How to Turn Cooking with Your Oil-less Turkey Fryer into a Thanksgiving Dinner Event


Make no mistake about it, the first time people are told that there is such a thing as a cooking technology that enables people to fry turkey with no oil, people’s eyes pop out. They can’t believe what they’re hearing. In many cases, some people even roll their eyes in disbelief.

I really can’t blame them because, for the longest time, when it comes to frying anything, you would have to stand in front of a vat of oil, dunk some meat or veggies in there, and out comes french fries or fried chicken. That’s how people normally define fried food. Fried food, in their minds, necessarily involves a lot of fat.

Make no mistake about it, whether you’re using vegetable oil or animal oil, it doesn’t really matter. Oil is fat. There is no dancing around this fact and, while animal fat is worse for you than vegetable oil, don’t fool yourself into thinking that vegetable oil is no longer fat.

You are dealing with fat and the problem here is, if you’re trying to lose weight, this is going to be an issue because, on a gram per gram basis, fat packs more calories than the typical vegetable or fruit. The only thing that comes close, really, is nuts.

So it is no surprise that a lot of people have discovered the best oil-less turkey fryer. You can get the amazing combination of a crispy exterior with a nice, juicy interior. This is all made possible, thanks to the amazing heat management technology of the oil-less turkey fryer.

It really is amazing how heated air can make turkey essentially fry itself. Make people aware of this fact by making a big deal of your oil-less turkey fryer. I’m not talking about you just basically rambling on and on about how awesome this piece of kitchen appliance is. I’m not talking about that. Instead, step them through the process.

Explain the overall concept very briefly and then step your feast participants through the different parts of the machine. You should then proceed to putting the turkey into the fryer. Explain to them why you’ve positioned the bird a certain way.

Make a big deal of the fact that when you prepare for a Thanksgiving dinner, you show them how you prepare the turkey and how you set up the oil-less turkey fryer to receive the turkey. Make the turkey stand up and let people take pictures to post on Instagram. Talk about how this position leads to the bird shedding off its grease the right way. Make it a bit dramatic. Grab people’s eyeballs. People will pay attention if you put in the extra effort because, hey let’s face it, people are inherently interested in where their food comes from and how their food is prepared.

Make this kitchen appliance be the center of the show because it really paves the way to the amazing excitement people will experience once the bird is ready because there’s nothing more gratifying than seeing somebody who is a big skeptic of oil-free cooking technology get blown away by the amazing combination of texture and taste made possible by the heating technology available in the best oil-less turkey fryer reviews.

Make sure that your bird is well marinated so you don’t want people to get the impression that after all the time and bother and amazing texture and flavor combination, that the turkey is still all too predictable. You don’t want that to happen. So marinade the bird.

Practice a little marination magic

It’s too easy for many people to downplay the power of marination. After all, you’re just letting meat steep into some juices or fluids. Most of these fluids either dry off or slide down the meat and aren’t fully absorbed. Still, a little flavor can go a long way. If anything, a little bit of heavy flavoring in your marinade is so much better than the default bland turkey flavor you get if you don’t marinate or use a flavor-rich turkey skin rub.

Throw people for a loop. Prepare turkey mole recipe from Mexico. Prepare a chicken recipe modified for turkey that comes from Lebanon. Toum from Lebanon is especially tasty. This amazing concoction made up of olive oil, salt, and garlic can put a tremendous amount of tasty garlic flavor and personality to your bird without going overboard.

Whatever the case may be, spice things up as part of your demonstration so people can have a different impression of oil-free cooking technology.

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