Do You Really Need an Extended Warranty Program for Your Oil Less Turkey Deep Fryer?

If you have bought an oil-less turkey deep fryer, you probably bought it with a lot of excitement. I mean, let us face it. There is a lot to be excited about here. Can you imagine putting a nice 10-pound turkey in your turkey deep fryer and out comes the perfect bird? What is the perfect bird? Well, it has an amazing crunchy and chewy exterior with all the turkey flavors and succulent juices locked in, and the best part to all of this is that there is no raw or uncooked part. That is the Holy Grail of turkeys.

Thankfully, the typical oil less turkey deep fryer has made this vision a reality. It used to be a fantasy as recently as a few years ago. Why? Most people used conventional ovens to prepare their turkeys as recently as a few years ago, and most people are quite disappointed. The typical oven does a pretty haphazard job of cooking the bird all the way through. For every one time you hit the ball out of the park with the very perfect combination of texture and flavor, there are 10 other times where you end up with a turkey that is not thoroughly cooked or has fairly limp and rubbery skin. Talk about disgusting. If you think this is nasty to look at, wait until you have cut off a piece and put it in your mouth. Totally unacceptable.

So, not surprisingly, oil-less turkey deep fryers are getting really popular. More and more people are getting turned on to this type of kitchen appliance. If you are excited about your oil less turkey deep fryer, then you probably are so excited that you would want to take out an extended warranty program. You might want to hold off. Here are the reasons why.

A lot of oil-less turkey deep fryers are durable enough. Make no mistake about it. When it comes to a typical kitchen appliance, if you get about three to five years of productivity out of it, you are good to go. By the time the third or fifth year rolls around, you are probably ready to try something new. In this case, there really is no big loss if you did not take out an extended warranty that, for all intents and purposes, extends the productive life of your kitchen appliance to seven years. Three to five years is plenty as far as useful life value is concerned for this type of kitchen appliance.

Now, the problem is whether the particular unit that you bought would last that long. Well, thankfully, due to America’s strong consumer protection laws and very selective retail outlets, chances are quite good that the typical brand of oil-less turkey deep fryer that you are looking at will make it to the three to five-year range. This is not guaranteed, but the odds are definitely in your favor. Given this context, it probably is not a good idea to pay several dozen dollars for an extended warranty program.

Your Credit Card might already be Protecting You

Another reason you might want to hold off on buying an extended warranty program for your amazing turkey cooking device is that you might already be covered. The next time you get your credit card statement, read the fine print. I know that it is probably something that you do not normally do. I know that for most people, reading the fine print is like pulling teeth. Nevertheless, in this case, if you do go through the hassle of reading through the legal mumbo jumbo, you may be in for a treat. You may find a provision there that states if you buy certain items that fall under specific product categories, your credit card would readily double your warranty protection.

Believe it or not, a lot of credit card companies do this automatically. Why? They are competing with each other. They need to find a way to stand out from the competition, and one of the cheapest ways they can do that is simply to double spontaneously the warranty coverage of appliances bought with them. If you use these cards, you automatically double your coverage.

So, look at your credit cards and see which ones have an extended warranty program. If you are going to buy something that comes with a warranty, use the card with the warranty extension feature. The best part to all of this is that this feature is free. That’s right-your credit card wants to keep your business so badly, it will provide you with automatic purchase insurance (in the form of warranty extensions) absolutely free of charge. Isn’t it time to get in touch with your cards’ service reps on the phone?