Inexpensive and Available Cooking Gadgets


There are a myriad of cooking gadgets, kizmos and accessories in the marketplace, many that effectively do the same task. But every once in a while, why not add a few whimsical ones to your collection. Here are a few that are inexpensive and available at many kitchen stores or online– and worth making room for.

Palm Zester From Chef’n

The gadget makes it simple and mess-free to zest the rind of a lemon, lime or orange and is unique–it’s shaped like a bracelet and is ergonomically designed to fit in your palm. As you run the jagged stainless steel blades along the fruit, you won’t have zest flinging around the kitchen counter but falling into a plastic compartment that stores the zest and easily snaps-off.

Herb Mincer From Oxo Good Grips

Even if you have competent knife skills, mincing fresh herbs, especially the leafy ones, can take more time than you may want to devote to the chore. An electric device can make the task quicker, but can also over-grind herbs so they lose their wonderful fragrances or turn pasty. This mincer accomplishes the job quickly. It has a edge that gathers the herbs into a pile and four round stainless-steel blades that cut as you roll the mincer back-and-forth. It’s small and easy to clean and worth pulling out even if your recipe calls for only a teaspoon or two.

Sili Sling From Wiliam Bounds Sili Gourmet

The Sili Sling does look slightly silly although the sili part of its name actually stands for silicone. This oval-shaped sling with handles is useful when hoisting something hefty, like a roasted turkey or a good size brisket out of the roasting pan and onto the chopping board. It fits inside a pan and over a rack right into the oven– the food is set on top. The sling has perforations allowing heat to flow and not hider foods’ cooking and browning. It also makes it effortless to transfer a sizable fish fillet cut from the best fillet knife from the baking pan to the platter without breaking. It’s a goofy looking item but is easier to use than turkey forks and spatulas.

Regency Evendough Bands

Rolling out a dough for a pie crust, tart, pizza in your pizza oven, or delicious cookies the exact thickness a recipe calls for is not trouble- free. Some home bakers may have the good sense to know when their dough is precise while others might pull out a ruler. A pack of Evendough Bands makes rolling anything less tricky. These rubber bands come in pairs of four different colors and thicknesses–three-eights of an inch, one-fourth, one-eight and one-sixteen.You slide one on each end of a rolling pin to keep it above the dough and you’ll be rolling out a crust like a professional baker.

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