10 Best Pasta Pots Review – Updated (2021)

We recently prepared a list of the ten best pasta pots of the year. And now we’re sharing our roundup. This is so you can make a more informed buying decision while you’re in the market for a pasta pot. That’s our primary motivation in developing our roundup — We wanted a much better way to identify the most suitable products for a variety of use cases from the top-selling pasta pots today.

Best Pasta PotTo create and finalize a list of the top 10 pasta pots of the year, we needed to go through our standard process. First, we needed to finalize a standard definition of a pasta pot. We also finalized on how a pasta pot should work and its primary benefits for a home cook, a pro chef, or a culinary student. Here’s what we found out.

We investigated further when we saw some discrepancies with their insights and experience as they tested the products on our list. We did this to clarify even the most minor aberrations. This is to ensure that we have the right data to use for selecting the top 10 pasta pots today.

And that’s how we got to finalize our roundup of the ten best pasta pots of 2021. Here’s our updated list:

Pasta Pot Review Center 2021

ImagePasta PotRating
Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Cookware, Pasta Pot with Steamer Insert, 8-quart, Black - 1876992#1 - Calphan Contemporary Pasta Pot94%
Rachael Ray 87393 Brights Hard Anodized Nonstick Pasta Pot / Stockpot / Stock Pot - 8 Quart, Gray#2 - Rachael Ray Oval Pasta Pot94%
Gotham Steel 5 Quart Multipurpose Pasta Pot with Strainer Lid & Twist and Lock Handles, Nonstick Copper Surface Makes for Effortless Cleanup with Tempered Glass Lid, Dishwasher Safe#3 - Gotham Steel Multipurpose Pasta Pot92%
Tramontina 80120/200DS Gourmet Stainless Steel Pasta Cooker, 3-Piece 6-Quart#4 - Tramontina Gourmet Pasta Cooker92%
Cuisinart 77-412 Chef's Classic Stainless 4-Piece 12-Quart Pasta/Steamer Set#5 - Cuisinart Chef's Classic Pasta Pot90%
Cook N Home 02401 Stainless Steel 4-Piece 8 Quart Pasta Cooker Steamer Multipots,#6 - Cook N Home 4-piece Pasta Cooker88%
Winware 20 Qt Aluminum Pasta Cooker, Commercial Grade#7 - Winware 20 Qt Pasta Cooker84%
Bialetti 07265 Oval 5 Quart Pasta Pot with Strainer Lid, Nonstick, 1, Black#8 - Bialetti Oval Pasta Pot84%
ExcelSteel 529 Muti-Cookware 4 Piece Set With Encapsulated Base, Silver#9 - ExcelSteel 529 Multi-Cookware82%
Farberware Classic Stainless Steel 8-Quart Covered Straining Stockpot, Silver - 70755#10 - Farberware Classic Straining Pot80%

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As mentioned earlier, we searched online for hundreds of reviews from people who have been using these pasta pots for some time. We compared pots on Amazon and considered their ratings. We also asked professional chefs, friends, and family to take part in our tests. We wanted to confirm that every aspect, including design, size, and function, were fully tested before adding each pasta pot to this list. And here are the results of our thorough tests and careful analysis:

#1 – Calphan Contemporary Pasta Pot

Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Cookware, Pasta Pot with Steamer Insert, 8-quart, Black - 1876992

This is an 8qt pot made from heavy-gauge aluminum. It cooks the pasta evenly, and since it’s hard anodized, it is built to last. The interior has three layers of PFOA-free non-stick coating. The first two layers are for added strength, while the third allows the food to slide off.

It comes with a stainless steel pasta insert that fits perfectly inside. You can lift out the strainer while the water stays in the pot. There is also a steamer insert that will sit above the water for steaming vegetables.

The pot has brushed stainless steel handles, riveted in place for extra strength. The strainer has the same handles, while the steamer has a basket style handle.

You will be able to put this pasta pot in the oven to either finish off the recipe or to keep the food warm before serving. It can withhold temperatures of up to 450ºF. It is safe to go in the dishwasher too. To top it off, the Calphalon pasta pot comes with a full lifetime warranty.

What We Like About It

We were worried at first as we thought the stainless steel inserts would scratch the non-stick coating. However, even without being overly cautious, no damages occurred in the process.

