Make a Perfect and Delicious Cupcake!


Walking into an award-winning restaurant in Southbank, Melbourne you may not expect to see delicious cupcakes listed on the esteemed menu.

It seemed these individual sweet portions had come up in the culinary world.

Australian chef Neil Perry’s highly acclaimed Rockpool Bar & Grill offered a Lemon Meringue Cupcake and it wasn’t just a flavoured cake with lemon fondant icing claiming to be the traditional dessert, it was a tangy lemon cake, topped with soft and peaking meringue that was perfectly browned to its tips.

This not only indicated cupcakes had made their way into a more elite end of the food industry, it also demonstrated the high level of proficiency needed to create a perfect cake.

“A perfect cupcake is a soft, light, moist cake with a soft butter cream frosting,” said Debbie Evangelatos, Managing Director and founder of the American Candy Store Cupcake Café, nestled in Norwood’s Parade precinct.

Choose quality

For this to be attained, using the best ingredients available was a tip she specified and one issued by all professionals in the cupcake baking industry.

These included the best butter, free-range eggs, and even the sugar and flour needed to be of high quality to ensure the mixture achieved a consistently good result.

Understanding the method and procedure specifically was another vital piece of advice.

And as another tip from Ms Evangelatos, “decorate with love.”

Master the technique

Picture the brigade of trained chefs mastering the art of dexterously executing the Lemon Meringue Cupcake back at Melbourne’s Rockpool Bar & Grill – a restaurant regarded for serving the freshest produce at its best.

Compared to an exquisite, melt-in-the-mouth dish of fresh goat’s cheese tortellini with burnt butter; in order for the cake to deliver a sublime taste experience, it too demanded the same degree of expertise, attention to detail and understanding of how to properly use fine ingredients.

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Cupcake ingredients need to be at room temperature as is stated in The Crabapple Bakery Cupcake Cookbook.

In the book, Jennifer Graham explained it took her over a year of diligent work to perfect the vanilla cupcake.

Perfection came with experience and patience, and mastering the technique came with perseverance.

“The best advice I can give you is to have patience,” Jennifer Graham said in her book.

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