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The tasks of shopping, prepping and cooking are dealt with in Christmas 1-2-3 that help to get organized at the Christmas and to give the cook one of the most valuable gifts of the season–more time to enjoy the warmth of family and friends.

The simple baking techniques behind each of the eighty-six recipes, each made with only three ingredients, fill the promise of abundance without being a burden on efforts and time.

Creating a Holiday Mood with the Centerpiece

According to author Rozanne Gold, if good silverware and fine china and the best linens are available, Christmas is the time to use them. However it does not require an elegant setting to bring magic into the moment. What is most important is color and sparkle.

It does not require a lot of time to create a three-ingredient centerpiece. These may include using:

  • Tangerines with a string of fresh cranberries and lemon leaves
  • A pyramid of red and green apples with evergreen sprigs tucked in between them
  • A bowl of gold sprayed pine cones, tiny red roses and holly

More drama can be added too the centerpiece with the addition of candles

Making Every Dish Look Special

In cooking with only three ingredients, Gold suggest that each one must be strongly expressed to create painting-like creations. Drama can be added to ordinary dishes with the addition of such things as:

  • Branches of fresh rosemary
  • Bunches of sage tied with raffia
  • Garlands with their leaves
  • Fresh bay leaves
  • Little green and red hot peppers strung like Christmas lights
  • Cherry tomatoes still on the vine

Ingredient and Equipment

Ordinary pots, pans and casseroles are sufficient for the recipes in Christmas 1-2-3. Some recipes require:

New Twists on Old Standards

One of the aims of Christmas 1-2-3 is to take ordinary dishes and turn them into something special. Suggestions include:

  • A cinnamon-sugar crust for a holiday ham
  • A pork loin stuffed with apricots
  • A goose filled with chestnuts and dried plums
  • Wasabi-glazed salmon

Using the best ingredients enhances the flavor of the dishes.

Edible Table Decorations

Using little radishes to create an edible table decoration is one of the most colorful suggestions. The stark red-and-white radishes placed in a circular fashion placed on top of dark green radish leaves look like an edible wreath. All it calls for are the radishes with stems and leaves, goat cheese and cumin seeds.

Red cabbage made with honey and vinegar also adds color to the Christmas buffet or table. The vinegar helps to fix the red color of the cabbage and the honey provides just enough sweetness to make is work as a side dish for duck, goose or turkey.

Cranberries and sun-dried cherries relish to be used as a side dish.

Cookies cut in shapes of stars, trees, and diamonds dusted with confections’ sugar to give them a snowy look.

Menus for a Christmas Dinner

The menus included in Christmas 1-2-3 provide appetizers, soups, main dishes using goose, ham or beef, side dishes and Christmas dessert, many of which can be prepared before hand, providing the cook with Christmas dinner planning that bring the color and flavors of the season to the holiday table.

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