It’s a nice sized pot, not too big or bulky and quite lightweight. It’s still big enough to cook pasta for a large family, and it’s big enough to put a chicken in to make homemade stock/broth.

We also liked the fact that hot water stayed in the pot, and we just had to remove the strainer with the pasta. It will be a lot easier than having to lift a pot full of boiling water and then draining it.

Our chefs in the group felt that it is certainly suitable for professional use. It did a great job of steaming vegetables, and they appreciated being able to put it in the oven.

There was no need for us to put it in the dishwasher because it was easy to rinse out. That being said, a few people did wash it in the dishwasher, and it came out good as new, with no effect on the non-stick coating.

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#2 – Rachael Ray Oval Pasta Pot

Rachael Ray 87393 Brights Hard Anodized Nonstick Pasta Pot / Stockpot / Stock Pot - 8 Quart, Gray

The Rachael Ray pasta pots come in 5qts and 8qts. For this list, we’ve selected the 8qt. It’s hard-anodized aluminum for a fast heat up and even cooking, with a long-lasting non-stick coating on the inside of the pan.

The handles are stainless steel with soft-grip rubber grips. There is also a rubber grip on the handle of the glass lid too. Plus, they are safe to be used in the oven at temperatures of up to 350ºF.

The pot’s unique shape allows for large quantities of food to be cooked. At the same time, the short handles make it, so it doesn’t take up a lot of storage space. The lid has a pouring spout to drain the pasta, but the pot can also be used for other meals like stews or chilies.

Cleaning up is simple as both the lid and the pot can go into the dishwasher or wash with soapy water. All materials are PFOA free, and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

What We Like About It

It’s quite handy not having to use an additional strainer. A few of our non-professional testers were nervous that the pasta would slip out of the spout, but not even the odd piece fell out during the test. Our professional testers were impressed by the even heat distribution, considering the shape of the pot.

When water is boiling, you can see the bubbles rising across the whole of the pan. Everybody loved how the pot could be used for so much more than boiling pasta. We used it to make a large portion of chilies and curries; some even cooked large cuts of meat. What was even better was that a packet of spaghetti would lie flat in the pan, need to push the spaghetti into the water slowly.

The rubber handles make a huge difference over stainless steel handles. They still get warm to the touch, but far from being hot enough to burn you.

With the limited lifetime warranty and all the features to make life easy (dishwasher and oven safe), we can say that the Rachael Ray pasta pot is a good value for money.

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#3 – Gotham Steel Multipurpose Pasta Pot

Gotham Steel 5 Quart Multipurpose Pasta Pot with Strainer Lid & Twist and Lock Handles, Nonstick Copper Surface Makes for Effortless Cleanup with Tempered Glass Lid, Dishwasher Safe

Gotham Steel has produced a 5qt pot for pasta and a range of other recipes. You will be able to cook soup, rice, boil vegetables, fry chicken, sear meat, and even bake cakes.

It’s made from Gotham Steel Titanium with a ceramic coating, making it naturally non-stick and durable. Not only is it PTFE/PFOA/PFOS free, but you can also use metal utensils in it.

The glass lid has a built-in strainer. There are two sized drainers, so the smaller one works for peas while the larger one is better for potatoes. The lid has a twist and locks feature. This means both hands can remain safely on the handles while you drain water away.

The pot is safe to use in the oven at temperatures up to 500ºF. You can clean it in the dishwasher or by hand. It’s lightweight, has a lifetime warranty, and comes at a great price.

What We Like About It

Our entire group, from the non-professionals to the professionals, loved how many different things we could use the Gotham Steel pot for. We tested everything it says it could cook. The fried chicken was delicious, the rice didn’t stick, and there was enough casserole for at least four people.

The chefs that participated in our test used the pot to sear meat and then finished it over in the oven. They found the versatility of this pot great for saving time, especially as you can use your metal potato masher in the same pot.

Draining pasta was a breeze with this design. The twist and lock lid is a safety feature we are very much thankful for. While we were draining the food, the lid felt secure and was able to remove all the water.

We also felt that this pot would be a great space saver as the strainer is built-in and won’t occupy any additional storage space.

