5 Best Cuban Cookbooks for your Kitchen

Cooking is a hobby that many pursue in their lifetime. While some prefer to cook delicious dishes for themselves, some prepare food for family friends. Both of them requires putting in much effort and trying out new dishes can be hard at times. If you are up for Cuban delicacies, then you should have a Cuban cookbook in your kitchen closet. However, there are many cookbooks of the same genre available in the market that can confuse you as to which one to buy. This is why we have brought to you a review on 5 best Cuban cookbook.

It is obnoxious to find yourself into a fix where you don’t know which book you should purchase because, at a time, you may find different books enticing. Therefore, we have decided to narrow it for you to aid you in buying the perfect kitchen companion.

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – The Cuban Table: A Celebration of Food

The Cuban Table A Celebration Of Food, Flavors, And History

For all the people out there trying their ways past the conventional cookbooks, this Cuban cookbook is a comprehensive bible for the cooks of various levels. The book entails an overview of different recipes that are hand-picked by professional chefs, restaurateurs, and food bloggers. The whole book is a contribution of American food writer Ana Sofia Pelaez and an award-winning photographer Ellen Silverman. The book is very useful for beginners as well as the intermediate chefs. The vast plethora of dishes and their recipes can help you achieve expertise on the traditional Cuban food. The Cuban or Caribbean food is generally off-beat but if someone is looking out for the authentic recipes to make the dish as perfect as a Cuban restaurant, this cookbook is the perfect companion. One can find delicious Cuban recipes in the book along with their detailed historical texts and an insight into the Cuban culture. The book has around 110 recipes, all illustrated and vibrant with pictures. The book also contains the list of ingredients, the proportion of those required into cooking and tricks to make the dish more delicious and authentic.

The book is a must keep in every kitchen as it lists all the special recipes that you won’t even find on the internet. The book is well segmented starting with easy preparations and escalating to complex ones. Moreover, the book has very vision-friendly fonts with vibrant images, a list of the ingredients required, and the steps to follow. The preparation process is very simply depicted in the book pertaining all the steps and timing required hence.

What we like about it:

The reason that we like the product so much is the pictorial depiction of the classic food items that were long forgotten. You can own as many books as you want but this book not only provides you with detailed recipes but also impart knowledge about the culture and the people of Cuba. You can cook Cuban food in minutes and will still make your guests craving for more. The book has easy-to-follow instructions with fascinating information related to the cuisines.

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#2 – A Taste of Old Cuba: More Than 150 Recipes for Delicious, Authentic, and Traditional Dishes

A Taste Of Old Cuba More Than 150 Recipes For Delicious, Authentic, And Traditional Dishes

The rich taste of old Cuba can be found in this cookbook. The book is comprehensive and authentic, sharing information and recipe details of about more than 150 recipes. All the recipes are easy to cook and anybody can cook them by following the steps provided in the book. The book has colorful pictures so that you can select the type of dish you would like to make and the details of all the healthy recipes that your body craves for.

The lifelong love for the Cuban food and devotion to the taste of Cuba has made it possible for the author to document the best possible cookbook for the kitchen of every household that wants to savor the taste in their dining. The book has been written very sensibly noting down all the essential points to keep a balance between the flavor and food. Apart from that, it also lets the readers understand the different myriads that led to the formation of the specific cuisine. The cookbook has covered all the recipes of some classic food items like as-classic Spanish soup, rabbit stews, black mullet fish, Cuban-style fried rice, and many more. In addition to the vivid description of the cuisines, one can also rely on experimenting a little bit with cuisines by altering the ingredients that not only makes cooking interesting but also informative. Apart from the favorable list of ingredients that you can find easily in the market, you can also rely on the precise timing of cooking and the simple and easy steps of cooking these healthy dishes without putting in much effort. The book is by far one of the best cookbooks that you can have for cooking Cuban dishes.

What we like about it:

The guide book is perfect for the cooks who want to cook old Cuban foods and the food-lovers who want to savor the rich taste of old Cuba. The book has original recipes and it tends to bring the childhood memories for people who have left the idyllic island and settled in big cities. The book has an affordable price and serves various aspects of a person’s life by aiding in cooking as well as disseminating information about Cuba before Castro’s revolution.

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#3 – Memories of a Cuban Kitchen

Memories Of A Cuban Kitchen

Speaking of childhood memories and the golden era before Castro’s revolution as many would succumb brings us to our next book of the golden collection. The book has more than 200 recipes with interesting variations through alteration of the ingredients. You will be able to find typical marinades and even fancy recipes. This will help you reduce your visits to Cuban restaurants for a delicious meal. Instead, you can cook them yourself at the comfort of your home. The memories of a Cuban kitchen endorse various dishes that have been long lost. You will also get a glimpse on how the Cubans are experts in converting lower-cost meat cuts to delightful and fabulous dishes. Making Cuban dishes has never been so easy unless the detailed information that is provided in the book and the kitchen utensils that you can use.

The recipes are quite simple and the easy-to-follow instructions in the cookbook help you to wow your family and friends over dinner or snacks. In addition to the recipes, the book also imparts some intriguing facts and facets about the households and family stories of Cuba. If you have a knack for preparing authentic Cuban dish at home and relish the childhood memories. The cookbook consists of various dishes, desserts, and drinks that cater to every occasional feast. The cookbook is organized very well that clubs the dishes according to their recipes and serving. The recipes are flavorful and bring the authentic taste of Cuba.

What we like about it:

If you are looking for recipes that are authentic Cuban and flavorful but not spicy, this is the perfect book for your kitchen. It entails various recipes along with variations and simple to follow steps. The book is organized and contains recipes for every day as well as special occasions. The book is also affordable and imparts great recipes. The ingredients of the recipes are also not hard to find but using them in the specified proportion can make the real deal and that is explained in an excellent way.

