How to Prepare Great Meals Based on Canned Corn?


How To Prepare Great Meals Based On Canned CornI’ve started to notice that I frequently purchase a lot of cans of Canned Corn and keep them in my storage room. And it added up to a huge number of boxes!

The thing is; I rarely include canned corn in my everyday meals. Consequently, I currently have a range of various brands of canned corn on the shelves, but I really don’t know how to use them. I mean, using your Canned Chicken, Canned Chili, Canned Pizza Sauce, or Canned Tomatoes in different meals couldn’t be easier, but it’s a whole different story for corn.

Fortunately, the research has been easy; there are various ways to cook canned corn effortlessly and in no time. You will be surprised to know that most meals won’t take more than 5 minutes of preparation! Well, I am sure this is enough motivation for you and me to start taking advantage of the left out canned corn cans!

If you are still confused about how to cook your stocked corn, or you are just a lover of corn, continue to read this article to get some useful tips about preparing this staple ingredient. I guarantee you will be impressed by how simple it is to have a good meal based on it.

Is Canned Corn Healthy?

Before going on to find out the effective ways to cook canned corn, we have to settle down an important issue; that is whether it is healthy to eat canned corn.

The answer brings an excellent announcement to all those who love canned corn. In fact, in contrast to the widespread conviction stating that canned corn is unhealthy in comparison with the raw type, the reality is that canned corn is as rich in nutrients as the fresh corn.

Canned corn consists of numerous phytonutrients, minerals, and vitamins that the raw corn includes, and therefore, it is considered a favorable alimentary alternative as well. One cup of canned corn is free of cholesterol, has 39.45 g of carbohydrates, 4.99 g of protein, and 1.28 g of total fat that is mainly good-for-heart monounsaturated and unsaturated fats.

Even though the amount of carbohydrates looks excessive, a mug of canned corn can also give you 1.8 g of dietary fiber; this will keep satiated for a longer time and aid you to cut off with recurrent food cravings or redundant eating. Additionally, it is an excellent inhibitor of colon cancer.

Moreover, studies have proven that canned corn is rich in antioxidants and essential phytonutrients, and they also convey that it may be even more beneficial than the fresh corn. It is always recommended to get the cans that don’t have any added salt. You will find plenty of brands that contain a quarter of the advised daily quantity. An excessive amount of sodium will lead to fluid retention or increase your blood pressure rate. You already have enough in your Salt and Pepper Grinder Set, so try to avoid it when shopping for corn.

After listing all the significant benefits of corn, let’s move on to discover the proper way of cooking it.

Three Simple Recipes to Cook Canned Corn

Let’s get to the real work and respond to the question of how to cook canned corn. It’s time to transform the stored canned corn into a delicious and healthy meal!

To begin with, here is all you need for preparation:

  • A corn can
  • Can Opener (or maybe a Can Crusher)
  • A filter or strainer
  • Spices according to your preferences (You can keep your Spice Grinders, Spice Racks, and salt grinder nearby – however, remember that the canned corn already has a substantial amount of sodium, particularly if you have some health problems related to high blood pressure)

In case you don’t already have a significant stock of canned corn, you ought to obtain the freshest can of corn you can. It is a simple process; the primary indication is the labeled packaging date. Typically, different cans at the grocery store have various packaging dates. The smart technique is to search and reach those placed far behind on the grocery shelf since those are the most recently produced cans.

Furthermore, don’t forget to check the label to make sure the sodium and sugar are in standard amounts and to know whether that particular corn is gluten-free.

#1 – Roast Bake: For a Perfect On-The-Go Meal!

This technique is easy and fast; you will rely on your kitchen Convection Oven to prepare this meal.

You need to have a special baking sheet or an aluminum cooking pan, baking mate or parchment paper, and some salt.

Step by step guidelines:

  1. Tear the can open with a can opener.
  2. Use the filter to empty the entire water from the can.
  3. Spread the corn seeds on the cooking pan or sheet so as no kernel lies over another – there ought to be one layer of seeds for consistent results.
  4. Heat the kitchen oven in advance to reach a temperature slightly below broiler. Use an Oven Thermometer for precision.
  5. Put the cooking pan or sheet in the oven and leave the corn to bake for almost 2 minutes. Otherwise, you can lower the heat and leave it to cook for 5 minutes since that gives fewer chances of burning risks.
  6. You should keep an eye on the kernels until they turn golden brown, and if you don’t reach this result by the time ends, shut down the oven and let the corn within for a further minute or two.
  7. Bring the corn out and leave it to cool down.
  8. Add as much salt as you prefer -but please keep a healthy amount- and serve it.