Online reviews all agreed that the product is of good quality, as did we. Of course, the price is also a big advantage.

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#4 – Tramontina Gourmet Pasta Cooker

Tramontina 80120/200DS Gourmet Stainless Steel Pasta Cooker, 3-Piece 6-Quart

With Tramontina, you have the choice of a 6, 8, 12, 16, 20, or 24qt pasta pot. For this list, we tested the 6qt and the 20qt for their different capacities.

This model is made from 18/10 stainless steel with a satin finish and mirror polish. It is tri-ply-based. The first layer is stainless steel for easy cleaning and durability. The second layer is an aluminum core to encourage even heat distribution. The final layer is magnetic stainless steel. The pot is suitable for all cooker tops, including induction.

Inside the glass lid, there is a flat strainer, which has a lock and drains system. All parts can go into the dishwasher. As the handles are stainless steel, it is also oven-safe at temperatures up to 350ºF.

All of the Tramontina pots are NSF certified, which means they meet the standards used in professional kitchens. They are assembled and packaged in the US and come with a lifetime warranty.

What We Like About It

First, we had the chefs in our group test the 24qt pasta pot, so that we could appreciate the size difference. They reported that it is the perfect size for cooking lobster and making large quantities of stock, broths, and soups. One online review claims to have used it for beer brewing at home!

At the same time, the pot is not too big or too heavy for use in a normal kitchen. We decided that it’s great for families, especially if you like to make something extra for the week.

The 6qt pot would be suited to families. The drainer inside the lid won’t obstruct the view of the cooking food, and it will save you storage space.

These pots are on the more expensive side, though. Nevertheless, they are incredibly well built and sturdy. We do not doubt that they would last for years, even with professional use.

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#5 – Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Pasta Pot

Cuisinart 77-412 Chef's Classic Stainless 4-Piece 12-Quart Pasta/Steamer Set

This is a four-piece set; a12qt pot, an inner strainer, a steamer basket, and a lid. All parts are made from the chef’s choice of stainless steel, with a mirror finish that won’t discolor over time.

The base of the pot has two layers of stainless steel, and in between, there is a layer of aluminum to ensure the heat distributes evenly, while the inner stainless steel prevents food from sticking.

The handles are riveted and stay cool when used on cooker tops. It can be used in the oven, too, withstanding temperatures of up to 500ºF. It will also go in the dishwasher for easy cleaning afterward.

The rim on the pot is tapered. While you’re draining pasta or other foods, the lid won’t drip. This is another feature that helps to keep the kitchen tidy. Plus, the seals around the rim and lid are tightly fitted to keep moisture and flavor locked in.

What We Like About It

At first, we weren’t convinced about the value for money. Once we began cooking with the pot, we realized that it has so many cooking options that would make it worth every cent. The limited lifetime warranty would reassure any doubters!

One of the professional chefs explained to us that 18/10 was her favorite choice of stainless steel. It doesn’t react to acidic foods, nor are there any flavor or odor transfers.

Everybody agreed that the aluminum layer was a smart design choice because we had the combination of stainless steel and more even temperatures across the base of the pot.

The size of the pot certainly made it popular with our testers and online reviewers. It’s brilliant for those who like to make extra quantities of food. An online reviewer mentioned using the pasta insert to boil a whole chicken and easily removed it from the liquid.

Everybody loved the size to weight ratio! It was amazing being able to use a 12qt pasta pot that only weighed 3.3lbs.

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#6 – Cook N Home 4-piece Pasta Cooker

Cook N Home 02401 Stainless Steel 4-Piece 8 Quart Pasta Cooker Steamer Multipots,

The 8qt pasta pot from Cook N Home is made from 18/8 polished stainless steel for a modern design. The base of the pot has an aluminum plate so, you have the benefit of even heat distribution. The pasta strainer and vegetable steamer are also made of stainless steel. The vegetable steamer is quite deep, which makes it great for steaming larger quantities.

The lid is tempered glass, to see how the food is cooking without having to compromise temperature by removing the lid. There is also a steam vent on the lid.

The handles on the pasta pot and strainer are made from stainless steel and riveted for extra strength and durability. You will be able to wash the pot in the dishwasher.

