Fun, Easy and Delicious Christmas Cookie Extravaganza!


There is nothing like baking Christmas cookies to get you in the holiday spirit. With a few,simple decorating tips take your simple cookies to the festive extreme! Fun, easy and delicious! Christmas Cookie Extravaganza! Requirements: Sugar cookie dough. Cookie cutters. Food coloring. Powdered sugar. Those cute little M Ms.; Milk. Christmas music (technically this is optional, but seriously recommended).

  1. Candy Canes! It’s simple, take a handful of dough and mix in red food coloring. It will be messy, but that’s half the fun! It is easiest to do this first part when the dough is relatively soft. Roll out a long, 1/2 inch strip of red cookie dough and one 1/2 inch strip of regular dough. Twist together and bend into the shape of a cane. Yum!
  2. Snowy Trees! Again, with the food coloring. Dye some of your dough green and roll out into a flat sheet. Cut out trees with a cookie cutter. Bake! Decorate with either powdered sugar, just a little on the limbs (for those with a moderate sweet tooth), or to up the Yum-Scale, mix some milk with the powdered to make a glaze and drizzle over the tree limbs.
  3. Trim the Trees and Wreaths! I highly recommend the use of food coloring. This time, make some green wreaths and trees. On the wreaths, use some red cookie dough to pinch together a little bow at the top. Decorate your cookies with those adorable, delicious, little MMs. Some would say red hots but I say – Nay, red hots are not meant to be on a cookie! MMs; are sweet, just like your adorable little creations.
  4. Go back to the basics! Why not make some ornaments? Cut out simple circles and use some colored glaze (powdered sugar and milk, of course). I like glaze more than icing because it still allows the flavor of the cookie to come through and it’s kind of translucent, which is totally chic. And everyone, deep down, wants a chic Christmas cookie.


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