Incredibly easy, right?

This technique is similar to grilling the corn. If you wish your corn to actually to have a smoky grilled flavor, it is possible to add some chipotle powder or smoke-dried paprika on that. This drastically changes the taste of the corn.

#2 – Stir-Frying: Easy, Quick and Tasty!

This technique is as simple as the previous one. The main distinction is that you will need your Gas Cooktop for this one. You will acquire all the things we already mentioned in the first section, plus some additional items you most possibly already got in your kitchen.

Here are all the equipment and ingredients you need for preparation:

  • One of your medium Sauce Pans (about 6 to 8 inches in diameter, and approximately 1-2 inches deep) or one nonstick frying pan form your Nonstick Cookware Sets.
  • A teaspoon of butter
  • Spices to your taste

Step by step guidelines:

  1. Use the opener to pull the canister wide enough in order to completely pour the content -meaning the water and corn.
  2. Slowly extract about half the water with the filter.
  3. Put the remaining content of corn and water in a convenient pan.
  4. Regulate your gas stove to medium heat and put the stir-fry on it.
  5. Pour the corn slowly and progressively to deliver the heat uniformly and prevent burning it.
  6. When the water boils, which generally takes 2 to 3 minutes, lower the heat and keep on frying the corn for just another minute.
  7. By the end of the process, shut down the cooker, take the pan off and use the filter to empty any water left.
  8. Melt the teaspoon of butter in the heated pan.
  9. Stir the corn into the pan and flavor as you prefer.

I typically add a small amount of salt and pepper. However, I try some new flavors from time to time. My favorite so far is an exotic combination of spicy and sweet. In case you are interested in attempting such a mix, you only have to squeeze a little quantity of cayenne pepper or add some ground red pepper in your cornmeal.

If you want to stick to the sweet taste only, enhance the natural sweetness of the canned corn with some cinnamon powder; a simple yet effective way!

#3 – Microwave: Technology at Our Service All the Time!

There are a lot of people today who are against the use of microwaves. I do not necessarily disagree with them. However, I also assume that it is alright to opt for time-saving and simple solutions once in a while, and admittedly, the microwave tops the list of the fastest and easiest food cooking machines.

For this recipe, you will require a microwave-safe container. I usually use a glass bowl as I opt for glass rather than plastic but be sure your alternative will not affect the taste of roast corn in any manner. Also, one tablespoon of butter, and salt and pepper as you prefer.

Step by step guidelines:

  1. Obviously, begin with opening the canister
  2. Then, empty all the water inside the can with a filter
  3. Put the corn in a microwave-safe container of your preference.
  4. Add the butter onto the corn and flavor it with salt and pepper to complement its taste and provide it with an exquisite final touch.
  5. Transfer the bowl inside the microwave, settle it to high temperature and switch it on to 2 minutes.
  6. Bring the corn out when the microwave stops and mix it up properly.
  7. Put the container inside the microwave again and do the same baking method once more, also for two minutes and on high settings.
  8. Take the bowl out, blend the corn all over again then serve it while it is hot.

Have a delicious and super nutritious meal!

Final thoughts

Since I developed considerable knowledge about various effective cooking methods of corn, I started including it in my daily diet, and I am stunned at the results. Now my shelves never go short on canned corn that I actually use.

As I have demonstrated, becoming enthusiastic about corn recipes is so easy- you can choose to consume it on its own or as a complimentary dish, and thus, you will be able to enjoy its spicy, sweet or salty flavor within a few minutes. It is also considered one of the best foods to satisfy cravings!

The three mentioned cooking techniques need little effort to do. Hence, I am pretty sure you will not end up making any errors or find yourself with burnt corn. The fast and straightforward corn baking that comes with every method mentioned above is one of the primary reasons why you should consider including it in your daily meals. But above all, the health benefits that you can enjoy from such a simple plate are what makes cooked corn one of your best food choices!

If you’ve got further recommendations, please share here! I am also looking for new recipes based on corn.

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