With the pasta pot from Cook N Home, you will be able to cook on gas, electric, glass, ceramic, and halogen. It is also an induction cooker compatible.

What We Like About It

Overall, it was a very easy pot to use. The multiple cooking options mean that we can cook everything, from risotto to stews. None of the food stuck to the pot, even when our less experienced home cooks “overcooked” some foods.

Some of us hand washed it with excellent results. Others used a dishwasher and were happy that the polished look didn’t disappear. The pot also left plenty of space in the dishwasher for other dishes. It even fits in the bottom of a smaller dishwasher.

With some inspiration from online reviewers, the chefs participating in our group tried steaming salmon. The steamer worked beautifully; the salmon didn’t fall apart! An online reviewer also claimed to have used this pot to sterilize baby bottles. It’s safe to say its uses aren’t limited to cooking pasta.

Lots of people were so impressed with this pot that they not only have one for themselves, but they are also buying more for gifts. The price is fantastic, it’s durable, functions exactly how you would want it to, and it looks nice.

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#7 – Winware 20 Qt Pasta Cooker

Winware 20 Qt Aluminum Pasta Cooker, Commercial Grade

When we first saw this pot, we knew it had to be on the list, purely for its unique design. The pot has a large 20qt capacity, but on top of that, there are four individual inlets. This means you can cook four different kinds of pasta and vegetables at the same time!

The pot is made from durable aluminum. It’s weighty, sturdy, and conducts heat excellently. The inlets are made from heavyweight commercial grade stainless steel.

Each inlet has a cooking capacity of three pasta servings, and each has its hanging clip and handle. The handles are riveted and covered in plastic on end to prevent burns.

It is more expensive than a standard pot, but you do a lot of amazing things with it. The handles have four rivets, so it’s not just made from quality materials; the design has also been well thought out.

What We Like About It

While our professional chefs in the group were testing this pot, one mentioned how brilliant it is if you are making a buffet and want to use different pasta shapes for different salads. The same can apply for a party at home or fussy children.

One person in the group said they didn’t like all of their vegetables mixed, so this was ideal for keeping peas and sweet corn separate. It’s perfect that you can add different foods individually and take them out too.

The aluminum is of high quality and very well built. Our testing chefs valued the speed in which the pot heated up. Additionally, many online reviewers mentioned how it was used in their commercial kitchens.

It’s a large pot, but it doesn’t look too out of place in a home kitchen. Without a lid, it took a long time to boil the water, but we just boiled water in a kettle first to speed up the process.

Overall, it’s a great pot for professional and non-professional chefs alike, with multiple cooking options and a good price.

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#8 – Bialetti Oval Pasta Pot

Bialetti 07265 Oval 5 Quart Pasta Pot with Strainer Lid, Nonstick, 1, Black

The Bialetti is the first pot on our list to come in different colors. This 5qt aluminum construction pot comes in red, purple, blue, black, and stainless steel. The oval design allows for longer food to fit inside without breaking.

The interior has a non-stick coating that is free from PFOAs. There are two easy-grip handles that don’t heat up while you’re cooking. Even the lid has a handle that won’t heat up.

The lid is twist and lock, so it’s easy to keep the lid in place while you hold the pot with both hands. The strainer is built into the lid, and there is also a pour spout for speedy draining.

You can use the Bialetti Oval pasta pot on gas, electric, glass, and ceramic stoves. It’s best to wash the pot in warm soapy water with a soft cloth. It comes with a 5-year warranty.

What We Like About It

We all loved the design; it’s functional, practical, and attractive. The purple is more of a raspberry color, but all of them are lovely. We like the size too! It was easy to fit the whole sheets of lasagna in it when we test.

We read several reviews about the lid, not fitting. So, that was one of the first things we checked. It was a tight fit and, we had to put a bit of effort into lining the lockable tabs up, but the lid fit. Some of our testers appreciated this because it added security when draining.

We used it for a variety of foods, including potatoes, casseroles, and stocks. It has a good capacity for four servings, but we also used it for only two. The non-stick lining was brilliant, and the food slid out easily. Washing up was really easy.

Everybody agreed that the price is perfectly matched for a beautiful, stylish pasta pot. The heat distribution across the aluminum was ideal, and all our food was cooked through evenly. This is great for anybody who wants to add a splash of color to their kitchen.

