Many Ways How to Cook Apples


Apples are a popular snack food for many individuals'”they are tasty, easy to eat, and don’t require large amounts of preparation. However, eating a plain, raw apple day after day can get boring to some individuals after awhile. By keeping some recommendations in mind, you can learn how to dress up your old apple'”and fall in love with it once again!

Baked Apples

Baked apples are not only easy to prepare, but can actually be higher in nutritional quality that a plain, raw apple due to the filling which is placed inside of it. To properly bake an apple, carefully remove the core and seeds, and place them in the trash. Stuff the apple with the filling of your choice'”raisins and cinnamon are common selections. Bake the apple in a hot oven for at least 30 minutes, or until the skin of the apple breaks and the flesh becomes soft. Let the apple cool slightly to avoid burning your tongue or that of your guests, and enjoy!

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Grilled Apples

During the summer months, grilled apples may be another great option, especially during a barbeque or cook-out. Cut an apple in half, and remove the stem and seeds. Brush the apple with a small amount of olive oil, and place on top of your indoor grill. (Here’s some olive oil dispensers you may like)

Ideally, the grill should be at a relatively low heat, to allow the apple to cook completely without burning the parts exposed to the flame. Flip the apples halfway through the cooking process, if desired, to create an all-over smoky taste that everyone is sure to love.

Apple Chutney

Apple chutney is growing in popularity as an alternative to the more traditional applesauce. Unlike applesauce, which usually is quite smooth, apple chutney is chunky, and often more savory than sweet. Combine a chopped green apple with a diced onion (with the best food chopper), and soak overnight in apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and a small amount of apple juice. Various spices, such as garlic (Here are some great garlic presses for you!), chipotle peppers, and even a small amount of paprika may also be added as desired. Once the apples and onions become soft and mushy, the apple chutney is ready'”and can be used as a topping for burgers, hotdogs, pork chops, or other foods of your choosing.

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Sun-Dried Apples

While sun-dried tomatoes were once a rarity, they are now almost as common as their fresh alternatives. Similarly, sun-dried apples are increasing in popularity. As the name suggests, sun-dried apples are prepared by placing thin slices of apples in an area exposed to large amounts of sunlight, and allowing the moisture to be naturally dried from them. For best results when sun-drying apples, make sure to cut slices that are as thin as possible. A mandolin, which is a tool designed for slicing food into exceptionally thin pieces, may prove to be a useful tool in this process.

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