How Are Black Beans Cooked?


How Are Black Beans CookedBlack Beans! Hearing those two words, people tend to have different reactions. Some Love them and others can’t stand the idea of eating them. You might be one of those who actually like them or has at least tried them, but a lot of people don’t want or have never tried them. The thing is, these people are missing out on a lot. Black beans are an incredible source of nutrients such as minerals and a variety of vitamins, besides being rich in fibers and protein.

And this sentiment towards black beans can be explained through a number of reasons. Some people may not know the proper method of cooking black beans. Others may be implementing them in dishes in a bad way. So don’t be fooled by the bad rep that they get. Cooking them may seem kind of tricky, but the truth is it’s quite the opposite. Once you surpass that issue, you can even incorporate them in countless dishes.

The problem particularly arises with children. Most kids are not fans of vegetables and beans, in general, are no exception. That’s why you won’t find many households where black beans have any popularity. But you can overcome this by learning to disguise the beans by slipping them into a number of tasty meals without being the center of attention. If you have kids, you can reach a point at which you’ll be feeding them black beans, and they won’t believe you if you tell them about it.

The truth is, black beans are just so beneficial, from a nutritional standpoint, to just let them go to waste like that. So if you’re thinking about implementing them into the daily meals, but you’re not sure if the rest of your family will like them, you’ll have a number of tricks up your sleeve to make sure everyone is reaping the benefits of these beans.

But before you do any of that, you’ll have to have the necessary knowledge at your disposal to cook black beans properly. So let’s break it down.

Black beans can be served in a variety of ways. They can be a side dish or even be an independent meal altogether. In reality, you can come up with a lot of new possibilities involving black beans.

  1. First things first, what you should know is that canned beans will contain mainly beans, salt, and
  2. Secondly, when you buy canned black beans, you’re buying cooked black beans. So don’t bother with going and cooking them. A lot of people make the mistake of cooking canned beans once they open them. The result of this is having to eat overcooked, ruined beans.
  3. All you have to do is warm them up and add some seasoning (don’t forget, they already have salt). Then you can start slipping them in other fabulous meals. This is what you need to know the most.

When it comes to preparing black beans, and if you want to do it in the best possible way, you’ll need to have these few things:

What you need to do

  1. The first thing you have to do is take on of your Ceramic Knives and use it to peel the onion and slice it into small pieces. Instead of a ceramic knife at your disposal, you can also use a vegetable chopper as it will make the cutting easier and will spare you from burning eyes.
  2. After that, take the canned black beans and give them a good wash in one of the Kitchen Sinks. We recommend you use an electric Can Opener if you want the job to be easier.
  3. Throw in the sliced onions with some normal or Olive Oil into the pan (or deep pot, remember to use your Pot Racks or Oven Mitt for safety), place it over the heat burner and turn on the Gas Cooktop.
  4. Use your Salt and Pepper Grinder Set to season what you’ve put on the cooker but remember that black beans are sold salty, so don’t overdo it.
  5. Let the onions fry until they get that beautiful golden look. When they do, that would be the time to add the beans. You don’t want to cook the beans, just warm them up because they are already cooked. So don’t let them heat up for too long.

You might want to get juicier black beans, and you might want to keep them cooking for longer. If you do, then you’ll need to pour a bit of water into the pot. Serve them a deep plate and throw in some parsley on it and there you go! You’ve just made a simple, healthy and delicious meal! Grab a Beer Glass or a Champagne Glass for extra taste!

Mistakes You Shouldn’t Commit

Preparing black beans as we’ve described is the simplest and best way to do it. It may seem simple when you read it. But still, there are those of us who can still fall into errors.

Do Not Cook the Beans in The Can

You might think that the can is strong enough to handle the cooking. But we do not recommend doing that, particularly for those who cook with a gas stove.

Do Not Season the Beans Beyond the Proper Limit

We’ve talked about this earlier a few times. Canned beans are sold salty. Therefore, you do not need to add salt in any way, as long as it’s not necessary. If for any reason you decide otherwise, at least take out one of the beans and taste it before adding any spices or seasoning. You can taste them with no worries because the beans are sold cooked anyway.

You Always Need to Rinse the Beans Before Using Them

When beans are sold in a can, they are put with a liquid that’s made to keep the beans long-lasting and resistant. But don’t think of consuming the liquid itself because it’s very salty and starchy; plus it tastes like a can. You don’t want that, rinse your beans.

Do Not Keep Leftover Beans in the Can

This here is very important so read carefully. If you do open the can, then you can’t hope to store anything inside of it anymore as it cannot maintain the freshness of food beyond that point. So you can’t really store anything in it if you want it to last for long. As simple as it may seem, keeping them in the can will only lead you to have to deal with spoiled beans. A simple alternative would be placing the leftovers in a Food Storage Container and putting them in the fridge, Compact Refrigerator, or Chest Freezer

Going with Dried Beans Instead of Canned Ones

Canned beans and dried beans aren’t the same. There’s a broad difference between them in many ways. They don’t taste the same; they don’t have the same texture or usability. When it comes to dried beans, you have to soak and cook them for a number of hours before they can be incorporated in meals. So it’s better if you don’t think about substituting the two.

Go on Then!

Black beans are amazing for your health, easily-prepared and actually delicious. You can use them in many meals and can last for long periods of time. After reading this, we hope you’ve learned a thing or two that’ll help you the next time you decide to serve black beans. And hopefully this time, you can astound your family when they find out what they have eaten.

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