Grease Recovery Tips for Your Oil Less Turkey Deep Fryer

When you tell people that you’re using an oil less turkey deep fryer, I’m sure the first reaction that you would get is amazement. People just can’t believe their ears. People think you’re pulling their leg. People might think that you’re just trying to impress them and you’re exaggerating.

Well, when you describe to them the technology used in oil less turkey deep fryer, the next thing that they probably would ask you is they want to see it in action. This is all too common because you have to understand that when people think about deep frying, they always think about getting a cooking chamber going and then putting a lot of oil in that chamber. You heat up that oil to a high temperature and then you dunk the meat there to produce the holy grail of meat texture.

What is the holy grail of meat texture? Very simple: crispy exterior that is crunchy to the taste, and a succulent juicy interior. This sounds too good to be true, and it should be for a lot of people because if you were just going to do pan frying, this is very hard to do. You have to basically be a skilled cook to pull this off.

Not surprisingly, there has been generation upon generation of cooking appliances that try to deliver on this promise. It is quite an elusive project precisely because it is so hard to pull off. Everything just has to be right and the reason why deep fryers are so popular is because they take all the guesswork out of the way. Seriously. There is no guesswork.

As long as the grease is heated properly, you can dunk anything in there and out comes amazing fries and, of course, amazing turkey. The downside, of course, should be quite obvious. You are dealing with fat.

In a health conscious world, most people are scared of fat. They think that if you cook anything in fat, it’s going to necessarily stick to their guts. People are sick and tired of the spare tire they’re lugging around. They’re sick and tired of gaining weight because they don’t get any exercise.

There’s a tremendous amount of fear as well as revulsion for anything to do with fat. This is all too understandable and that’s why a lot of people are trying to get away from fat intensive cooking methods like frying.

Well, if you want to cook turkey thoroughly while enjoying the holy grail of turkey cooking, you should consider buying an oil less turkey deep fryer. Not only does this technology enable you to roast great turkey and to mimic or simulate that fried texture and taste, you also get really awesome turkey grease.

Taking Gravy to the Next Level

If you’ve ever been to a Thanksgiving dinner and there is gravy served with the turkey, you know that turkey gravy formulations are not created equal. They are not. There’s a lot of variation from one turkey gravy recipe to the next.

However these recipes might differ from each other in terms of taste and texture, they almost all agree on one point. To make a great turkey gravy, you need turkey grease.

This is why using an oil less turkey deep fryer is amazing. It not only uses turbo technology to heat up the meat without any fat or grease, this technology also makes grease collection very easy. You just basically turn it on and let it work its magic, and after the turkey has been thoroughly cooked, you take it out and you look at the bottom of the cooking chamber.

Usually, there’s a collection cup. When you look at the collection cup or the bottom of the chamber, you have nice, clean turkey grease. You can then add flour and some spices to this, along with other ingredients, and cook it at a decent heat. What you get is some really nice, tasty and very clean and light turkey gravy. You can’t be a slouch about this. You need to do it just right. Thankfully, it’s as easy as leveraging the clean turkey grease you got-courtesy of your oil less turkey fryer.

How to leverage clean turkey grease to produce superior gravy

Why is gravy quality so important? Well, it would really be sad if you put in the right amount of time, effort, and attention to detail to pull off cooking truly great tasting turkey with amazing texture. The problem is, you neglected the gravy and it ends up looking and tasting like a clumpy, lumpy, inconsistent mess. Thanks to your air fryer, you don’t have to settle for substandard gravy.

Start with the superior clean and light grease you got. Next, add high quality fine flour for easier whisking and consistency. Make sure you add freshly ground black pepper and your herb mix. With the proper whisking and attention to detail, you can leverage the great grease you get from your greaseless deep fryer to produce truly amazing gravy.