Sandcastle Cake Simple Tips


A fun-filled beach themed party can be incorporated into just about any occasion, from showers, brunches and weddings to kid’s birthdays, barbecues and anniversaries. And every party needs a cake, right? So for your next beach themed special event, consider creating an enchanting sandcastle cake following these simple tips.

For this adorable three dimensional sandcastle cake you will need to purchase a Wilton or Nordicware bundt pan castle mold online or from a local distributor or better yet, just borrow a castle cake pan from a crafty friend or neighbor!

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Believe it or not, a simple cinnamon swirl type cake mix works great for your edible sandcastle. Follow the directions on the box and the pan and bake accordingly. Next, place your sandcastle cake on a large platter sprinkled with brown and white sugar. Dust your cake with the sugar as well. Now, place a few colored flags atop the castle peaks and flank with small bright sand shovels and paper beach umbrellas.

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To continue with the beach theme, fill your venue up with inflatable beach balls and use vibrant beach towels as table cloths. And for fun beach themed party favors, stuff small colorful sand buckets with dollar store toys and treasures for the kids and shower gels, lotions, sunscreen, sunglasses and more for the adults.

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For a princess themed castle cake, add pink flags and miniature versions of Disney’s favorite ladies. And for a pirate themed party, raid your son’s toy box for a few plank walking figurines.

When using a high quality Wilton type mold, baking is a cinch and cakes rarely stick to the pan or fall apart, provided you follow the included instructions. So, if you are hosting a larger event, why not bake a sandcastle cake for each and every table at your party, that can double as a whimsical, edible centerpiece? Mixes cost just a couple of dollars, castles can easily be frozen for a week or so and these delicious cakes don’t even require frosting!

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