5 Best Cookbooks for Kids for your Kitchen

Your little one might have difficulty in solving a math problem but surprisingly, they make the most delicious food. As you are surfing through the stores and the internet, you may find many recipe books to help your kid follow their passion and to solve the conundrum of picking the best ones from them this list of the best cookbooks for kids has been compiled to help your cause.

Almost every country has its own distinctive cuisine and it is near impossible to remember all of them. As your kid starts to cook different dishes, these cookbooks will aid them and make it easier for them to learn.

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#1 – The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs

The Complete Cookbook For Young Chefs

The New York Times Best Seller had to definitely top the list. This cookbook is indeed complete, with pictures along with the step-by-step written recipes to make your young chef thorough with the dish and help them understand cooking better. It covers a wide range of dishes, from breakfast to dinner and from starters to desserts. As this book is very helpful, it helps the little chefs in cooking on their own and thus, empowering them to take on tasks and experiment. It is a great choice for those kids who want to pursue cooking and dream to be a chef. It holds a lot of information and keeps the process entertaining and educational. The cookbook is available as an e-book and you can also buy the hardcover edition.

America’s Test Kitchen has selected these recipes through research and thorough tests. More than 750 kids were studied who had different skill sets and many types of dishes were tried out. The kids made beverages, snacks, sweets, breakfasts, and much more and the most suitable ones were picked out and included in this cookbook. This is America’s Test Kitchen’s first cookbook for kids and they have left no stone unturned in delivering the most appropriate and interesting recipe book for kids. The book also gives out tips and includes reviews and comments from other little test cooks to motivate your child.

What we like about it:

The cookbook is very helpful as it also provides pictures along with a detailed recipe. It guides the young chefs along every step and the kids can easily cook on their own. They can try out new dishes as the tips and techniques mentioned in it make room for experimentation. Also, the recipes have already gotten the approval of other young test cooks and therefore, these dishes are easy to make and will also expand your child’s skill set.

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#2 – Cooking Class: 57 Fun Recipes Kids Will Love to Make (and Eat!)

Cooking Class 57 Fun Recipes Kids Will Love To Make And Eat

As your child develops a taste for cooking and eating, this cookbook will cater to both the needs. It includes more than 50 recipes which have been compiled by Deanna Cook who has been an author of many cookbooks. She has widely been praised for her work and no wonder, her cookbook for kids has also received much attention. The book uses kid-friendly language and focuses on a healthy diet. In pursuit of health, it does not completely ignore kid’s favorite foods so, while they may cook you appetizing food, it should not surprise you if they treat themselves with some of their favorites.

This cookbook is for kids aged 6-12 and also incorporates life lessons with cooking lessons. To encourage the kids further, it also has bonus materials which include labels, place cards, and other goodies. The recipe book comes with a step-by-step guide and also pictures next to it to guide the kids throughout the cooking process. It makes use of imaginative characters and situations to make cooking more fun. The writer has already won various awards and this is not her first cookbook for kids, which definitely reflects in it. The dishes are easy to make and include breakfast, snacks, main courses and also the kids’ all-time favorites, pizza, applesauce, French toast, and so forth. It is a great cookbook for beginner kids who have just found out cooking as their hobby or passion.

What we like about it:

Deanna F. Cook is a great writer and this book adds to her collection of cookbooks for kids. She has concisely summed up a significant number of recipes and to add to the learning process, she has perfectly incorporated life lessons. The cookbook provides easy recipes and also mentions kids’ favorites which in turn, increase the little one’s desire to cook more. It has also given importance to health and provides encouragement and confidence to aspiring chefs.

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#3 – Williams-Sonoma Cookbook for Kids Great Recipes for Kids Who Love to Cook

Williams Sonoma Cookbook For Kids Great Recipes For Kids Who Love To Cook

This book will be perfect for your child as well as you, as a parent since it contains dishes that you can cook together and have fun while simultaneously getting to gel better. The recipes mentioned are fairly simple to make and the list has sixty items with options ranging from nachos to sweets such as cookies. Additionally, to make the process more fun and engaging, there are designs and pictures used that are bound to fascinate a child. Also, the recipes have been clearly explained without the need to invest too much time and mind in comprehending what to do to get a dish right.

The options in the book also have different meals of the day and irrespective of the meal of the day, you and your loved one can cook it by referring to the book. With its flamboyant approach, your child will be highly creative towards the approach. Additionally, you do not have to worry about how healthy the food is since there is a dedicated section in the book that specifically focuses on educating children on the importance of taking a healthy diet. This will make your kid absorb a skill that they can use in the long run.

