Top Characteristics and Traits of A Good Personal Trainer


Finding a perfect gym trainer is never easy and no less than a struggle because you cannot pick any random trainer you bump into if you are serious about your fitness goals. So, are you in search of a personal trainer and finding it tricky to pick up someone who can train you right?

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Do you find yourself confused to select between the numerous personal trainer profiles you have in your hand? Then you have landed at the right place as here we pen down the characteristics of a personal trainer:

They frequently educate their clients

Giving too much advice may sometimes make the client irritated, but that is what they have hired a personal trainer for. Thus, a good personal trainer is not the one who keeps mum and refrains from giving pieces of advice but the one who goes ahead and explains things so that the clients can move forward towards better health and fitness.

They remain focused

Despite all the distractions that come their way and all the tantrums that their clients may play to skip workout sessions, a good personal trainer is someone who remains focused on their goals.

Further, the trainer should be someone who can understand his/her clients’ needs and chalk out a plan that can fit into the requisite frame of the client’s goal.

And, if by chance something doesn’t fit into the same, he/ she changes it accordingly to get their clients a perfect plan for their purpose.


A good personal trainer should be flexible and should have problem-solving skills. Things cannot be the same all the time, may it be giving an alternative exercise to follow while a machine is busy or changing the diet chart if the previous one is not working well for the client, one should be flexible enough to get things sorted out at the right time.

Thus the trainers should always have a Plan B for their clients when their Plan A doesn’t work.


Homework is something that everyone tends to run away from, may it be children or adults; homework is hardly liked by anyone. But despite the inclination towards ‘no-homework day,’ a Liverpool street personal trainer will always give his/her clients some bits of homework to be completed at home.

Exercising dedicatedly but going back home and eating junk will not help get a slim and toned body. Thus, a diet chart and exercise session to take up at home in between the regular schedule as advised by the trainer is necessary to attain better results.

Proper communication

Good communication skills are one of the most important things to have in this profession. Only if you have good communication skills, you can instruct your clients to do the exercises and accordingly take up follow-ups to find out the level reached.


We hope that this guide proves helpful enough for you to decide what traits and characteristics make a superb personal trainer. So what are you waiting for? If you are someone looking out for a personal trainer, make sure that you run quick research and pick on one who is capable of ticking out the maximum checkboxes of your checklist.

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