How to Make S’mores: An Easy Campfire Recipe

How to Make S'mores: An Easy Campfire Recipe

If you are looking for an easy camping recipe, or are wondering how to have fun around the campfire, making s’mores while camping is a must! These ooey, gooey confections made with melted chocolate, toasted marshmallows, and crispy graham crackers probably takes the cake for most popular camping recipe!

S’mores get their name because this chocolate/marshmallow/graham cracker dessert is so good you just have to have ‘some more’. They are a summer camp tradition, a favorite at girl scout camp and boy scout camp alike, and are a staple of any family camping adventure. That’s why you often see this recipe in the best dutch oven cookbooks.

S’mores, especially when camping with kids, makes a delicious dessert. All you need are a few simple ingredients to create a delicious dessert everyone will be wanting ‘some more’ (s’more) of!

To make a perfect smore, first take a square-shaped graham cracker. Our family enjoys Honey Maid graham crackers, but even store brand will do. Then, you will need a square of chocolate on top of the graham cracker. We use Hershey’s chocolate, but any chocolate will do. I especially like Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate on my s’mores.

Next, you roast a marshmallow over an open fire. To roast the perfect marshmallow, the sugar should caramelize without burning. I take a stick or metal skewer and hold the marshmallow on the stick about 2 inches above the fire, turning it frequently until it is a caramel brown color without burning. Although, some people do enjoy it when their marshmallow catches fire and creates a black crust on the outside of the marshmallow.

Then, when the marshmallow is nice and hot, you are ready to press it between two graham crackers. You remove the marshmallow with the top graham cracker, using it to slide the marshmallow off the stick. Finally, press the marshmallow on top of the chocolate with the graham cracker you used to slide the marshmallow off the roasting stick. The heat from the marshmallow will melt the chocolate. When pressed together, it makes a ‘sandwich’ of sorts, with the layers being: Honey Maid graham cracker, Hershey’s chocolate square, roasted marshmallow, then another graham cracker.

It is chocolaty, gooey, crunchy, sweet, and delicious with a cup of coffee, hot cocoa, or a cold glass of milk.

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