What we like about it:

The writer of the book has been a professional in teaching young children about cooking and is a mother of three kids herself. This ensures that the book has been compiled with keeping parents’ concerns in mind and the writer can easily empathize with your emotions. Also, since she is a kids’ cooking teacher herself, the book comes from a person who knows the language of children and therefore, has written in the simplest of language.

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#4 – Good Housekeeping Kids Cook!: 100+ Super-Easy, Delicious Recipes

Good Housekeeping Kids Cook 100+ Super Easy, Delicious Recipes

The book has been created by keeping in mind that even the young kids of the modern world want to get into cooking and are aspiring to be professional chefs from an early age. Since there are a number of cooking competitions for young ones, children are trying extremely hard to nurture their ability to cook delicacies. The number of recipes exceed the count of hundred and are extremely easy to make avoiding any failures for these little chefs. Alongside, your kids can also find bright and dynamic pictures with the process of cooking that will intrigue their desires and would make the procedure interesting.

Since the author of the book understands that a child might be entering the kitchen for the first time, even the most basic aspect of the cooking has been explained and the entire practice to achieve the desired results is explained in a comprehensive and detailed way. The dishes are not constrained to a few delicacies but range from healthy salads and smoothies to the cakes and burgers that children absolutely love. Even if your child wants to cook something for you or other family members or even their friends, they can easily find a dish from the extensive list that will ensure that they learn cooking of all kinds.

What we like about it:

The book comes out from a brand that is widely known to be a creative one that has regularly churned out experimental and yet delicious food recipes. With the number of readers reaching more than a quarter million, you can expect them to have a certain standard in all their publications and this book is no different. They also make use of the latest technique in cooking food and consequently, you can expect the dishes of the highest quality.

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#5 – The Disney Princess Cookbook

The Disney Princess Cookbook

Children love cartoons and what better way to make them learn cooking than to introduce their most famous fantasy world into it. The cookbook does exactly that and has a theme of Disney at its core. Even the dishes in the book are named after various Disney characters that will make the cooking activity fun for children who pursue it. Ariel gets Sea Turtle Cupcakes to its name whereas Rapunzel was associated with Frying Pan Eggs in this highly innovative and effective book aimed to make learning effective for children by introducing a sense of entertainment in it. All these recipes are associated with one or the other Disney princess.

The guide to cooking a particular dish is even explained by the princesses themselves which make for an even more engaging environment especially when it comes to your innocent ones. The final product of the dish is also included that keeps a child engage to achieve something that they would love to eat. Adding to this wonderful list is the architecture of the process that has been divided into several steps with simple grammar making your child understand each and everything comfortably. You will see your children smiling their way through and feel that they can do something extraordinary the same way these princesses can in cartoons.

What we like about it:

A number of times when a product is based on something specific, the design gets too awry and the characters or the setup does not feel like the one that you had expected. The designers have paid attention to that and the pictures look exactly like the one that you will see on your television thereby, having no difference. They have stuck to the theme with utmost authenticity to give kids the right feel when they go through the book.

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How we Choose the Top Cookbook for Kids in our List

Choosing the right cookbook can be a tiring task. A lot of them were evaluated and only the best ones were picked to ensure that your child learns only from the best. A number of factors were considered and some of them are:

  • Holistic Approach – As kid chefs are in their growth stage, the cookbooks that focused not only on the recipes but also on valuable lessons about life were given due importance. It is necessary that a child learns as much as they should and could from their experiences.
  • Experience – The cookbooks must be able to deliver the recipes in the most interesting manner. The ones with the most interactive and fun themes were given priority as kids love the colorful and the creative. It should not just be educational but also a fun experience for them.
  • Easy to learn – The recipes must not always be complicated and should cater to kid chefs with different skill sets. If the recipes were aided with pictures, the cookbooks were given a better rating and due consideration was also given to the variety of recipes provided in it.

These were few of the factors and others included online reviews and feedback, demand, and so forth.

Why you need the Best Cookbook for Kids in your Kitchen

As your kid develops a passion for cooking or pursues it as a hobby, it only becomes necessary to help them out in their productive habits. When you have the right cookbook for kids in your kitchen, you may not only see an increased interest in it but also notice how greatly it affects their cooking skills. Slowly, but definitely, the child will also start to experiment on their own and learn a great skill to showcase. The cookbooks do not only include the complicated recipes but also have easy ones and therefore, help out kids with different skill sets.

With cookbooks, young chefs are also bound to learn about the importance of eating healthy. While they hone their cooking skills, these books will also guide them about the nutritional value of various foods and the advantages they carry. The recipe books ensure that you also get to taste various delicacies as they provide a range of foods from breakfast, snacks, beverages, desserts, etc. Some of these also incorporate life lessons and various representations which help in nurturing the young chefs and boosting their morale and creativity. Indeed, a cookbook for kids can do wonders and especially when they are aiming to be a chef.

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