Slightly Crusty Muffins can be a lot of Fun


Usually when people try to eat muffins, they expect a fairly soft experience. They bite down on the surface, and they expect to bite all the way through. They do not really expect any resistance. They do not truly expect a tough crust when they bite down. This is very different from certain types of bread.

If you have bought an armload of French bread or baguettes, you are expecting some resistance. You are expecting some crunchiness. Otherwise, you are going that you bought the wrong bread. You are going to think that this is lousy French bread.

What if we flipped the script? What if muffins had a bit of crust on them? This is probably going to throw off a lot of people because they may be thinking that a crusty muffin is automatically a bad muffin. I really cannot blame them because, again, most of the muffin recipes out there as well as cupcake recipes produce soft baked goods. Well, thankfully, you can mix things up by simply adding nuts or gratings at the top of your muffins and letting them bake.

This slightly crusty top may throw people off initially. They did not expect it. They were expecting the typical muffin experience, but once they enjoy both the texture and the flavor, you can easily become their new hero. Seriously.

There is a lot more you can bake with the best muffin pan and bake ware instead of the same, old same old. You owe it to yourself to push the boundaries of your muffin crafting abilities. This is especially true if you baked a tremendous amount of bread, cookies, brownies and cupcakes in your time. It can get old. By mixing things up and playing around with texture, you can go quite far in redefining your friends and family members’ expectations of how muffins should taste like and feel like in their mouths.

You have to understand that when it comes to baked goods, you are really dealing with two key criteria. You are dealing with taste on the one hand, and texture on the other. Of course, this varies with the type of baked item you are dealing with.

With bread, this is obvious. A lot of people expect crusty bread, especially if we are looking to bake old-world types of breads like breads from Italy and France. However, even in the case of muffins, they can benefit tremendously from ingredients that add a nice crunch to their crust. Certainly, you should not go overboard. You should not change the ingredients to such an extent that it becomes a chore to peel off the cap of the muffin. That is kind of defeating the purpose.

The key here is just to throw people off by pitching a little curve ball, you can take people’s appreciation for muffins, whether the traditional kind or the crusty kind to a much higher level. It is not simply about taste. It is also about texture. Always keep this in mind because a lot of people think that they have done a great job baking as long as the item tastes awesome. Well, guess what? It can get boring really quickly regardless of how good it tastes. You also have to pay attention to texture of the muffin. A little texture can go a long way.

What’s the big deal about texture anyway?

If you know how to bake a great muffin all day every day, you can’t be faulted for thinking that all you need to do is deliver taste. According to this line of thinking, you only need to line up the right ingredients and let them work their magic on the tastebuds of the people who are going to be enjoying your muffins. Pretty straightforward, right? Well, you have to keep in mind that taste can only go so far. Sure, most muffin fans love tasty muffins. But they also know that muffins can get boring pretty quickly regardless of how good they taste. Whether they enjoy their muffins with coffee or some other beverage or whether they scarf down muffins all by their lonesome, eventually they will be looking for something more. This happens even if you have taken great pains to deliver interesting flavors or even unexpected flavors in your muffin recipes. There’s something else that’s missing.

The missing factor?

So what’s missing from truly awesome muffins that you can’t seem to get tired of? It can all boil down to the key factor of texture. Please understand that texture acts as some sort of framework to the taste your muffins bring to the table. Texture ‘organizes’ the taste by regulating how much you can eat with each mouth load. Also texture regulates how much flavor you get from each bite or each chew. Texture is that easy to neglect factor that can take a fairly standard muffin to a whole other level. It’s always a bad idea to neglect texture. Incorporate it into your muffins and watch people fall in love with your creations. This is where slightly crunchy textures can work wonders!

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