Using Soda Pop When Baking

Looking for a different main dish for dinner? Or a new dessert to entice your family? Well look now further than your can of soda pop. Yes, it’s hard to believe but you can make a tasty meal or dessert using one 12-ounce can of soda. You can spice up your pork chops, add a little more flavor to that drab pot roast and even make a spectacular cake (frosting included) all by popping open a can of your favorite soda.

To make a delicious pot roast with pizazz prepare as normal with your spices and seasonings and add one 12-ounce can of cola or ginger ale to the crock pot or roasting pan. For added flavor make sure the meat is thawed completely and, using a fork, poke holes in the brisket to let the soda flavor be absorbed into the center of the meat.

For a sweet treat in the morning with your coffee who doesn’t like a coffee cake or pound cake. Find hundreds of fabulous recipes for the morning by searching the Internet for ideas- all using soda pop as an ingredient. Or maybe you’re looking for a little more chocolate in your sweet tooth diet. Why not try some cola brownies? Even the frosting for these tasty treats has soda pop in it.

Even in the warmer months when you’re ready to strike up the bar-be-cue, you can use soda as a recipe in your cooking. Instead of using marinade for your chicken or pork, soak the meat in a can or two of soda for some juicy bar-be-cued meat.

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