But check to see how brown you might want it to be. We all know our perception is different from others so cook until you’re happy.

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