Ostrich Eggs’ Taste and the Right Way to Cook Them


Ostrich Eggs' Taste And The Right Way To Cook ThemOstrich eggs are unique in that they are the biggest eggs ever, and they have a distinctive taste and cooking methods, and today we will be telling you about our experience dealing with them.

Their size does baffle people, making them wonder how large the quantity of food a single one of them can yield. It’s also amazing how thick the shell is and how different it is from chicken eggs especially.

Get you a nice big Coffee Mug and follow us through this article as we tell you more about its’ interesting taste and how to prepare it adequately every time!

The Things That Make Such an Egg Unique

An ostrich’s egg is equivalent to about 25 chicken eggs and weighs between 3.5 and 5 pounds, so it comes to no surprise that it can provide a meal for 18 persons when scrambled, and takes almost two hours to hard-boil! If a cake is made with it, a whole Casserole Bakeware Set won’t be enough for it!

Ostriches are akin to chickens in their behavior as the female lays on her eggs too. In proportion to its’ size, it is the smallest though, but its’ shell is so thick you might not be able to break it so easily!

How Unique Is the Taste

These eggs’ taste is not very far from the flavor of the eggs we all know. However, you will notice an interesting difference.

There is a more apparent buttery taste, and also a more intense flavor that tingles your tongue more than other kinds of egg. Some might classify it as a type of sweet, while others may say it’s gross, or even both at the time.

If you’re not used to its’ gustatory experience, it might hit you in a strange way, catching you off guard with its’ unexpected nature, but that is at the same what makes it so appealing and different.

We have tried all traditional ways an egg is cooked on them, and they don’t yield exactly the same result. For example, a boiled ostrich egg is slightly more solid than a normal one, but at the same time it has the closest taste to it, and when scrambled it has a bit of that gelatin-like, jiggly texture, while the flavor is a tad more different.

Some Interesting Nutritional Facts About These Eggs:

Ostrich’s yields have many health benefits and pretty impressive nutritional facts that are similar to chicken’s. An average egg contains 47% protein, 45% fat and about 2000 calories. Also, they include an abundance of folic acid, riboflavin, and B12 vitamin.

However, there are some differences between them, as ostrich’s eggs yield less vitamin A and vitamin E while having more magnesium and iron and being low in sodium, which benefits many people, particularly ones who follow certain diets, and ones who practice sport professionally.

Omega-3 and fibers that come in a high amount with these eggs make them a prime choice for athletes, and even more so their rate of manganese, zinc, and calcium.

Many Different Ways to Cook This Unusual Ingredient:

Now bring your Flatware Set and Kitchen Utensil Sets and let’s take a look at the cooking methods best suited for these interesting eggs. Well, as you may have guessed, these are the exact same methods you use to cook any other normal egg. There’s a catch, however, in that it will take a considerably longer time to get it done because of their enormous size and a thicker shell. Because of this also, some extra preparation steps are usually needed too.

The outer shell is so hard it can’t be opened with hands only, as you will need to use a tool to crack it open. You might opt to use a kitchen hammer, and it’s pretty efficient without having the need to use great force, or perhaps you may prefer to saw the upper half off, which will make for a wonderful presentation. Now take a good look at your Knife Blocks, because you are going to need them for the next part!

A Giant Boiled Egg

The process of boiling such a gargantuan takes a massive amount of time, up to two hours actually! However, no preliminary procedures are needed, you just have to get a large pot filled with a significant quantity of water and put a bit of salt in it so the shell will become a bit softer. Obviously, you can’t use an Egglette or an Egg Cooker to make things easier here!

We recommend giving an hour first before attempting to open it, after you cool in one of the Kitchen Sinks, which will be easier considering the shell is less sturdy than when it is raw, to a point where you can even use a spoon on it. You should probably wear Oven Mitt when dealing with such a huge hot thing for safety.

Biggest Amount of Fried Egg You’ll Ever See

Get your biggest, deepest, baddest pan you can get your hands on ready because you’ll be making the most challenging fried egg dish ever! In fact, the difficulty stems from the fact that it’s hard to determine how big it will be in a pan since it’s such a huge amount.

Now keeping the yolk intact is on a whole other level! Handling such a big egg without breaking it will make for a great ordeal. A Kitchen Utility Knife might come in handy this time. The most helpful advice we are giving is to not use a hammer at all, instead hit the top part of it gently with a knife, then slowly remove the shell and pour the innards into a pan. We recommend also using a long knife, or a Carving Knife for it will make the process a bit smoother.

A Not so Simple Omelet

This time instead of smashing it completely, you only need to make a small crack in the top of the egg so you can extract its contents out of it.

Then, you can use a knife (if it’s not sharp you might need a Knife Sharpener) or a sharp tool to puncture the thick membrane so you can proceed with the removal of the innards.

Next, get your Omelette Pan of one of the T-fal Cookware Sets (for non-sticking) and pour the contents into a bowl and pursue with it as you would with a regular egg, using Spatulas and all, and enjoy a huge, thick omelet.

In Conclusion:

We have given you an insight into our experience with ostrich eggs, that are the most interesting among all types of them. If you just get around to like their unusual flavor and texture, they will benefit you much more than your average chicken eggs as they yield various extra health benefits. Don’t be afraid to try them out for your self and you will feel the results not long after!

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