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#9 – ExcelSteel 529 Multi-Cookware

ExcelSteel 529 Muti-Cookware 4 Piece Set With Encapsulated Base, Silver

The 12qt pasta pot is made from 18/10 stainless steel that won’t rust and is induction cooktop ready. It’s perfect for cooking without worrying about taste or odor transfer. The pot can be used for a wide range of cooking, including vegetables, stocks, stews, and pasta.

The product is a four-piece set, consisting of the pasta pot, a strainer, and a vegetable steamer. It also comes with a tempered glass lid with a vent hole. You can monitor the cooking progress without removing the lid and losing heat.

The base is encapsulated. Heat is distributed evenly across the pot, and you can use it for boiling, steaming, and simmering. You can also use it on gas, electric, and glass cooker tops.

It’s an elegant looking pot design-wise. The handles are riveted for extra durability and ease of use. It also comes with a one-year warranty.

What We Like About It

The steaming basket can be used for more than just vegetables. The chefs in our groups used it to steam crabs. They were able to steam six crabs easily, with delicious results!

The depth of the pan is perfect. Spaghetti and angel hair will fit straight into the boiling water without you having to push it in slowly. As well as the size, we loved the shine on the stainless steel.

It was really easy to hand wash and, it’s a bonus that it can go in the dishwasher. Even after it came out of the dishwasher, it still has a great shine to it.

One online reviewer used this pot for brewing. According to the reviewer, after several weeks of having yeast in the pot and carbon dioxide being released, there was no wear and tear on the stainless steel. Not even the acidity has caused any type of discoloration.

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#10 – Farberware Classic Straining Pot

Farberware Classic Stainless Steel 8-Quart Covered Straining Stockpot, Silver - 70755

The Faberware pasta pot is another one of those products that combine the benefits of stainless steel with a thicker aluminum core for better heat distribution. There are three layers to this 8qt pot, two of stainless steel and one of aluminum. The stainless steel has a polished finish.

The stainless steel lid has a unique bell-shaped design. While this doesn’t add anything to the function, it does look great in any kitchen. The lid has a heatproof handle to prevent accidents.

The two shorter handles on the pasta pot are also heatproof. The short design means they don’t take up additional storage space, and they are safe to go in the oven at temperatures of up to 350ºF. It’s also dishwasher safe.

The lockable lid has two built-in strainers. One is smaller, for things like peas or rice. The other is larger, for pasta and potatoes. The rims of the pan are thicker and rolled to make draining easier and drip-free.

What We Like About It

We like the combination of stainless steel and aluminum. It’s one of the best choices for even heat distribution and easy cleaning up after cooking.

When we asked our testing group about the size, professionals and non-professionals agreed that it is a suitable size for home and commercial use. It’s big enough for stocks, vegetables, and generous pasta servings for four to six people.

Having two strainers makes it much more versatile; there were no more peas escaping down the drain during the tests. The two strainers also let a sufficient amount of steam out of the top.

We tested the pot for several months of heavy use. This included in the oven and the dishwasher. The pot remains non-stick, and there are no signs of rust or corrosion. This is a pot that is going to last!

The handles feel solid, as does the entire pasta pot. Its price is excellent for the size and design, and we appreciate the lifetime warranty.

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So, we have come to the end of our favorite pasta pots for the year. The online reviewers across the world were incredibly helpful in providing insights that we may not have otherwise thought of. When it came down to the nitty-gritty, it was our testing group that provided the information we needed. Receiving feedback from professionals and non-professionals gave us a greater perspective when creating the list of the top 10 pasta pots of 2021.

What is a Pasta Pot?

A pasta pot is designed to serve as a kitchen tool that can provide you with quick and easy ways to cook and strain a variety of pasta. It’s mainly a standard pot with some different components equipped into it. For example, a few products come with an integrated strainer. Others are equipped with ceramic, non-stick material for its inner and topmost outer surfaces. Meanwhile, a few come with built-in timers and temperature detectors. But of course, they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Plus, the materials and components that are used to manufacture these pasta pots can also greatly vary from product to product.

