Best 5 Meals That Are Great When Coupled with Cornbread


Meals That Are Great When Coupled With CornbreadCornbread is one of those traditional meals that might be simple and old, but are beloved staples in many houses across the US. It’s a recipe that is passed down the generations. And to many people, it is a nostalgic dish as it reminds them of their mothers or grandmothers who used to make it. That’s why it remains an omnipresent meal in every woman’s cookbook, and despite the different versions that exist today, every single cook believes that their recipe is the peak of cornbread deliciousness.

This is an American dish that has to be cherished, that’s why we were inspired to give you this article. However, instead of giving you our recipe which affects the variety that already exists in its’ cooking process, we’d like to offer you a more helpful knowledge that’ll spice up your cornbread meals: we will be suggesting five exquisite dished that complement it greatly and ascend the gustatory experience to a whole new level!

So follow us through this article for this immensely helpful information, as we bet you can’t wait to learn it, and we are even more excited to give it out to you!

So, What Really Is Cornbread?

There’s a slight misconception today about the origin of this food, as many Americans today proudly think of it as a traditional American dish just like the apple pie, but its’ history far precedes that of the United States. In fact, it dates back to when Native Americans where the main population living in the continent, before the British inhabited it. The ancestors of today’s Americans didn’t really like it at first, preferring wheat flour over it. It only was incorporated into meals gradually until reaching its’ current status, where people enjoy it and find it delicious.

Although believed to be a specialty of the south, the north also caught up on the trend and crafted its’ own, unique recipe that became equally popular. This version tends to be on the sweeter side of the spectrum, making it more like a dessert of sorts, while the unaltered one is more savory but coarser. You can make one or the other depending on individual preferences because the sweet one might appeal to a significant number of people while the other one caters to the rest.

Five Dishes That Go Well with Cornbread

Your culinary culture must be enriched when it comes to cornbread, though you might have cooked it a thousand times already. Even if you are an expert at it, you should always open yourself to new knowledge that’ll open new horizons for your cooking abilities, particularly what goes best with cornbread in this case, as you’ll learn new, unusual combinations. Yes, go ahead and grab your Bakeware Set, Baking Mat Set, Baking Tools, and Baker’s Rack, you’re surely going to need them.

One of the most well-known cornbread complements is chili, which usage is validated by its’ spicy flavor accentuating the sweetness of the dish. A spicy stew or soup can also substitute for chili and will make for an excellent dipping experience. Everybody probably has tried these combos. However, the ones we are about to introduce are new and underrated. Some of you might have tried one or two of them, but certainly some will be completely new to you. We hope you try and who knows, maybe they will be a staple side dish for your cornbread from now on!

#1 – Buttered Vegetables

Meals that are vegetable-based are highly sought after because they are tasty, provided cooked the right way, while at the same time being ultra-healthy. Buttered vegetables, that are steamed using a quality Food Steamer, are perfect when coupled with any food, notably cornbread as it complements it and enhances the meal considerably. However, these are both classified as side dished, which is why you have to prepare an extra dish as the main course to accompany them and thus constitute an entire meal.

#2 – Roast Pork or Chicken

Roasted meats are a staple side dish to many types of food, and they are perfect when coupled with any of them, much like our previous mention. Pork, whether roasted or prepared into another dish, goes superbly with your cornbread no matter the recipe you’re using. Undoubtedly, it is a splendid combo, as the taste of each one really complements the other, resulting in an exquisite tasting experience.

Chicken, on the other hand, might not really be an obvious choice at first, but for sure, it is equally good as pork when coupled with our beloved, traditional treat. This combination is also pretty versatile when it comes to the method of cooking the poultry, as you can roast it or make a sauce to go with it. Either way, you will be surprisingly baffled by the experience, even if you’re using Canned Chicken!

#3 – Barbecue

BBQ enthusiasts will really like this one. Many people already couple cornbread with southern BBQ, but any kind will work with it. We can’t describe with words how smoothly this combination works together.

The contrasting smokiness and spiciness that stem from the meat and the inherent sweetness of the cornbread magically complement each other, creating a marvelous combo of flavors during the gustatory experience. We bet you will be trying it next time you have a BBQ party, for this elaboration says it all. Thus you will be in awe of not living your life without knowing about it for so long! If you want even more enjoyment, keep your Wine Fridge, Wine Opener, and Wine Glass Sets nearby for an unbeatable experience!

#4 – Ice Cream

Yes, you read that right. As cornbread is considered by many to be a dessert, especially for its’ sweet recipes, Ice Cream might just be the right complement that takes it to the level of being the perfect treat.

Serving it as a sweet dish is a widespread habit among Mexicans already, so it is not really a bizarre act. Just open any Mexican Cookbook, and you’ll find one or two recipes including this bread. And guess what they most likely choose to pair it with? of course, it is that wonderful frosty sweetness.

The convention that is in order is using corn ice cream for this combo, but even though you might see it as redundancy flavor-wise, it is the authentic way. Nevertheless, you might have trouble finding it so plain vanilla ice cream can work gracefully as well. You can even try other aromas and test the results on your own, as with a wonderful dessert pair, you can’t really go wrong!

What are you waiting for? Get your Ice Cream Maker and Ice Cream Scoops!

#5 – Butter and Jam:

Akin to other types of bread, butter and jam form a sweet pair that goes magnificently with cornbread, especially the sweeter version, for obvious reasons. However, don’t go overboard with the sweetness of your jam, as it might prove to be too much when coupled with that of the bread, and it might ruin the whole meal. As such, when choosing jam, opt for sour and harsh ones like raspberry and orange, or maybe look for low Sugar ones.


Cornbread is a staple of American cuisine and every American house, surviving through the generations and even developing as a result. In this country, a great majority of people are avid enthusiasts of this meal, and every woman makes this dish and probably has her own, curated over the years version, and most likely has her own combination that includes this wonderful dish.

However, many don’t venture out of their comfort zone, and if they did, they would have discovered new potential for this traditional, omnipresent food. As you have seen in this article, you can make the old-fashioned way into a spicy, savory dish, while you can also turn into a delicious dessert. It’s amazing how versatile cornbread is! That’s why we hope that you shake up your recipes a bit, break the routine, and make a new combination that’ll tingle your senses and bring heavenly euphoria. So, what are you waiting for, try one of these for your next meal along with a Beer Glass and you won’t go wrong!

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