Original Ways How You Can Use Coffee-Mate


If you’re a coffee drinker, there’s a chance you have a bottle of Coffee-Mate in your refrigerator. It is, after all, a wonderful way to add gourmet flavor to a simple cup of joy, but have you thought of all the creative ways you can use this delicious product? Whether you’re baking delicious cakes or just trying to create a unique beverage, Coffee-Mate is a simple way to add flavor.

Coffee-Mate makes a wonderful substitute for alcohol. Whenever you see a recipe that calls for Irish Crème liquor, use Irish Crème Coffee-Mate instead. This is a great and easy way to add the flavor of Irish Crème liquor without adding alcohol. This means that when a recipe that doesn’t require cooking or baking calls for Irish Crème liquor, you can still prepare that recipe without worrying about serving it to kids.

Another creative way to use Coffee-Mate is to use it to flavor whipped cream. Just think of all the creative flavors you can make. Liquid Coffee-Mate comes in several different flavors. This is especially a great way to make holiday dishes even more special. Try adding Eggnog Coffee-Mate to whipped cream for cakes or pies. You could even use sugar-free Coffee-Mate to make creative dessert toppings for diabetics.

Coffee-Mate can even be used to make creative frosting flavors. Just imagine adding Toffee-Nut Coffee-Mate to vanilla frosting and frosting a chocolate cake. Or try adding Peppermint Mocha Coffee-Mate to chocolate frosting and top a chocolate cake. The possibilities are endless. Just be as creative as possible and try adding different flavors to different store-bought frostings.

You can even get really creative and add Coffee-Mate to cocoa. Imagine a Pralines  amp; Crème Cocoa or Peppermint Mocha Cocoa. There are several different flavors liquid creamer to choose from. Even the plain Vanilla Coffee-Mate would make a delicious cocoa.

Last, but not least, another creative way to use Coffee-Mate is to make milkshakes. Instead of adding milk, just add your favorite flavor of liquid creamer. For example, use Pralines  amp; Crème Coffee-Mate with butter pecan ice cream to create a butter pecan milkshake. Or add Peppermint Mocha, crushed peppermints, and chocolate ice cream to a blender for a truly sinful chocolate peppermint milkshake.

As you can see there are several creative ways to use Coffee-Mate. Try replacing milk, or other liquids, in your favorite recipes to create truly unique dishes. Think outside the box and you’ll create delicious desserts in no time.

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