How To Clean A Waffle Maker: Steps To Follow To Have A Wonderful Experience With Your Waffle Maker


How to Clean a Waffle Maker

What to do to Make it Easy to Clean Waffle Maker

Enjoying a wonderful breakfast meal can be easily achieved by preparing waffles. This is a simple meal that will give your family a perfect satisfaction to keep them going throughout the day. Owning your own waffle maker gives you the luxury of making delicious fluffy waffles in your home without the need of stressing yourself to get it from a store.

Having said all these about waffle maker, it is essential to talk about the most challenging part of it which is how to clean a waffle iron. You are definitely going to mess up the iron during the process of making waffles for breakfast, and it’s advisable to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to go about it. But seriously, I believe you have already messed up the waffle maker.

Unlike a toaster oven that is easy to clean, it could be somewhat frustrating cleaning up those crevices that have trapped particles in the process of making waffles. But don’t give up on it just yet because this article will be showing you tips to follow to get your waffle maker properly cleaned up, depending on the type you are using.

Steps on How to Clean Waffle Iron

Clean Waffle Iron

Unplug the appliance.

The first step to take if you want to clean your waffle iron is to unplug it. It would be wrong of you to start cleaning immediately after making your waffle because the waffle iron will be very hot at that moment and could cause you serious burn. So just unplug it, then go enjoy your breakfast. By the time you are done eating and ready to clean, everything should be cool.

Use a dry paper towel to remove excess oil.

There’d be no need to use any oil if your waffle iron is a nonstick type. Doing this may lead to some puddles of grease on it. If this is the case, you can use a dry paper towel to dab these up. When using the paper towel, it is better you fold it into a point so that you can easily clean the ridges of the waffle iron.

Use a brush to remove large crumbs.

You are always going to find some dried batter stuck between the ridges or on the sides of the iron especially if you filled the iron to the brim. What you need to do at this point is to get a soft kitchen brush and brush away those crumbs. Make sure the brush is soft enough so you don’t scratch the nonstick surface.

Use a hot cloth to loosen the hardened bits.

If you have lots of dried batter on the iron, loosening and scraping them off bit by bit could be extremely annoying. Instead, get the batter soft first, soak a rag or dish water in hot water, then squeeze out some water from it but not completely. Now, place the rag on the iron and close it for some few minutes. The moisture and heat will help to loosen up those hardened crumbs.

Use a rubber spatula to get rid of any remaining batter.

If you are looking for how to clean a Belgian waffle maker, a rubber spatula will do a great job for you. There will be no scratch of whatsoever on the iron, and the spatula is malleable and thin enough to enter in between the ridges of the waffle iron. It becomes so easy to use the rubber spatula to get rid of the dried batter once it has been softened by the rag.

  • Another way to get this done is by using a sponge. Just ensure that the sponge you are using is specially designed for nonstick surfaces.

Use a damp cloth to clean the outside of the waffle iron.

Take note of the word “damp” at this stage. Do not use wet cloth. You must be careful enough not to allow water to get into the electrical components of the iron, which is capable of causing electric shock when next you turn it on. Use the damp cloth to remove any trace of batter or dirt from the iron.

How to Clean Waffle Iron: Maintenance Tips

Getting a good and trusted waffle maker can be a great kitchen tool for your family. Waffles are ideal for breakfast, or you can make them and present as a great mother’s day gift. With a few maintenance tips, you are sure of enjoying this appliance for a longer period of time. Once these tips are strictly adhered to, you can be sure of a clean waffle iron that will work perfectly, and will always look as good as new.

  1. Always follow the instruction manual that comes with your waffle maker. There are tips on how to maintain this appliance for better performance and appearance. Also, you can visit the manufacturer’s website to see the cleaning tips meant for your specific product.
  2. When using a nonstick waffle maker, apply just a light amount of cooking oil before it is used for the day (you don’t need to apply the cooking oil before each waffle is prepared). It is best to use cooking oil either via a pastry brush or in a refillable spray bottle. Avoid using aerosol cooking spray because it can leave messy residue on the surface.
  3. Avoid dipping an electric waffle maker into water. This is very risky because it could lead to electric shock when plugged subsequently.
  4. Avoid using metal tools or sharp object to remove the baked waffles or to get rid of hardened batter. This is not ideal in any way because it may temper with the surface by scratching it, which may lead to further complications.
  5. If your waffle start getting stuck to the surface, make sure you apply a reasonable amount of oil to grease it. Another important thing to know is that butter helps to reduce sticking. The more butter you add to your recipe, the lesser problems you encounter with stuck waffles.

Having your own waffle maker is like having a home bakery that saves you the stress of going outside to get waffle. The only little challenge is how to clean and maintain this appliance, and this has been revealed to you in this write up. Enjoy your experience with a waffle maker.

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