Frozen Yogurt with Exotic Flavors

Cupcakes are becoming bigger, sweeter and have frosting that is higher than the cupcake itself. Ice cream shoppes seem to have a running contest of how many birthday cake ingredients they can fit into a scoop. Looking to defy the standards, a healthier alternative is moving in and taking over – frozen yogurt shops. They can range from local mom and pop storefronts to huge conglomerates like Pinkberry, which is moving into every major city in the country. One thing is certain: they are gaining in popularity.

What is it about Pinkberry?

Pinkberry, a chain that started and stars in California, has started opening up shops all over the country. L.A. inhabitants have pride in it almost like the famous In-N-Out Burger and take a fierce personal interest in its chains success. When the first one debuted in Denver, the line to get a Pinkberry concoction was an hour long and swirled down the sidewalk and around the building.

The prices are differentiated between the size of the container and how exotic the frozen yogurt flavor. The most popular choices on the Pinkberry spectrum are plain, blueberry, watermelon, pomegranate, coconut and strawberry. You can stick with a plain cup of the yogurt you made at home, turn it into a flavorful frozen yogurt parfait or smother it with toppings.

Using toppings to create your dish is where the process gets fun

At Pinkberry, the toppings are free and you can choose as many that fit into the container that you chose. Other stores have used a weighing system that charges by the ounce. Either way, imagination is key at this stage.

Instead of just sprinkles or bits of candy bars, Pinkberry was one of the first to feature fresh chunks of fruit, nuts, and even different cereals. Sprinkles and hot fudge are standard but are out shined by bits of Cap’n Crunch (sans Berries), Fruity Pebbles and mango pieces. However creative you think you can be, Pinkberry has probably already thought of it and added it to the menu.

Major cities have gained not only Pinkberry’s, but other similarly designed shops.

The Pinkberry formula is straightforward and incredibly easy to duplicate. The movement, no doubt, comes from the country’s increasing interest in healthy food. Ice cream was the predecessor with Italian Gelato following, boasting a lower cream and sugar count than ice cream.

Gelato made the fruity flavors popular and frozen yogurt has perfected that, all while lowering sugar, cream and fat content. Frozen yogurt is just that – yogurt that is frozen. Most of the toppings are healthier than shoppes that can hammer entire brownie squares or cinnamon rolls into their butter cream flavor.

If there is a Pinkberry or similar frozen yogurt shop near you be sure to check it out the next time you are craving some sugar. It can be healthier, give you a serving of fruit to your day and is a popular alternative to other frozen treats.

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