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#4 – Cuban Flavor: Exploring the Island’s Unique Places, People, and Cuisine

Cuban Flavor Exploring The Island's Unique Places, People, And Cuisine

Looking for the perfect companion in the kitchen to explore the Cuban flavor? Well then, this cookbook might be able to suffice all your needs exceptionally. This cookbook does not only entail the various recipes that suit your taste buds but also provide you with the insights of the Cuban culture along with its people and the classic foods and beverage from different parts of the island. Authored by Gershman, this classic cookbook holds a plethora of knowledge about the delightful recipes and the journey of the author through Cuba. The Cuban flavor is an introduction to the revolutionary era of the cuisines of Cuba that covers the different aspects of the paradigm shift of the cuisine itself. The book serves a wide range of drooling mouths starting from succulent spiced meat to Ropa Viejo to criollo sauce to the local favorites. The beautifully placed photographs and the detailed recipes are visually arresting. Moreover, the volume also features about 50 Cuban cuisines that serve appetizers to the main course and drinks to desserts.

The book is well-organized with all its recipes clubbed in a fashionable way with enriched photographs that help you visualize the end product of the preparation. The simple easy-to-follow steps and the detailed list of ingredients is a true facet of Cuban food which is portrayed in the book. Moreover, the book also has some unique items which cannot be found in any fancy restaurants.

What we like about it:

The book is a perfect companion in the kitchen to prepare and taste the authentic Cuban food with so many unique dishes that were long forgotten. The ambit of the book narrows down to the local food items and beverages that are little known to many. The detailed ingredient list and preparation course are other plus points of the Cuban Flavor. Additionally, the cookbook also provides subtle information about the people who created those cuisines.

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#5 – Cuba!: Recipes and Stories from the Cuban Kitchen

Cuba Recipes And Stories From The Cuban Kitchen

Cuba is a place with exotic history and remarkable delicacies. What makes it more interesting is the life pulsating culture of the place and the people within. This cookbook essentially helps you to get a flavor of the culture along with the passion and bliss of Cuba in a concise form. Jointly penned by Dan Goldberg, Andrea Kuhn, and Jody Eddy, this cookbook is a phenomenal recipe book that can make you drool just by looking at the dishes. The authors have been frequently visiting the country until they realize that they should note down some delicious home-cooked cuisine so that everyone around the world can get the taste of the real Cuba. The book is filled with 75 inexplicable recipes that have been out of reach from the common people but thanks to the authors, everyone can take a piece of it. The recipes are tried and tested due to which the authors guarantee that the dishes will not only satisfy your hunger but also your soul. No matter if you are trying to impress someone with your culinary skills or trying out some oriental dishes from the lap of Cuba, you can completely rely on this cookbook to assist you in making delicious Cuban-style Fried Chicken or Tostones stuffed lobsters.

There are other cuisines as well such as the Squid-ink Empanadas and Mojito cake with rum infused whipped cream.

What we like about it:

The book is compact and to the point leaving out all other information and concentrating only on the delicacies and how to prepare them. The distinct 75 recipes are contemporary recipes with color photographs and list of ingredients. The easy-to-follow steps and interesting variations impart great taste to the recipes. Although the book lacks the authentic recipes yet it has got great off-the-guard contemporary recipes to satiate your appetite. The book is available on Kindle and there is also a hard copy available.

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How we choose the top Cuban Cookbook in our list

Cuban Cookbooks are a useful resource in the kitchen when it comes to cooking some effective Cuban delicacies in the kitchen. Having Cuban food at a restaurant can be a costly affair but the cravings for such stomach-amicable cuisines are very much required. This is why we have written the reviews of cookbooks that will allow you to cook Cuban cuisines in your kitchen. Moreover, you can improve your stack of cookbooks with the authentic books that also provides you with information about the culture and help you impress your friends and family with your culinary skills.

This is due to the fact that the products in our list are a result of extensive research and proper survey on different e-commerce websites and blog posts. They have been carefully hand-picked after knowing the contents and doing primary research on the ratings and reviews of the current user. Based on the ratings and reviews, we devised an algorithm to assign values to each book in the category and at the end, we summed up the values to rank the top 5 Cuban Cookbooks available in the market. The above-mentioned cookbooks are actually the output of rigorous procedure to find the best in the class cookbook for your kitchen shelf that can assist you in making sumptuous lunches and dinners along with desserts and drinks.

Why you need the Cuban cookbook in your kitchen

Tasting the authentic Cuban food might appear fancy and eating out at a restaurant can become costly. So, a Cuban cookbook bridges the gap between the fancy dining and cost. It is very worthy to have a cookbook in your kitchen so that you can make Cuban delicacies anytime you want. This not only satiates your appetite but also helps in improving culinary skills to impress your closed ones. If you have a knack for cooking or you want to try out new dishes a kitchen book always comes in handy. Apart from having a Cuban cookbook for preparing the dishes, the Cuban cookbook also helps you explore the history of origins of the dishes.

Penned by some great authors, the Cuban kitchen cookbooks are easy to read and the instructions are loud and clear. This helps the cooks, beginners or advanced, to cook some really delicious meals within minutes and savor the authentic as well as contemporary Cuban food. Another great aspect of having this kitchen book in your store is to wow your guests on special occasions with the rich flavors of the Caribbean.

So, if you are willing to explore the rich taste of Cuba and impart knowledge on the dishes to your friends and family over dinner, you will need a Cuban cookbook to assist you in the game.

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