Review of Aldi Brand Product: Sweet Harvest Apple Sauce


When I purchase apple sauce, I don’t buy it in large bottles. Instead I prefer the smaller portions that come in disposable plastic containers. The brand I most often rely on is the Aldi brand of Sweet Harvest.

Sweet Harvest Apple Sauce comes in a packaged paperboard container with 4 plastic cups. Down the middle is a divider with 2 cups on each side held snugly in place. On the outside cover is the brand name of Sweet Harvest within a gold and maroon circle. The best buy date is stamped on the top portion. Pictured on the front and side covers are pictures of red and gold apples surrounded with splashes of water. It makes you want to pick them off and sink your teeth into them.

Nutritional information is listed on the back of the carton. The serving size is 1 unit and there are 4 servings per container. There are 70 calories in this product, 0 from fat. Total carbs are listed as 20 grams or 7%, dietary fiber 1 gram or 4% and 17 grams of sugars.

The ingredients are apples, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, water, and ascorbic acid which is Vitamin C.

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This product is distributed by Aldi Inc. in Batavia, IL. It also has a Double Quality Guarantee, which is standard on all their products.

The paperboard backing securely holds the product in place. Retrieval is easy. The top part of the plastic container is made of a foil-type gray material. The background color is red and gold with the word apple sauce written on a medium-sized banner. The ingredients are again delineated. Because this comes in a bundled package, each unit is not labeled for individual sale.

There is a tab on the side that allows you to open the product. It is not necessarily the easiest way to get to the contents. I sometimes resort to using a knife to open around the edges and peeling the foil back.

The apple sauce has a yellowish-tan color to it, which is typical of this item. It is smooth in texture and has a certain sweetness to it. I usually eat my apple sauce with pork chops, rice and gravy along with a vegetable. Sometimes I have even allowed myself to dip a portion of my meat into the apple sauce, especially when getting to the bottom of the cup.

This apple sauce can easily be placed in your lunch sack or those of your children. Apple sauce is also used as a substitute for sugar because of its high fructose. It is ideal to use when baking. Use this as part of your meat mixture when making meatloaf. It will add a little more moistness to it. You can also add cinnamon and heat for a different taste. Some times I’ll take a cup just for a quick snack.

Because of its size and portability I always keep it on hand. I will continue to buy this product because I enjoy having apple sauce as a side dish to some of my meals. The price is economical too, at around $1.49.

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