5 Best Fat Separators for your Kitchen


5 Best Fat Separators For Your KitchenRemember when you accidentally put extra oil into the pan and all you can think “if there was any way to separate that extra amount of fat from the gravy”. Well fat separator comes to the rescue. Separating fat from not only pan juices but also from gravy, sauce and broth now has become really easy. Thanks to the fat separator.

Fat separator comes with a handle on one side and spout on the other. When you pour drippings into the jar, the fat slowly comes at the top as it is lighter. And the part separated from the fat resides at the bottom. Now through the spout, juice comes out.

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#1 – OXO Good Grips 4-Cup Fat Separator

OXO Good Grips 4-Cup Fat Separator product image

OXO Good Grip Separator, is from the brand OXO. This is one of the best fat separator for numerous reasons. Forget the time when you had to go through hardships to separate fat from juices so to maintain your fitness. It comes with a heat-resistant strainer and a stopper. A shield is an added bonus for preventing the gravy to spill from top. This separator jar has measurement markings and a firm grip on handle that increases the convenience. It is made from the heat-resistant plastic and is available in two versions, one with 2-cip and 4-cup sizes. It’s safe to wash it in the dishwasher. It’s BPA-free. Tapered lip on the spout reduces the drips from the gravy. The measurements given on the jar are in ounces and millimetre. The product dimensions are 7*5*10 inches, the item’s weight.

To work with OXO Good Grip Separator is quite simple. First you pour the gravy into the separator and wait for the gravy to sit. Slowly the fat rises up to the top whereas the lean gravy settles down. The role of the strainer is to collect all the unwanted bits and the stopper on the other hand, will stop fat from rising to the top of the spout. After the gravy is perfectly settled, you can remove the strainer and the stopper and collect the perfectly fat-free gravy.

What we like about it:

It’s an obviously a likable product for the features it possesses. The whole heat resistant plastic construct makes it more convenient. This product basically separates each constitutes of the dripping you pour into it. You get fat, lean gravy and unwanted bits, everything separated at once. Sometimes the whole thing could slip out of hands, so in order to avoid such accidents the handle of this product comes with a perfect grip to hold. And at last the stopper and the shield to stop fat and gravy to spill respectively.

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#2 – Bellemain 4-Cup Fat Separator

Bellemain 4-Cup Fat Separator product image

Bellemain 4-cups fat separator, is from the brand Bellemain. It has a guaranteed solution for all the messiness you face while separating fat. It comes with a stopper which keeps the fat out from the spout. High-rise front avoids the fat at the top to splash over the rim, when you tilt the jar to extract the gravy. The strainer separates all unwanted bits that come along with gravy, when you start pouring the gravy into it. The capacity of this product is 4-cup. So this product can accommodate you with plenty for all your festive seasons. Bellemain 4-cup fat separator is completely heat-resistant and is made of heavy-duty plastic. The heat resistant of this product is to 400 degree Fahrenheit. So you can, without any worries, pour hot boiling stock or gravy into it.

Sometime, equipment slips out of your hands and could cause accidents. But Bellemain’s fat separator comes with a strong grip, avoiding such accidents. There is always a concern which bugs us out and that’s food poisoning. Well, be rest assured as it doesn’t contain any ABS chemical to seep into your food. It’s very hard to clean up such appliances. But this, fat separator doesn’t get stained from your spiced sauces or gravies as it is a high quality ABS-free product. Just by washing it once, you get your complete gleaming fat separator again. The jar is marked with the US and metric measurements on it.

What we like about it:

It’s an outstanding product. Everyone is concerned of their family health and this product, resolve their concern. It is an excellent thing that it comes with such a great ABS free quality. So no oozing of harmful chemicals into your food. Another beneficial feature of this product makes it more desirable is that it comes with a good grip handle, averting future accidents. Easy wash, 4-cup capacity, heat-resistance, stopper and strainer makes it a perfect product making your kitchen complete.

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#3 – Vondior 4 Cups Gravy Separator and Fat Separator

Vondior 4 Cups Gravy Separator and Fat Separator product image

Vondior’s 4 cups gravy separator and fat separator can be a perfect ideal gift for your mother, grandmother, or cooks. Along with 4 cup container and instructions, there is also a 3-in-1 peeler bonus, wrapped up in a gift box. It’s an improved version of fat separator and can be titled to be one of the best gravy fat separator. Not only can you fill up this jar with hot fluid but also with the cold one. It removes fat from fluids like sauces, gravy, stews, and soups from your pressure cooker. You can also separate pulp from juices for those don’t like pulp. The strainer has the ability to remove all thicker pieces, clumps. This product is designed with a button on the handle, so when you press it, the fluid comes out effortlessly without the unwanted bits.

