Banana Bread Muffins are a Whole Lot of Fun


If you are running out of ideas as far as adding a bit of an unconventional taste to your muffins go, you really cannot go wrong with bananas. The great thing about bananas in the typical American grocery is that they are pretty much available all-year round. I am talking about 365 days in a year. Thanks to modern-day shipping technology and pretty much year-round banana growing in Central America, Americans are never going to be at a loss for bananas. If you are really serious about taking your muffins, cupcakes and bread flavor and texture profile a notch higher, try bananas.

Of course, you need to introduce bananas to your typical muffin mix the right way. You have to mash them up and make sure they are in the proper proportion. While you can get away easily with not putting enough bananas in your muffins, it is very hard to pull off putting too much bananas. It is just going to destroy the texture of your muffins. While you may have the best muffin pan to hold the shape, once the banana bread muffins are baked, they can crumble quite easily, because they just have too many bananas.

To offset that, you can either reduce the amount of bananas in your muffin mix. This is actually the easiest way to maintain proper consistency and texture. The other way is to increase the amount of fiber in your muffin mix. One way to do this is to add nuts and bake with flaxseed.

I am really partial to ground-up flaxseed because they add quite a bit of texture, without getting in the way in terms of taste. They also are very unobtrusive. Unlike flaxseed in its complete form or whole form, ground-up flaxseed can be easily combined into any kind of muffin or cupcake mix to add a tremendous amount of fiber and texture without upsetting the taste.

What is so Awesome about Bananas?

Well, when you add a little spice to your muffins, you can basically reinvent the definition of muffins for the people enjoying your culinary masterpiece. I do not mean to exaggerate; I do not mean to embellish, but this is the absolute truth. If pulled off properly, banana-infused bread muffins can really take the stuff that you bake on your muffin pans to a whole higher level. It is a lot of fun; it is unconventional; and it tastes awesome.

Of course, there are going to be some people who are pretty much set in their ways. They have quite fixed ideas of what muffins should taste like. They have are very set in their ways regarding what muffins should feel like. However, if you have many open-minded friends and relatives, one way to knock their socks off truly as far as your muffins are concerned, is simply to add some bananas in your muffin mix. You would be surprised as to how much of a difference adding this amazing tropical ingredient to your otherwise conventional muffin recipes can make.

People like unpredictability. It is not like people look forward to the same taste repeatedly. Of course, you have to make sure that the texture of your muffin is just right. You have to remember that when you are adding bananas to the mix, you are adding primarily your flavor. You should not upset the texture because if you were to play around with the texture and the taste at the same time, this may be too much of a change for people; this may be quite of a break; and this can get in the way of their appreciation for your baked creation.

Do yourself a big favor and add a bit of cinnamon and a few nuts, and you are pretty much good to go. Banana bread muffins are not only tasty, but they are also a lot of fun. Make no mistake about it, baking can also involve your imagination, creativity and your sense of adventure. Take things to a whole new level by experimenting with bananas in your muffin mix today. You’d be surprised at the awesome new taste horizons you’ll be experiencing. Just make sure to bake in small batches since you are probably going to be constantly adjust ingredient proportions to get the taste just right.

Ask different friends with different tastes to sample your banana-infused creations so you can get a clear idea regarding a ‘consensus’ on the right amount of bananas in your recipe. This way, you increase the chances that your muffins will be appreciated by whoever you serve them to.

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