Top 7 Best Coffees to Try This Year

Coffee is just one of those simple things that can bring great pleasure to everyday life. The mere scent of it wafting in the air can wake up the senses. Some people might think that coffee is just a drink, but savoring it is a whole new form of art for others.

Top 7 Best Coffees to Try This Year
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Imagine waking up to the best cup of coffee every single day of your life; wouldn’t that be the dream? Unfortunately, only a few of us have the luxury of having a coffee artisan in our homes, but getting one of the best coffee makers for your kitchen can do the trick.

But the coffee maker is only part of the struggle. There are other things that you could add to your kitchen, like a grinder. And of course, you can’t have your drink without the coffee beans.

Let’s take a whiff of some of the best coffee and coffee beans to try this year:

Death Wish Whole Bean Coffee 

Here’s a bold claim from this coffee brand of being the world’s most robust coffee. But that’ not the only bold thing from this brand. The taste is also, well, bold.

Complete with a warning sign to ward off any poor soul who might be unable to take the caffein, you could expect this blend of Robusta and Arabica beans to pack a flavorful punch. They specifically say that it’s double the caffeine in each cup.

Aside from being organic and additive-free, it’s also entirely ethically and sustainably sourced. Plus, Death Wish Coffee is also fair trade.

If the Death Wish coffee sounds too intimidating, this next coffee might be your cup of tea, or coffee, in this case.

Lavazza Super Crema Coffee Blend 

High up on this list is this best-selling coffee from Italy. With Arabica beans from India, Brazil, and Columbia and Robusta beans from Vietnam and Indonesia, this medium to light-bodied coffee makes for a creamy espresso. Expect low acidity: perfect for anyone who isn’t a fan of a sharper tasting coffee.

What makes this brand so interesting is that the blend includes almonds, honey, and dried fruits. Just like the Death Wish Whole Bean Coffee, Lavazza is also ethically sourced and organic. But here’s the extra kick: it’s also Rainforest Alliance certified!

Whether you use a drip coffee maker or a French press, you can’t go wrong. Each morning will be pleasant and velvety with this blend.

Kicking Horse Coffee 

Now this one is literally a “dark horse” in this list, pun intended. In Canada, they’re one of the best and well-loved coffee houses. That says a lot because coffee lovers don’t mess around when it comes to who they support. For anyone with a taste for new and complex flavor profiles, Kicking Horse Coffee is the way to go.

With all kinds of coffee available, you can expect different flavors and scents, from cocoa, sweet tobacco, and stone fruit, among others. No matter what your method is, using a drip machine, cold brew, pour-over, French press, the Kicking Horse Coffee is a front runner not just for its taste but also for its ethical business. Like the two brands mentioned above, Kicking Horse Coffee is Fair Trade and 100% organic.

Café Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee 

You might be noticing a trend here, just like many of the brands in this list, Café Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee is entirely organic and GMO-free. Made from 100% Arabica beans, it’s smoother and sweeter with a hint of milk chocolate, caramel, honey, and cocoa. You’re sure to enjoy a superior flavor while also having a low acidity level.

It’s also easy to prepare using a drip coffee maker or an espresso machine, whichever you find more suitable.

Koffee Kult Dark Roast  

Top 7 Best Coffees to Try This Year
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Koffee Kult has all kinds of blends available but what we want to put center stage is their Dark Roast. Open this pack of coffee and let the deeply roasted smell tickle your senses. It’s bold, earthy, and it’s a quick jab to the face. That’s how aromatic and rich it smells.

To be clear, Koffee Kult uses 100% Arabica beans from Colombia, Sumatra, and Brazil. You can probably imagine how strong this coffee tastes, and I know what you’re thinking? Is it bitter? The great thing about this coffee is that it’s intense, minus the bitterness. Instead of being bitter, it’s smooth with the following flavor profiles: chocolate, nuts, and cinnamon.

Bulletproof the Original Medium Roast 

This processed coffee bean is perfect for anyone on a Keto diet. You can probably guess that it’s high in saturated fat. It does have MCT oil and unsalted butter added to the blend.

As it is high in calories, many Bulletproof Coffee drinkers swear that they drink this in place of a meal for breakfast. If you’re using this to diet or lose weight, it helps to observe how you react to it, too. Not everyone will have the same results. For instance, some experience a boost in energy and focus, but not everyone might feel the same.

As for flavor, you can taste hints of cocoa hazelnut, plum and orange, and cinnamon. This fruity and aromatic combination can help you rise and shine every morning.

Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew 

Now a coffee list can’t possibly end without a single mention of cold brew. And to that, our answer is the Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew. It’s less acidic, so it’s great for a pleasant chilly drink.

But despite its low acidity, its flavor is quite bold. Stone Street Coffee Cold brew features dark chocolate notes, as well as a sweetness and smoothness that is fantastic for cold brew.

You can prepare your cold brew using a French Press or a Mason Jar. If you’re using the latter, you can use a mesh strainer or a cheesecloth.


You can always go back to your comfortable mix for a familiar taste of home. But there are all kinds of coffee brands, blends, and flavors out there to explore. If you’re open to trying new things, then going for sampler packs from different brands is the best way to experience numerous coffee brands in the market. As long as you are consuming a responsible amount, go ahead and be an adventurous coffee drinker. Most importantly, don’t let the coffee snubs intimidate you. Drink what you love and enjoy!