This fat separator is spout-less. It has a silicone drip for discharging fluid from the jar. It’s made up of leak-free clear plastic and has a plastic filter lid. The bottom of the jar contains measurement so that you get proper quantity. Very convenient to wash. You don’t have to go through all the hardships to get to every part and corner of this appliance.  And the whole product is constructed with heat resistant plastic, which could resist very high temperatures without releasing any toxic into your food and is also made of unique thermos-plastic. It’s a BPA-free.

What we like about it:

The fact itself that the product comes along with a 3-in-1 peeler in a gift box makes it an amazing deal. Unlike other fat separator, it’s not restricted to only straining the unwanted bits from the fluid but can also come in handy, to separate pulp from juices. The added bonus is the silicone drip for discharging fluid from the jar. High resistance toward extreme high temperature makes it more valuable plus it does not allow any toxic to seep into your food. Hence you get a toxic-free, healthy food.

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#4 – Key Kitchenware Fat Separator and Gravy Oil Separator

Key Kitchenware Fat Separator and Gravy Oil Separator product image

How tiring it could get when you start separating oil and fat from your gravy, with a spoon! It’s a nightmare. Many separators come with spout. But spout, as a feature is not that good, as it results in spilling. Key Kitchenware Fat Separator and Gravy Oil Separator comes with a bottom drain design which is simple to use and also is very efficient. It has bottom release lever and the free stopper plug which has been cleverly designed. The role of the lift out strainer in this separator is to separator the unwanted bits and also couples as a handy colander. It’s a nice idea to get exactly how much amount of fat is removed. The measurements engraved on the side of the separator body helps you with that. Creativity lies with this separator that is, you can also use it for your salad dressing, clarifying butter, bone broth and much more.

The whole Key Kitchenware Fat Separator and Gravy Oil Separator product is made with the help of cutting edge technology. It has a durable 4 cup capacity suitable for all occasions and will not wrap up under normal kitchen cooking circumstances. It’s suitable for washing. You don’t have to go through all the hardships to get to every part and corner of this appliance. It’s a BPA-free.

What we like about it:

Separating both oil and fat from food was an impossible job. But, Key Kitchenware Fat Separator and Gravy Oil Separator makes this impossible job possible. It’s not only is suitable for separating fat out of the gravy but also the oil. Instead of a spout it comes with a very well designed bottom release lever to release gravy from the cup. High resistant quality plus BPA free, makes it more conventional.

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#5 – Swing-A-Way 4-Cup Easy Release Fat/Gravy Separator

Swing-A-Way 4-Cup Easy Release Fat Gravy Separator product image

Swing-A-Way, since 1938, has delivered the most quality product that has created its own brand touchstone. It has a large capacity of 4-cup. Whatever be the type of cooking preparation you need to do, its 32-ounce of capacity, comes in handy. This grease separator come up with a spring loaded bottom opening you to release the grease-free, lean fluid. The collected liquid is strained through a new deeper detachable lid. This separator is featured with a soft grip handle so that you can release the liquid with a squeeze.

To know, how much amount of fat is removed, the measurements etched on the separator body will help you with that. The measurements follow the metrics and standards. They are in ¼, 1/3-cup and 2-ounce increments, making it more seemly. Washing is one of the biggest mountain which you have to cross no matter what. But this could be made easy if the product itself, marked with safe dishwasher. This fat separator is one of them.it is constructed with steel and is an imported product. Batteries are not required for the working of this appliance. It weighs around 11.8 ounces. Compared to other range of products the heat resistant capacity is slightly less but is quite manageable, not a factor to be concerned of. All in all, a considerable product.

What we like about it:

With Swing-A-Way 4-Cup easy release fat/grease separator, you can get rid of all the grease out in the fluids. Instead of a spout it comes with a spring loaded bottom opening to release gravy from the cup. High resistant quality makes it more conventional without leading to any type of toxicities of food. It’s BPA free. As it’s suitable for all kinds of occasions, one can definitely go for this product, without any doubt.