Remember, pasta is one of the most versatile food items in our diet. It can be used in so many recipes, including salads and main course meals. And this is the main reason why a diverse set of form factor designs and features are equipped into the top 10 pasta pots of the year in our roundup.

Best Pasta Pots Shortlist

Now back to our process. Our second step was to come up with an initial shortlist of popular products today. So we went to Amazon and scoured their best-seller list for pasta pots with the highest ratings and the largest number of positive reviews.

Third, we carefully analyzed the ratings and reviews of many Amazon buyers. We also asked around for the insights and experience of our fellow kitchen lovers and foodies in using these pasta pots. We did this across the social groups and online communities where we hang out to discuss relevant news, products, and topics.

Fourth, we developed a list of the most crucial factors to consider when trying to decide which pasta pot to buy. This enabled us to trim our shortlist down to a more manageable roundup of the best pasta pots of 2021. And here are the factors we included in our checklist:

Factors to Consider When Buying Best Pasta Pot

Size & Capacity

You should determine the total volume of pasta dishes that you often prepare and serve to your family, friends, colleagues, and guests on a regular basis. This enables you to pinpoint a pasta pot with the most suitable size and capacity. After all, you wouldn’t want to cook your pasta meals and treats in multiple batches just to accommodate the number of persons that you intend to serve, right? Plus, don’t forget the advantages that you can gain from getting a pasta pot with space-saving features.

You wouldn’t want your pot to clutter your kitchen and have a hard time storing it after every use, would you? On the other hand, you should also decide on a more portable model. That’s in case you intend to bring along your pasta pot to the homes and commercial kitchens of your friends and relatives every now and then;

Safety Design & Quality of Components

Some of the non-stick materials that are equipped into the surfaces of a variety of kitchen products contain chemicals and components that might be harmful to the health of your family, friends, colleagues, and guests. That’s why it’s crucial for you to make sure that only food-grade materials are used to manufacture your pasta pots. Plus, other products are built with corrosive materials that may contaminate your food with rust and other harmful elements. This is why it’s important for you to consider the material of a pasta pot before deciding to use it for your home and commercial kitchen;

Stability & Durability

A flimsy pasta pot is bound to cause accidents and the like. For example, imagine what happens when the handle of your pasta pot gives way while you’re trying to strain boiling water from your newly cooked pasta. Or, what if it easily topples over even with a slight bump? Yes, that can cause major accidents and minor burns at best. That’s why it’s important for you to choose a pasta pot with a sturdy form factor. It should also be made out of durable components. Aside from the accidents that inferior products can cause when it breaks down as you use it, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time and money when you need to buy new pasta pots every now and then;

Guarantees & Warranties

Consider the products of a credible company that manufactures pasta pots and guarantees food-grade materials and high-quality components for their products. Many of them have products that have been tested and approved by the FDA, the FTC and other relevant government offices in the countries where they operate.

Plus, keep in mind that the warranties they bundle with their products are good indicators of their thorough test results. For instance, a 2-year warranty for a pasta pot is likely to indicate that their products can last for a couple of years or more, even with prolonged heavy use. This is based on the results of their torture tests, which are designed to simulate real-world situations and scenarios that many of their target buyers encounter from time to time; and

Price & Value-Added Incentives

After reviewing each product in our line-up of the 10 best pasta pots of 2021 based on the factors described earlier, you’re advised to carefully compare the prices of your shortlisted pasta pots. This will allow you to zone in on a product or two with the right price for the overall value that you can gain from using them. But don’t forget that lots of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and vendors have promotional deals and offers from time to time. This can be freebies like recipe ebooks and the like, value-added incentives like discount coupons for their other relevant products, etc. Getting these rewards and promotional offers can significantly increase the benefits and advantages that you can get by buying their pasta pots.

In our test group, we included home cooks and pro chefs with varying levels of knowledge and expertise in using pasta pots to prepare and cook various recipes. This ranges from beginners and novices to experts and commercial kitchen cooks. Our purpose is for each skill and experience level to be represented in our test group.

We also wanted to simulate likely real-world situations in our testing procedures and processes. Plus, we used the factors described earlier, so our tests can focus on these particular aspects. This is how we formulated our tests and evaluation procedures. We also collected and carefully analyzed the inputs of the members of our test group.