Make a Dessert Pizza or Cheesecake Crust with Leftover Sugar Cookie Dough

If you’ve gone overboard with the sugar cookie baking lineup this holiday season you don’t have to freeze or throw away that extra dough. Sugar cookie dough is a versatile ingredient that can be used to make a number of sweet treats and desserts. Here are some creative ways to use up leftover sugar cookie dough to create something unique after traditional holiday baking is over:

Make a Dessert Pizza with Leftover Sugar Cookie Dough

Round up that leftover Halloween candy, grab a can of frosting and make your own dessert pizza using the leftover sugar cookie dough as a base. You can prebake the dough according to the cookie recipe’s directions then top it immediately with frosting so it melts. Decorate your pizza with chocolate and candy toppings for a sugar-fortified snack that will get you through any energy slump over holiday season!

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Make a Cheesecake Crust Out of Leftover Sugar Cookie Dough

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something new when that cheesecake craving hits, use a baked layer of sugar cookie dough as your base for the rich dessert. It’s a sweet and buttery variation of the traditional graham cracker crust and gives the classic dessert a different texture.

Make Brownie Bars From Leftover Sugar Cookie Dough

Layer up sugar cookie dough with brownie batter to make a tasty snack bar for holiday season – and beyond. This combination makes for an easy snack cake or snack bar, and you can add M Ms; or Hershey Kisses to the mix for even more fun.

Bake an Apple Crisp with Leftover Sugar Cookie Dough

Apple crisp is traditionally made with a sugar, butter and oats topping that bakes up to create that streusel-style texture, but you can use clumps of leftover sugar cookie dough to make a unique topper for this apple dessert. Just combine the sugar cookie dough with some rolled oats in a food processor and sprinkle the mixture over the apples before baking. Finish with cinnamon sugar and you’ll have a new addition to your comfort food lineup for the season.

Make Fruit Tarts with Leftover Sugar Cookie Dough

Since sugar cookie dough is so versatile, you can easily press it into small tart pans or mini pie pans to make a tasty base. Just fill your tart cups with your favorite fruit filling and bake until the cookie dough is a light golden brown. You can serve these tartlets or miniature pies with ice cream or top them with powdered sugar icing for a sweet after-dinner treat.

When you have a few cups of extra sugar cookie dough on your hands, do something different for dessert with any of these recipe ideas. From miniature tarts to dessert pizza, you can use up leftover sugar cookie dough to make an entirely new dessert!

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