Necessary Supplies for Baking Cupcakes


Want to make some tasty treats then you are going to need these cupcake baking supplies. Being able to create these mini cakes is not all about just deciding to do it and then poof you have the finished product. There are some steps along the way that you need to take and some tools that you need to use if you want everything to turn out right.

Number One: Best Cupcake Recipes

While you can always create cupcakes from a box mix, the tastiest ones are going to be made from scratch. There are many great cupcake recipes out there for you to use. From a basic chocolate variety to the more exotic raspberry lemonade flavors, you are sure to find a few that you want to try your hand at.

Number Two: Stand Mixer

While having a stand mixer is not absolutely necessary for cupcake baking if you are going to make one batch and be done with it. You could use the best hand mixer, but it would be tedious. You are going to learn that to get your batter right and not to have your arm fall off from being tired, you are going to need a stand mixer. You will want one that is versatile and has a strong motor so that it can mix up anything that you might have in mind.

Number Three: Cupcake Pans

This might seem simple that you need something to put your batter in. However, this is often over looked when it comes to getting the cupcake baking supplies that are going to give you the best results. It is a good idea to go with a non stick surface and make sure that you use liners when you are baking. You can even get some of these in smaller sizes to make bite size treats.

Number Four: An Ice Cream Scoop

No, you are not getting this serve some ice cream on the side. This is a great cupcake baking supply to use to distribute the batter evenly. You can find scoops in various sizes. Get yourself one and you will be amazed at how all of your treats come out the same size every time.

Number Five: Frosting Decorating Tips

Whether you want to do intricate decorations or just frost your cupcakes, a nice selection of frosting decorating tips is going to be key. You can use these to be delicious fillings in side your cakes. You can also create those swirled tops that you see in bakeries.

Number Six: Cooling Racks

The number one rule of cupcake baking is to let your cakes cool completely before you bring icing any where near them. If you do not do this, you will get a melty mess. This is why it so important to have a good set of cooling racks.

Number Seven: Cupcake Displays

Depending why you are doing your cupcake baking, you might want to have a way to display your finished pieces. There are some great cake stands that you can use for parties and other celebrations.

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