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How we choose the top fat separator in our list

The best fat separators were taken for the testing from a vast range of different fat separator products. The ability to separate fat from large and small volume of fluids, straining process is tested. How much the product can withstand the repeated use is also a part of test. They are examined on the basis of how easy are they, when it comes to pouring, de-fattening and straining of the liquid. In addition to that, they are also evaluated on the basis of clean up, durability and also the stated accuracy when it comes to capacity and measurement.

One should follow the guidelines given below so as to get the best fat separator:

  1. Fat Separation: Fat separators that separates greatest amount of liquid while minimizing the fat to the extreme, is considered to be the best one.
  2. Ease of use: Easy to fill, a good job on straining, the accurate measurements and the neatness with which the liquid is poured out of the jar, makes a fat separator, a winner. And yes the added bonus, if it is featured with a good grip handle.
  3. Clean up and Durability: Cleaning up becomes easier if a fat separator is in compatible with the dishwasher, hence making our work easier. If it cracks, fade in dishwasher, then it can’t be a product that you would want in your kitchen. Alternatively, you can clean with a dish towel and dry in your dish drying rack.
  4. Accuracy: The fat separators are ranked down, if they are found with smaller capacity then their stated or has irregular measurements

Different types of fat separators

Fat separators are designed for separating the grease, oil and fat from your food. They are the great way to a healthy life. Fat separators come in variety of models. They could differ in capacities, method of releasing liquid from jar, etc. in general fat separators come under two categories:

  1. Pitchers: The fat separator which consist of a spout to extract the liquid from the cup, are of pitcher type. These types of fat separator come with a spout at the bottom of the jar. When you pour drippings over the built-in strainer into the jar, the fat slowly comes at the top as it is lighter. And the part separated from the fat resides at the bottom. Now as the spout is placed at the bottom because of which the liquid could easily come out of it.
  2. Bottom-drainers: These types of fat separators are spout-less. They come up with a bottom-drainer, so when you pull the lever set provided on the handle, it releases the plug at bottom of the separator. That how, the liquid, easily and seamlessly drained out of the jar

Apart from the general categories the products can be distinguished in various other senses:

  1. Construct: the fat separators available in market are mostly made of heat-resistant material whereas there are still some of the fat separates that are constructed with steel.
  2. Capacity: fat separators vary in capacities. The fat separators with larger volume are of 4 cup whereas other fat separators with 1 cup capacity are considered as smaller volume. The 4 cup fat separators are considered to be more efficient.
  3. Measurements: the measurements carved on the body of the fat separators follow different standards. Some follow US standard and some follow metric system.

Why you need the best fat separator in your kitchen

Why would one want a fat separator in the kitchen? Answer is quite simple. People have become more and more health conscious and they take all sorts of measurements to ensure that. People are more bending towards a healthier diet. Food with full of fats and greases doesn’t really symbolizes a healthy food. Fat separators are a great invention, especially today. It’s similar to the invention of the air fryer rather than using a deep fryer. Much healthier! Also similar to removing the oil from the pizza fresh out of your pizza oven.

They make it so simple and easy to separate fat from the gravy, stocks etc. Features of best fat separators are given below:

  1. Volume: The large capacity fat separator is mostly favored by many people. They generally, come with 4 cup capacity. It’s absolutely suitable for festive seasons, like thanksgiving. During these occasions, a lot of food is supposed to be made for guests. At that very time, 4 cup fat separator can come really in handy.
  2. Strainer: The work of the strainer is to remove all unwanted bits from the fluids. Some fat separator’s strainer, are even used for separating pulp from the juice. Strainer make sure that you get a uniformed gravy.
  3. Stopper: The stopper is necessary, especially when you are using a separator with spout. Stopper prevents the fat to slush through the outlet.
  4. Handle: a fully gripped handle is extremely efficient. Just imagine, if the handle is smooth or don’t even have a slight grip, then it would just keep sliding off from your hands, or the worst case, accident. Mostly we deal with hot fluids, so it becomes a necessity to have a fully gripped handle.
  5. Construction: fat separators made of steel and plastic, both are available in the market. But the best choice would be a high-resistant plastic constructed fat separator. The reason, it would prevent from the releasing of toxic chemicals into your food. And also, because fat separators are used for mainly hot stuffs.

From the fat separators reviews all over the internet, have made it more popular. With the best features, no one can restrict themselves from buying this remarkable product. People are, nowadays are swamped, but with the presence of this product in their kitchen they could feel much less load on them and could make their life way more easy. We all know, how greasy and fatty food could affect your health. It’s a better way to a healthier world.

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