Low-Sugar Desserts Tips


Love baking desserts, but not packing on the pounds as you enjoy them? From low fat, to low sugar, to whole grain recipe ideas, you can cook the desserts you love to eat, without the fat and sugar you don’t need.

One of the best ways to bake delicious, low-fat desserts is to seek out a low-fat recipe that replaces butter or oil for a lower fat ingredient. Don’t simply improvise on your favorite recipes by substituting low-fat ingredients for oil, margarine, or butter. Low-fat recipes often revise ingredients and their proportions to account for the lack of oil and butter, ensuring that the low-fat dessert will taste delicious and have a palatable texture despite the lower fat content. Seek out low-fat recipes that use apple sauce, plain yogurt or low-fat sour cream in place of butter, margarine or oil. Often, these low-fat recipes require only a small portion of the butter or oil the full-fat recipe would require.

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Another way to up the health quotient and lower the sugar content of chocolate-chip desserts (or other flavored chip desserts) is to substitute nuts for some of the chips, when appropriate with the recipe. This works well with certain types of cookies (such as chocolate chip cookies) and breads (such as chocolate chip banana bread┬ámade in a bread machine). Nuts contain fat, so this substitution won’t lower the fat quotient of your dessert. However, nuts will add healthier fats and oils to your dessert, as they do not contain saturated fat and contain healthy antioxidants and oils. Nuts also contain less sugar than chocolate or candy chips, and add a delightful and hearty flavor and crunch to many desserts — you may not miss the extra chocolate chips at all!

If you’re interested in desserts with a lower sugar content, try recipes that use Splenda instead of sugar. Splenda-cooked desserts are great for diabetics or those who would like to keep their sugar content down for health-related reasons. With the right recipe, Splenda-cooked desserts can taste just as delicious as desserts that use real sugar. Don’t simply take your favorite recipe and substitute refined sugar for Splenda — often, recipes that use Splenda will require different ingredients/proportions to achieve the perfect taste and texture. Splenda is a great substitue for sugar in pies and breads that contain fruit — these desserts are naturally sweet and don’t loose much flavor when substituting sugar for Splenda.

Also, don’t forget about whole grains! Cooking with whole wheat flour can up the health quotient of your desserts by adding whole grains to them. Use caution when baking with whole wheat flour — with certain recipes, replacing whole wheat flour with white flour can make the dessert taste rather bland and ruin the texture. If you’re interested in using whole wheat in your desserts, seek out a recipe that specialized in whole wheat cooking, or substitute only half of your white flour with whole wheat flour.

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