How to Cook a Perfect Holiday Ham


How to Cook a Perfect Holiday Ham

Making a Christmas Ham is a tradition in my family. Every year we will make our Christmas ham along with homemade garlic mashed potatoes, stuffing with sausage, scalloped potatoes, vegetables, and the whole nine yards.

Each year our Christmas ham is always different because I enjoy making different marinades for our ham. I love to add variety to my ham so this way my guests will come back for more and ask for the recipe. Everyone loves a good moist tasty ham on Christmas Day, but boy oh boy some people really tend to overcook the ham, make it too sweet, too salty, or even some hams come out feeling like rubber.

Note: you can use a vacuum marinator! They work like a vacuum sealer, but are meant to better marinade your food Alternatively, use a meat injector.

Ham can be made so many different ways you can base it with Pepsi, drench your ham in Champaign, add a honey mustard glaze on top, or maybe add a Cherry glaze on top it’s all up to your imagination. I am going to give you the best recipes for your Christmas ham this way your ham will be simply perfect. Your ham will be so juicy, tender, tasty, and will have your guests asking for more better yet asking to take some home if there is any left over.

Perfect Ham baked with Champagne

Do you want a moist, tasty, and juicy ham that is mouth-watering and not too sweet? This ham baked in Champagne is probably one of the best tasting hams I have tried. I hate having a ham that is dry, salty, and way too sweet to me the holiday ham has to be perfect, especially if you want to impress your company.

Some may think oh my Champagne in ham will you get drunk? No, you just put enough Champagne to give the ham flavor. I learned this trick from the chef in my family and ever since he taught me this my hams have been the best.


  • Ham
  • Small box of Brown sugar
  • 1 bottle of Andre Champagne
  • 2 ¼ teaspoons of honey of choice
  • Approximately 1 tablespoon of ground ginger
  • 1 squirt of Lemon juice
  • 1 ¼ teaspoons of McCormick dry mustard


  1. You must score the ham. What does score mean basically it means to put tiny slits into your ham to absorb the liquids or marinades you choose to use. Then take this ham and place it onto a baking dish/pan.
  2. Take 1 cup of Brown sugar and place it carefully over the ham. After you placed the sugar pour ½ of the Andre Champagne. Take a spoon and gently spread the mixture on the ham. Now place the ham into the oven on 320-325 and bake for 2 hours and fifteen minutes. While your ham is baking you can move on to the next step.
  3. Take the other half of the Champagne, Brown sugar, honey, lemon, ginger, and your dry mustard place into a medium size pan. Mix this up for a few minutes and let it come to a rapid boil. The timing should be like 10-15 minutes for a full boil. Let this mixture simmer so it can thicken up some. Open up your oven and baste your ham with this mixture. Do this for the last hour of your ham cooking. The more you baste the ham the better the results will be. The last twenty minutes of the ham cooking place a pineapple on top along with some cherries, and a dash of pepper. If you need to core the pineapple, use the best pineapple corer.


Note: a nice alternative to this recipe is to cook the ham in a roaster oven!

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