The Secret Flavor Boosting Feature of the Standard Infrared Turkey Fryer

What accounts for the amazing results most people get with the best oil less infrared turkey fryer? If you have no clue as to what kind of problem the infrared turkey fryer solves, you only need to think back to the last time you prepared Thanksgiving turkey with a conventional oven. Chances are quite good that at least 50% of your efforts were not rewarded with an amazing turkey.

Let’s just be honest here. How many times have you put in the hours, the amazing ingredients, and follow instructions to the letter, only to come up with a bird that has rubbery or clammy skin? Totally disgusting, right?

Well, to make matters worse, when your guests start carving into the bird, what do they find? Almost at the middle of the bird, there are some red spots or some uncooked bits. This is not only disgusting, but this is all too typical.

You see, the standard conventional oven can bake great breads. It can do an amazing job when it comes to cookies and brownies. When it comes to a 5-10 pound bird, it’s anybody’s guess. It’s like rolling the dice. Unfortunately, most of the time, you come up with snake eyes.

It’s really bad and the worst thing about all of this is that you feel like you really have no control over he process. It doesn’t matter how much time you put into it, it doesn’t matter how well prepared you are, it doesn’t matter what your ingredients are, you might even try to mess around with the sides of the bird, but ultimately, it’s a crap shoot.

Sometimes you’re rewarded with an amazing bird that is to die for. You are over the moon regarding its amazing combination of texture and taste. However, by and large, you are stuck with a mediocre bird. It may be crispy on the outside and succulent until you get to the middle and you’re treated to some pink bits. A lot of people have basically resigned themselves to this reality.

The good news is, you don’t have to. The good news is, by using an infrared turkey fryer, you can assure yourself of a well cooked bird each and every time. This is quite an accomplishment because it really takes all the guesswork and uncertainty of preparing turkeys.

With that said, the standard infrared turkey fryer does come with problems. It is a victim of its success.

The Problem of Boring Turkey Flavor

It doesn’t matter how fresh the bird you prepare may be. It doesn’t matter the brand of the bird. Ultimately, turkey meat is turkey meat. If you’re all into turkey, then good for you because you probably will not get bored of it. However, if you’re like the rest of us mortals, turkey meat can get old fairly quickly.

It doesn’t really matter whether you make Turkey Pad Thai, Turkey Pancit, Turkey Burgers, Fried Turkey. Whatever the case may be, eventually, the texture and the taste of the meat will get to you. This is why it’s really important to use the right infrared turkey fryer.

There are many brands and models out there, but some models really stand out. They have an amazing heating element that makes sure that the bird is so well cooked, yet juicy. This is the key. It has to be well cooked and juicy, so that even if you were to reheat it, it doesn’t get boring. It still maintains its vibrancy.

This paves the way for you, really, taking the flavor to the next level by adding some special sauce or getting creative with the herbs and spices that you use for gravy. Whatever the case may be, the secret flavor-boosting feature of the standard infrared turkey fryer is its heating element.

However, some brands have a better heating element. This heating element makes sure that the bird really comes out perfectly because, with a perfect bird, it takes a lot more for you to get bored. It takes a lot more for you to really get tired of the seemingly generic flavor of turkey.

But ultimately, if you really want to step up the flavor profile of your bird, you need to take matters into your own hands. I would suggest going exotic. That’s right, go south of the border and look up some Mexican mole recipes. These amazing chili based recipes can really wake up the flavor of turkey.

If Mexican is not your thing, you might want to go Mediterranean. There are tremendous Lebanese chicken recipes that can be applied to turkey to take the taste of turkey to a much higher level.