Can You Really Get a Fried Taste and Texture with a Turkey Fryer with No Oil?


I get this question a lot. A lot of people are really beside themselves because never in their lives would they imagine a turkey tasting like a well prepared piece of fried chicken. They can’t even imagine it because in their minds, turkeys are so big and so bulky that there’s really no heat technology that would adequately cook a turkey all the way through while preserving a crispy exterior and a succulent interior. A lot of people feel that there’s really no chance of this ever happening.

I really can’t say I blame them because these people probably tried their hand at preparing a turkey dinner using a conventional oven. If you’ve ever tried to prepare a turkey this way, you know how much of a hassle this is.

To try to come up with a perfect bird that has a great combination of a crispy and crunchy exterior with flavor locked into its juicy interior is the stuff of fantasies. A lot of people think that it’s something that happens once in a blue moon. They would be absolutely correct because, regardless of how well you prepare and how well you marinate your bird, it really all boils down to a roll of the dice if you are using a conventional oven.

The heat that it generates is too unpredictable. It doesn’t really do a good job holding the heat and moving the heat where it needs to go to produce that amazing combination of a crispy exterior and a succulent and juicy interior.

The turkey fryer with no oil is the answer to your question. You can really get a fried taste and texture with this cooking appliance. How?

It All Boils Down to the Heating Element

The best oil less turkey fryer with no oil uses a heating chamber and a heating element. Turbo broilers have been around since forever. People have been using turbo broilers to prepare fried chicken. The great thing about chicken prepared using a turbo broiler is you can get a nice, crisp, paper light exterior that delivers a nice crunch while at the same time treating yourself to a juicy interior.

Believe it or not, a turkey fryer can deliver the same results, but with turkeys. It all boils down to the design of the chamber. The key here is heat management.

A typical turbo broiler basically just uses a heating element at the bottom of the appliance and it just radiates the heat upward. It just goes in one direction. A turkey fryer, on the other hand, uses a heating chamber, so the heat bounces off the walls and is concentrated in a heated core, which it turns out, is the center of the bird.

Once you understand this technology, then it comes as no surprise that the turkey is thoroughly cooked. There are no uncooked parts within. You’re not going to be left with the horrific experience of carving through the bird, only to see some red spots. No, it doesn’t work that way, thanks to the amazing heat distribution and heat concentration power of the typical turkey fryer design. This is how you can get the amazing fried taste and texture of oil frying with absolutely no oil.

Well, that’s a bit misleading because there is oil involved, but you’re not adding oil. If you’re frying chicken, you have a huge vat of oil that’s boiling, basically, and you dunk the pieces of meat there and once the exterior is fried for a certain amount of time, you fish out the chicken pieces and then you put more pieces in the oil.

Not so with a turkey fryer. It “fries” the turkey by simply melting the evenly distributed layer of fat that the turkey has under its skin. The interesting thing about this frying process is that it makes the external skin nice, crispy and crunchy, while at the same time, locking in the amazing juices and tenderness of the interior of the turkey.

The best part is that the interior is thoroughly cooked, but it’s not cooked in the same way as with an oven. The meat is not going to be dry, it’s not going to be stringy, instead, it’s nice, thick and chewy and it really is amazing. So if you get asked this question of whether you can really get a fried taste and texture with turkey fryer with no oil, the answer is a resounding “yes.” It all boils down to using the machine properly. The key here is to use the right size of bird.

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