Thanksgiving Leaf Pie Recipe


There are certain things you know you’ll have for Thanksgiving, year after year. The turkey, of course, stuffing, pies – they’re family favorites and you just can’t do without them. But that doesn’t mean that you have to have the same exact looks and tastes from the Thanksgiving foods each holiday. Grab some attention this year by doing something a little different. Like, with the pumpkin pie, sweet potato, or other pie. Whether it be a pie that is normally served without a top crust, or a pie which requires a top crust, you can surprise your family and/or guests with a different version of your pie. Give the pie a leaf, turkey, or other design, and everyone will love it even more than they already did.

It’s not hard to make designer accents on your pies. All you need is piecrust – homemade or frozen – and you can give most any pie a whole new look. If you’re buying the frozen type of crust, allow it to thaw to room temperature, or a little cooler. Then, flour a table and roll out the crust. Roll it to be really thin and use cookie cutters to make shapes. Cut out little turkeys, pumpkins, leaves, or other Thanksgiving-theme images. Make just one large image, or many small shapes, to create the pie you want.

If you make just one shape, like a turkey (made from a handprint cutout), you can place it on a pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie, and bake it. It can be helpful to cut out a turkey shape from foil to cover the dough shape. This can prevent the piecrust from getting too brown. Bake the pie as you normally would and then remove the foil during the last ten minutes or so.

If you make small shapes you can create a different Thanksgiving design. Align leaf shapes around a cherry pie, or an apple pie, to cover the edges. Then, place a few leaves on top of the pie to finish. Bake as you normally would.

Although the various shapes of pie crust can help you make unusual but loveable desserts for Thanksgiving, they’re also good for other occasions. Make Christmas-theme pies, Easter-theme pies, and more, just by using cookie cutters to craft the desired shapes. The images on top of the pie make it look so much more unique – and scrumptious – than other pies. You’ll have a hard time eating a pie with a plain crust ever again.

Leaf Pie and Others

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